Noise Control Systems

Singer Safety Product Line

Modular Acoustic Screens

Double Faced Panel

Singer Safety’s soundproof modular acoustic screens are versatile barriers used to isolate noise and protect workers in nearby work areas and protect them from hearing damage. The screens can be joined easily for flexibility. This allows you to protect the area you need as your production requirements change.

If you are looking for the most versatile industrial noise control and canceling product on the market, you’ve found it! Our screens let you assemble building-block type noise enclosures that can be adjusted or added to as your needs change.

Ceiling Baffles

acoustic foam picture

You can effectively absorb sound throughout your facility with Singer Safety’s ceiling baffles. Our ceiling baffles are manufactured with quilted fiberglass material or poly-covered fiberglass, and are proven to control noise.

They are typically used in conjunction with other Sound Stopper products. They reduce reverberant noise in large rooms, noisy sections of plant floors, ro over sound partition enclosures to help keep an area soundproof.

Quilted Fiberglass Panels

Double Faced Panel

Singer Safety’s fiberglass panels offer excellent noise absorption, noise barrier, and noise-canceling capabilities for machinery, walls, and doors. Typically, the panels are used to supplement acoustic screens and ceiling baffles. We manufacture both one-sided and two-sided panels to provide the level of protection you require.

Our quilted fiberglass materials, or QFM, is lightweight and semi-flexible, and is best used as a suspended barrier. Our industrial soundproof panels help reduce the exposure to noise in any working environment.

Acoustic Foams

acoustic foam singer safety

You can effectively absorb sound throughout your facility with Singer Safety’s ceiling baffles. Singer Safety’s acoustic foams are high-quality foams that provide excellent noise absorption in the mid-to-high range. We offer both convoluted (cone-shaped) and fat surface foams to provide the noise control you need for your application. Acoustic foams can be used to line machine or equipment surfaces, guards, enclosures, walls, and doors to absorb noise from industrial operations.

Singer Safety offers three options of Acoustic Foams: Standard Acoustic foam, Aluminized Mylar Foam, and Convoluted Foam.

Do-It-Yourself Materials


Quilted Fiberglass Material Rolls

These rolls are a great option for projects where you need to fabricate your own enclosure or cover large areas. This material is an excellent noise absorber made of high-quality vinyl-coated facing cloth quilted to a supporting fiberglass.

Vibration Damper 001

Vibration Damper Compound

Our Vibration Damper Compound stops vibration-induced noise at its source. It is an economical and effective way of treating large surface areas for vibration.

Industrial Curtains

Singer Safety Product Line

Roller Partition Systems

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Singer Safety’s GlideWall Roller Partition Systems combine excellent noise protection with flexibility in configuring workstations.

Industrial Welding Curtains

Singer Safety_WM_Full Res_Final-17

Singer Safety Company's Industrial Welding Curtains are engineered to provide safety, privacy, and protection for welding, cutting, and grinding operations.

Privacy Partition Enclosures

privacy system

Singer Safety’s Privacy Curtains and Partition Walls provide privacy for offices, lockers, and workstations coupled with excellent noise protection and flexible configurations.

Environmental Partitions & Barriers


Singer Safety Company's Environmental Partitions and Barriers provide effective control and confinement of warm or cool air within the partitioned area and serve as a barrier for dust and airborne contaminants.

Industrial Curtain Hardware


Singer Safety's complete line of industrial curtain hardware options can be used to mount GlideWall Track & Roller Partitions, Noise Panels/Barriers, or Vinyl Strip Products in nearly any space or configuration.

Garage Divider Curtains

garage curtain.

Singer Safety's UniGlide garage divider curtains are quick to install and inexpensive. Say goodbye to permanent walls like drywalls and panels and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of garage divider curtains.

Outdoor Curtains

floor anchor klip

Appropriate for any outdoor application, our outdoor curtains ensure your workspace is projected from the elements including rain, snow, wind, and dust.

Paint Booth Curtains

Car painter in a protective suit and mask

Our UniGlide Partition System creates the best paint booth curtains on the market. Not only do our paint booth curtains provide a safer and cleaner work environment for your employees, they will improve your facility’s appearance.

