Curtain Systems

Automotive Curtain Systems

Singer Safety offers a completely enclosed see-through work station that’s there when you need it and glides out of the way when you don’t. A real money-maker for auto, truck and aircraft shop operations. Confines primer and overspray residue. Keeps dust, water spray, grinding and cutting sparks out of the painting area. Promotes efficiency in spot-painting, base coating and final clean-up operations. Also keeps detailing and prep areas clean and dust free.

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Gliding Track Systems

Our gliding track systems are expertly engineered to ensure easy, reliable movement and secure locking when the partitions are set. We offer five (5) partitions in standard-size kits with a range of partition materials and Singer Safety’ Company’s durable hardware. Custom configurations are also available.

  • Solid opaque reinforced vinyl from top to bottom of the partition, available in white, yellow, blue, red, gray, or black
  • Optional hardware includes zinc-plated chain in bottom hem and heavy-duty Velcro® strips to provide a tight seal when secured coupled with easy access and movement of the panels
Part of interior of spacious factory with several plants or workshops

Advantages Of Automotive Curtain Systems

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Dramatically increases usable work space
Departmentalizes area for maximum efficiency
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Provides a more desirable work environment
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Designed to fit your requirements
Enhances the appearance of your garage
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Protects from water overspray
Clear windowing provides a supervisory element
Most systems ship UPS within 7 business days or less
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All partitions come with a five year warranty
Available in 7 colors of opaque 14 mil reinforced vinyl
Partition options include removable window panels, tinted transparent windows, vinyl meshes, partition protectors, anti-static clear windows, valances, and customized filter openings

Singer Safety Product Line

Automotive Curtains

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Our Automotive replacement partition curtains are constructed using heavy-duty laminated vinyls with color matched reinforced vertical edges...

Automotive Curtain Systems


Our Automotive replacement curtain systems are constructed using ultra-clear 20 mil thick PVC and Velcro® closures on vertical edges for joining multiple partitions or attaching to walls...