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Noise Control Systems

Loud industrial noise is more than just an annoyance. It is also a major safety issue. Singer Safety Company produces Sound Stopper Noise Control products to help mitigate sound levels in your workplace, facility, or anywhere you require it. Noise control products are typically used by industrial clients, environmental clients, building owners, architects, and engineers to lower loud noise levels. They protect your hearing and prevent degenerative hearing loss.

Singer Safety Company can help you with your noise control problems with our Sound Stopper Noise Control products to help insulate and attenuate the source of the sound. We offer a variety of solutions that make up our Noise Control products in order to help you address your own noise needs, including modular acoustic screens, ceiling baffles, quilted fiberglass panels, acoustic foams, and additional DIY noise control materials. Learn more about our noise control and reduction products, and contact us today to purchase your own!

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What Are Noise
Control Systems

Noise control products work to reduce noise pollution and reduce the impact of noise, either indoor or outdoor. The main purpose of our noise control products is to protect our hearing. Singer Safety Company produces noise control products for this purpose. We are the leader in industrial barrier protection products.

In order to reduce the risk of loud sound in your construction project, manufacturing facility, or even church, Singer Safety offers Sound Stopper Noise Control Systems. Our line of noise canceling and noise control system products are manufactured using the highest quality materials in order to provide maximum protection for your workers.

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Singer Safety Company
developed the original
industrial noise partition in 1965.

Singer Safety Company developed the original industrial noise partition in 1965, providing an effective solution to the issues and
safety concerns associated with excessive industrial noise.

Our Sound Stropper Noise Control products continue to be recognized as leaders in the industry, and have become the nation’s
best-known and best-selling line of noise control panel systems, soundproof curtains, and industrial noise reduction panels.

Sound Stopper Noise Control applications

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Create Quiet Floors, Ceilings, And Walls
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Improve Sound And Room Acoustics
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Noise and Vibration Control For Industrial And Environmental Settings
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Residential Acoustics In Home Theaters And Recording Studios
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Vibration Isolation For Seismic And Wind Restraint

Noise control Product Line

Modular Acoustic Screens

Double Faced Panel

Singer Safety’s soundproof modular acoustic screens are versatile barriers used to isolate noise and protect workers in nearby work areas and protect them from hearing damage. The screens can be joined easily for flexibility. This allows you to protect the area you need as your production requirements change.

If you are looking for the most versatile industrial noise control and canceling product on the market, you’ve found it! Our screens let you assemble building-block type noise enclosures that can be adjusted or added to as your needs change.

Ceiling Baffles

Baffles poly

You can effectively absorb sound throughout your facility with Singer Safety’s ceiling baffles. Our ceiling baffles are manufactured with quilted fiberglass material or poly-covered fiberglass, and are proven to control noise.

They are typically used in conjunction with other Sound Stopper products. They reduce reverberant noise in large rooms, noisy sections of plant floors, or over sound partition enclosures to help reduce noise.

Quilted Fiberglass Panels

Noise control systems

Singer Safety’s fiberglass panels offer excellent noise absorption, noise barrier, and noise-canceling capabilities for machinery, walls, and doors. Typically, the panels are used to supplement acoustic screens and ceiling baffles. We manufacture both one-sided and two-sided panels to provide the level of protection you require.

Our quilted fiberglass materials, or QFM, is lightweight and semi-flexible, and is best used as a suspended barrier. Our industrial soundproof panels help reduce the exposure to noise in any working environment.

Acoustic Foams

noise absorber foam

You can effectively absorb sound throughout your facility with Singer Safety’s acoustic foams. Singer Safety’s acoustic foams are high-quality foams that provide excellent noise absorption in the mid-to-high range. We offer both convoluted (cone-shaped) and flat surface foams to provide the noise control you need for your application. Acoustic foams can be used to line machine or equipment surfaces, guards, enclosures, walls, and doors to absorb noise from industrial operations.

Singer Safety offers two options of Acoustic Foams: Standard Acoustic foam and Convoluted Foam.

Do-It-Yourself Materials

sc-124 roll

Quilted Fiberglass Material Rolls

These rolls are a great option for projects where you need to fabricate your own enclosure or cover large areas. This material is an excellent noise absorber made of high-quality vinyl-coated facing cloth quilted to a supporting fiberglass.

Vibration Damper 001

Vibration Damper Compound

Our Vibration Damper Compound stops vibration-induced noise at its source. It is an economical and effective way of treating large surface areas for vibration.