Wind Proof Curtains

warehouse curtains

Our wind proof curtains are reinforced with an easy-to-use anchor system to make sure the curtains stay where they are installed. Stitched Velco fastened to our wind proof curtains can be easily wrapped around our floor anchor disks holding the curtains in place.

Vinyl Strip Doors

Singer Safety Product Line

Vinyl Strip Door Kits

01SEO replacement vinyl door strips

Singer Safety Company’s vinyl strip door kits offer easy access for people, products, and equipment to your facility while providing a sealed thermal opening.

Strip Door Mounting Hardware

file 29

Use Singer Safety Company’s strip door mountings securely mount our vinyl strip doors and strip door products anywhere throughout your facility.

Vinyl, PVC, & Plastic Strip Rolls

Singer Safety vinyl rolls

Singer Safety Company offers durable strip rolls for use in strip doors in warehouses, welding and work areas, and production facilities.

Replacement Vinyl Door Strips


Replace your under-performing, damaged, or missing vinyl door strips with Singer Safety Company’s durable, high quality door strips.

Welding & Safety Screens

Singer Safety Product Line

Portable Welding Screens

Singer Safety_WM_Full Res_Final-21

Singer Safety Company, the industry leader for welding and safety screens, offers a line of portable safety screens for manufacturing operations.

Portable Welding Screen Replacement Panels


Singer Safety Company offers replacement panels for our portable welding and safety screens.

Roll-Up Welding & Safety Screens

01SEO roll up welding screen

Provide flexible, safe operation for your welding, cutting, and brazing operations with Singer Safety Company’s Roll-Up Safety Screens.

Tri-Fold Welding & Safety Screens

Tri Fold

Singer Safety Company’s Tri-Fold Welding and Safety Screens provide visible safety warnings and safety barricades around hazardous areas in your facility.

Standard Welding Panel Materials


Materials are also available on a Made-To-Order basis for Portable Welding & Safety Screens, Track & Roller Partitions, Welding Blankets, Covers, Curtains with S-Hooks and Do-it-Yourself Barriers.

Temp / Tex Welding Blankets

welding blanket NICE

Singer Safety Company manufactures high quality TEMP/TEX Welding Blankets for use in welding, cutting, and brazing operations.

Trans-Vue Welding Curtain Rolls

grommet rolls

Singer Safety Company offers Welding Curtain Rolls for applications that allow you to create welding curtains fast, in any location.

Welding Curtains

Welding Curtains Singer Safety 1

Singer Safety Company manufactures high performance welding curtains for manufacturing operations.

Fasteners & Accessories

01SEO welding screen accessories

Use Singer Safety Company’s fasteners and accessories to secure your welding and safety screens, panels, and curtains.

Portable Safety Screen

2 sided yellow vinyl color no bkgrnd

Singer Safety Company offers a wide range of high quality, high performance materials for our safety and welding screens.

Plastic Barrier Safety Screens

plastic barrier safety screens

Our transparent Plastic Barrier Screen protects essential and non-essential workers and the patrons they serve from splash and airborne particles

Fire Safety Equipment

Singer Safety FIRE PROducts


Fire Extinguisher Covers


Make sure that your workers can find fire-fighting equipment fast during an emergency!

Fire Hose Reel Covers


Find fire-fighting equipment fast during an emergency!

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Covers


Singer Safety’s Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Covers provide protection for the fire extinguisher when stored, coupled with high visibility.

Fire and First Aid Blankets


Singer Safety manufactures high quality fire and first aid blankets to protect workers in the event of an accident or emergency.

Automotive Curtain Systems

Singer Safety Product Line

Automotive Curtains

car wash bay pic 3

Our Automotive replacement partition curtains are constructed in our traditional fashion using heavy-duty laminated vinyls with color matched reinforced vertical edges...

Automotive Curtain Systems


Our Automotive replacement curtain systems are constructed in our traditional fashion, using ultra-clear 20mil thick PVC and Velcro® closures on vertical edges for joining multiple Partitions or attaching to walls...

Automotive Welding Kits & Curtains

welding enclosure system person

Automotive Welding Kits & Replacement Curtains are constructed in our traditional fashion using heavy-duty laminated vinyls with color matched reinforced vertical edges, trans-vue tinted 14mil thick PVC window...