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noise control in music industry
noise control in music industry

Ceiling Baffles

Ceiling Baffles

Ceiling baffles are an efficient and economic way of combating excessive noise in large industrial spaces. Open spaces, especially those with high ceilings like many manufacturing facilities and other workplaces, can amplify any noise that occurs in a room. This is particularly problematic for industrial spaces where loud work is being performed, because it can cause hearing loss. Singer Safety Company’s ceiling baffles are hanging fiberglass noise absorbers. They are used for eliminating reverberant noise in large rooms, noisy sections of plant floors, or over certain enclosures. Singer Safety Company ceiling baffles are available in quilted fiberglass material or poly-covered fiberglass.

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What Are Ceiling Baffles?

Ceiling baffles are an effective and cost-effective ceiling treatment that work to reduce sound in large areas. They are devices hung from the ceiling to help reduce any amplified sounds in rooms or facilities with raised ceilings or large spaces. These products also help with sound clarity and speech intelligibility. They lessen the echo and reverberation in the room they are installed within. Ceiling baffles are an economical and effective way of reducing echoes and noise and improving speech clarity. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

How Do Ceiling Baffles Work?

If you have limited wall space to implement other sound reduction tools and products, ceiling baffles are the ideal solution. Ceiling baffles are manufactured to break up and absorb the sound waves that bounce around a large space. Though sound waves usually bounce off of hard surfaces like the ceiling, floor, and walls, baffles disrupt and reduce these noises significantly.

How Are
Ceiling Sound
Baffles Used?

Our ceiling baffles are primarily used in combination with our other Singer Safety Sound Stopper Noise Control products. Ceiling baffles are used to keep industrial areas soundproof. Sometimes, the only way to address noise issues within large industrial spaces is with ceiling sound baffles. Ceiling baffles are also an excellent option for small rooms that get sound refection from high ceilings, because the baffles break up the noise that is reverberating in the space. Ceiling baffles are a great option when you have limited wall space and a large area to soundproof.

Applications for Ceiling Baffles

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Singer Safety
Ceiling Baffles

Each absorber measures 2’ H x 4’ W, and includes nickel-plated grommets for hanging. Each provides approximately 10 Sabins of absorption. When hung in the recommended density of one absorber per eight to ten square feet of floor area, baffles can reduce ambient noise by 4-7 dBA. They can either be hung in parallel rows two feet apart, or in an egg crate configuration.

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Benefits of
Singer Safety
Ceiling Baffles

  • Provides economical sound absorption, particularly in large industrial area
  • Our poly-covered fiberglass baffles are the lowest-cost way to add sound absorption and noise canceling to large rooms or enclosures
  • 1.5” thick baffles are made with a high density fiberglass core sealed in 2 mil off-white polyethylene cover
  • Nickel-plated grommets are provided for hanging
  • Flame retardant cover meets Federal MVSS #302 flame-retardant tests

Singer Safety Ceiling Baffle Product Options

Double Faced Panel

Poly Baffles

– 4’W X 2’H 4-7 dBA 2″ thick of-white
– Package of 10 each
– Total weight of 20 pounds
– Billable weight of 72 pounds
– Grommets 4 corners

Double Faced Panel


– 4’W X 2’H 8-10 dBA 2″ thick Gray
– Grommets at top 8″ in from corners

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Acoustic ceiling baffles, also sometimes referred to as sound baffles, are free hanging sound absorption products that are typically used to acoustically treat large rooms like gymnasiums and lobbies. They hang from the ceiling and reside in space where sound tends to get “stuck,” because there isn’t anything up that high to absorb or diffuse the sound waves.

Why Choose Acoustic Ceiling Baffles?

Icon Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The primary reason clients choose ceiling baffles is for sound quality. In addition to reducing sound within spaces, ceiling baffles also help improve acoustics within a space. It can make it easier for your employees to hear each other and communicate in your facility when ceiling baffles are in place.

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Ceiling baffles are an aesthetically pleasing solution. Plus, they are on the ceiling where they are out of sight.

Icon Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

Ceiling baffles are an affordable noise-reducing solution in comparison to other options. You can reduce noise even in a large manufacturing space cost effectively with ceiling baffles.

Use Singer Safety Products To
Create An Acoustic System.

Ceiling baffles work best to reduce noise when they are used in conjunction with other Singer Safety Sound Stopper products.
Learn more about how our noise control products can help your facility be quieter and more productive.

Modular Acoustic Screens

Double Faced Panel

Our modular acoustic screens are versatile barriers you can use to isolate noise and protect workers in adjacent areas and protect them from suffering hearing damage. The screens can be joined together easily or moved as your needs change within your facility. Modular acoustic screens are the most flexible industrial noise control and canceling product on the market.

Acoustic Foams

acoustic foam singer safety

Singer Safety’s acoustic foams are high-quality foams that offer excellent noise absorption in the mid-to-high range. We provide both convoluted (or cone-shaped) and fat surface foams to provide the amount of noise control you need.

Quilted Fiberglass Panels

Double Faced Panel

Quilted fiberglass panels offer superior noise absorption, noise barrier, and noise-canceling capabilities for machinery, walls, and doors. The panels are usually used in conjunction with ceiling baffles and acoustic screens. We offer both single-sided and double-sided quilted fiberglass panels, depending on your needs.

Do-It-Yourself Materials


Finally, we offer various products like QFM rolls and vibration damper compound to help you soundproof your workplace on your own.