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Acoustic Screens

Modular Acoustic Screens

If you are looking for a proven, off-the-shelf solution for your industrial noise problems, then Singer Safety Company’s modular acoustic screens are the answer. Our soundproof modular acoustic screens are versatile, flexible noise barriers that isolate noise from workers nearby and protect them from hearing loss in the workplace. These acoustic screens are used beyond just industrial settings and in offices, restaurants, and reception halls as well in order to combat noise pollution and combat the safety hazard that puts 22 million workers at risk every year.

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What Are Modular Acoustic Screens?

Modular acoustic screens are pre-engineered metal panels that can be configured and assembled into a variety of structures. The screens provide a measured degree of visual and acoustic privacy for employees.

What is the Purpose of Modular Acoustic Screens?

The main purpose of modular acoustic screens is to absorb sound coming from within the enclosed area. The panels control and reduce excessive noise levels in industrial, commercial, institutional, and community environments.

How Are
Modular Acoustic Screens Used?

Singer Safety’s soundproof modular acoustic screens let you assemble building-block type noise enclosures that can be modified or added to in the future as your production methods and needs grow and change over time.

Applications For Noise Screens




Reception Halls

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Office Environments


Recording Studios

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Home Theaters

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Museums & Exhibits

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Classrooms & Schools


Auditoriums & Assembly Halls


Interview Rooms


Churches & Houses of Worship

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Singer Safety
Modular Acoustic Screens

Our Singer Safety acoustic screens are modular because you can use more than one screen in order to construct a more complex structure to contain sound in the enclosed area.

What are the Features of Singer Safety Modular Acoustic Screens?

Our composite QFM (quilted fiberglass material)/loaded vinyl sound stopper partitions are suspended from a Singer Safety Company Screen tubular frame. The screens can be connected using the Velcro strips on the edges, and the Add-A-Panel Clips.

Singer Safety Modular Acoustic Screens Product Options

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1/2# Loaded Vinyl Screens

– 4′ W x 8′ 4″ H Frame
– 4′ W x 8′ H Panel (6-12 dB reduction)
– W/Full Length Velcro (for adding more panels)
– Add-A-Panel Clip
– Crafted With Quality SOUND STOPPER Brand Materials
– Single Sided – 48 lbs – 1″ thick

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3/4# Loaded Vinyl Screens

– 4′ W x 8′ 4″ H Frame
– 4′ W x 8′ H Panel (10-16 dB reduction)
– W/Full Length Velcro (for adding more panels)
– Add-A-Panel Clip
– Crafted With Quality SOUND STOPPER Brand Materials
– Single Sided – 56 lbs – 1″ thick


1/2# Loaded Vinyl Panels

– Crafted With Quality SOUND STOPPER Brand Materials
– 6-12 dB Reduction
– Single Sided – 26 lbs – 1″ thick QFM
– Double Sided – 38 lbs – 2″ thick QFM

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3/4# Loaded Vinyl Panels

– Crafted With Quality SOUND STOPPER Brand Materials
– 10-16 dB Reduction
– Single Sided – 34 lbs – 1″ thick QFM
– Double Sided – 40 lbs – 2″ thick QFM


3/4# Loaded Vinyl Panels

– Completely Portable
– Exclusive Snap-button Construction
– 32″ Long Multi-Position Platform legs with high visibility black & Yellow safety striping.

Singer Safety Modular Acoustic Screen Options

Loaded Vinyl Panels

These loaded vinyl panels come in single-sided or double-sided options. Both are crafted with quality SOUND STOPPER brand materials and provide 6-12 dB reduction. The single-sided panels have one-inch thick QFM and weigh 26 pounds, and the double-sided panels have two-inch thick QFM and weigh 38 pounds.

Single Sided Panels isolate noise sources from nearby workers, or completely enclose noisy machinery and equipment. These panels are constructed of reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier and 1 inch thick quilted fiberglass.

Double Sided Panels separate noisy work stations from each other and are also constructed with a reinforced mass loaded vinyl barrier that is sandwiched between one-inch thick quilted fiberglass on both sides.

Loaded Vinyl Screens

Singer Safety Company loaded vinyl screens provide identical noise control results to comparably-sized made-to-order noise panel enclosures. Our noise panels are typically used in situations where 5-15 dBA reductions are desired. A strategically placed Singer Safety modular acoustic screen can typically reduce employee noise exposure by 10-16 dB. If you use additional Sound Stopper products, like our overhead absorbers and/or wall blankets, you can achieve an additional 4-7 dBA.

Modular Acoustic Screen Frame

The Singer Safety Modular Acoustic Screen Frame is made from steel tubing featuring a slip-joint snap-button construction at all joints and platform legs. Our modular acoustic screen frame is completely portable! You can disassemble the entire screen without tools easily and simply! This makes it possible to temporarily disassemble and compactly package your Modular Acoustic Screens for temporary storage or transportation purposes, if the need arises. It also features exclusive snap-button construction and 32” long multi-position platform legs with high visibility black and yellow safety striping. Your safety is always our top priority.

Why Choose Modular Acoustic Screens?

Icon Sound Quality

Sound Quality

The primary reason clients choose modular acoustic screens is for sound quality. In addition to reducing sound within spaces, modular acoustic screens also help improve acoustics within a space. It can make it easier for your employees to hear each other and communicate in your facility when modular acoustic screens are in place.

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Modular acoustic screens are an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Icon Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

Modular acoustic screens are an affordable noise-reducing solution in comparison to other options. You can reduce noise even in a large manufacturing space cost effectively with modular acoustic screens.

Use Singer Safety Products To
Create An Acoustic System.

Modular Acoustic Screens work best to reduce noise when they are used in conjunction with
other Singer Safety Sound Stopper products. Learn more about how our noise
control products can help your facility be quieter and more productive.

Ceiling Baffles

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You can effectively absorb sound throughout your facility with Singer Safety’s ceiling baffles. Our ceiling baffles are manufactured with quilted fiberglass material or poly-covered fiberglass, and are proven to control noise.

They are typically used in conjunction with other Sound Stopper products. They reduce reverberant noise in large rooms, noisy sections of plant floors, and over sound partition enclosures to help keep an area soundproof.

Acoustic Foams

acoustic foam singer safety

Singer Safety’s acoustic foams are high-quality foams that offer excellent noise absorption in the mid-to-high range. We provide both convoluted (or cone-shaped) and fat surface foams to provide the amount of noise control you need.

Quilted Fiberglass Panels

Double Faced Panel

Quilted fiberglass panels offer superior noise absorption, noise barrier, and noise-canceling capabilities for machinery, walls, and doors. The panels are usually used in conjunction with ceiling baffles and acoustic screens. We offer both single-sided and double-sided quilted fiberglass panels, depending on your needs.

Do-It-Yourself Materials


Finally, we offer various products like QFM rolls and vibration damper compound to help you soundproof your workplace on your own.