Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtains allow you to easily create partitioned areas in your warehouse, plant, or other industrial space. If you are looking to organize and utilize space better in your industrial setting, look no further than Singer Safety’s industrial curtains. Our industrial curtains provide the maximum utility work station. Our industrial curtains are the best on the market today. Singer Safety has been producing industrial safety and barrier protection products since 1950 and is nationally recognized as a leader in the industry. Learn everything you need to know about our industrial curtains and other industrial safety products that might help you below.

Industrial curtains, also sometimes referred to as industrial curtain walls or room divider curtains, create work zones, block sound, and keep workers safe from industrial hazards while also improving worker productivity. Warehouse safety is a priority for every business, and we help you create the safest possible environment with our industrial curtains. You can use industrial curtains as blackout curtains, garage divider curtains, outdoor curtains, paint booth curtains, wind proof curtains, and more!

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Gliding Track Systems

Our gliding track systems are expertly engineered to ensure easy, reliable movement and secure locking when the partitions are set. We offer five (5) partitions in standard-size kits with a range of partition materials and Singer Safety’ Company’s durable hardware. Custom configurations are also available.

  • Solid opaque reinforced vinyl from top to bottom of the partition, available in white, yellow, blue, red, gray, or black
  • Optional hardware includes zinc-plated chain in bottom hem and heavy-duty Velcro® strips to provide a tight seal when secured coupled with easy access and movement of the panels
Part of interior of spacious factory with several plants or workshops

What are Industrial Curtains?

Industrial divider curtains help you easily create partitioned spaces in warehouses, plants, halls, and other industrial spaces. They are a flexible and adjustable alternative to permanent walls. Industrial curtain walls are an ideal solution for many companies because they are less expensive than a fixed wall, and also offer much more flexibility. Industrial curtains are easy to use, protect the environment and your workplace, protect employees, and act as a physical barrier.

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Benefits of Industrial Curtains

  • Increase productivity
  • Conserve energy
  • Create privacy
  • Contain environmental hazards
  • Allow for flexibility in creating spaces
  • Prevent employee injuries

Industrial Curtain APPLICATIONS

Improve workplace efficiency
Increase security, privacy, and safety areas
Weather Icons
Create temperature-controlled zones
Weather Icons
Light and sunlight control
Weather Icons
Humidity or climate control
Broom cleaning
Dust containment
Fume containment
Parts or machine segregation
Storage areas

Singer Safety Product Line

Super-Vison Series

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Singer Safety’s GlideWall Roller Partition Systems combine excellent noise protection with flexibility in configuring workstations.

Industrial Welding Curtains

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Singer Safety Company’s Industrial Welding Curtains are engineered to provide safety, privacy, and protection for welding, cutting, and grinding operations.

Privacy Partition Enclosures

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Singer Safety’s Privacy Curtains and Partition Walls provide privacy for offices, lockers, and workstations and can be designed in flexible configurations.

Environmental Partitions & Barriers

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Singer Safety Company’s Environmental Partitions and Barriers provide effective control and confinement of warm or cool air within the partitioned area and serve as a barrier for dust and airborne contaminants.

Industrial Curtain Hardware

Chain Cable Mount

Singer Safety’s complete line of industrial curtain hardware options can be used to mount GlideWall Track & Roller Partitions, Noise Panels/Barriers, or Vinyl Strip Products in nearly any space or configuration.

Outdoor Curtains

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Appropriate for any outdoor application, our outdoor curtains ensure your workspace is projected from the elements including rain, snow, wind, and dust.

Automotive Curtains


Our curtains are the industry standard for paint booth curtains. Not only do our paint booth curtains provide a safer and cleaner work environment for your employees, they will improve your facility’s appearance.