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Do-It-Yourself Materials

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DIY Noise Control Materials

Sound is a major issue in many workplaces across all different kinds of industries. Singer Safety Company provides a variety of industrial noise control materials to help reduce noise, or even help soundproof, your facility. We offer several different kinds of full roll products that are available for do-it-yourself projects that meet any kind of noise protection needs. Our quilted fiberglass material rolls help you cover large areas or fabricate your own enclosure, and our vibration damper compound stops vibration-induced noise at its source. 

DIY Noise Control Materials

From manufacturing to product safety and even education and entertainment venues, noise is a major workplace problem. In some instances, noise can even be a safety hazard. Luckily, we specialize in noise prevention products. Singer Safety Company’s line of DIY noise control materials is made for helping you control sound effectively in your industrial environment, studio, church, gymnasium, or any area that requires sound dampening or soundproofing. Our products are effective and easy to install. Our DIY noise control products include quilted fiberglass materials rolls and a vibration damper compound. Learn more about these products below. 

How to Reduce Sound

If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, our DIY noise control materials might be the right choice for you: 

Singer Safety Company’s DIY noise control materials are the right answer to all these questions! 

What are Some Common Applications for DIY Noise Control Material? 

There are several applications for our DIY noise control materials, including:  

Quilted Fiberglass Material Rolls (QFM Rolls) 

Quilted fiberglass material rolls, also commonly called QFM rolls, are great for projects in which you need to fabricate your own enclosure or cover large areas. Quilted fiberglass reduces the reflection of sound waves by adding soft, porous, open-celled materials to any environment. 

What are Quilted Fiberglass Material Rolls?

It is an excellent noise absorber made of high-quality vinyl-coated facing cloth quilted to a supporting 2 lb/cubic foot density fiberglass. The outer shell is resistant to oil, grease, and mildew. It can be wiped clean. 

Quilted Fiberglass Material Roll Options

This material is sold in rolls only and is available in either gray or white. Each roll is 48” wide. Other thicknesses and composites are also available. 

SC122 is NOT bound on edges. SC 124 and SC 125 are bound on sides only. 

Vibration Damper Compound

What is Vibration Damper Compound? 

Vibration damper compound stops vibration-induced noise at its source. It reduces noise and vibration for an infinite variety of industrial and commercial applications. It is a beige, sprayable loose paste that you can either brush, spray, or trowel on. 

The water-based compound is an economical way to treat large surface areas for vibration. It is non-toxic and has no odor after drying. A five-gallon pail of vibration damper compound weighs 40 pounds. 

How Does Vibration Damper Compound Work?

A 30-mil thick layer of wet film dries to hard film in about three to four hours at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. It will require longer time in cooler temperatures or higher humidity. 

Additional Noise Control Products from Singer Safety Company

If DIY noise control materials aren’t quite enough to do the job and reduce enough noise for you, check out the rest of our noise control products, like our Sound Stopper Noise Control Systems. Our Noise Control Systems are sets of products that work to reduce noise pollution and reduce the impact of that noise, either indoors or outdoors. These systems keep your employees’ ears and hearing safe. 

Mass Loaded Vinyl Full Rolls

This product is a reinforced or unsupported barium sulfate loaded vinyl, evenly coated on both sides. The result is a lead-free, dense, highly flexible sound barrier. It is rugged, flame-resistant, and impervious to oils and most chemicals. The reinforced vinyls will not sag or rot, and it wipes clean. It gives 6-18 dBA reduction, depending on the noise source. The reinforced vinyls with polyester cord reinforcement ensure that the material is virtually tear-proof. This product comes in black only for attractive appearance and energy efficiency. 

Transparent Vinyl Full Rolls

This non-reinforced vinyl transparent acoustic barrier material is ideal for areas where observation or supervision is desired or required. Transparent noise panels can be used on their own, or interspaced with our opaque noise panel materials in order to form “window” sections. This product is also an ideal divider panel for sound control between work areas. It allows a good view of traffic flow in and out of an area, which enhances safety by helping to avoid collisions. It is also available in strip form.

You can call us or request a quote online if you are interested in pricing for any of our sound stopping noise control products. 

Get Your DIY Noise Control Materials at Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company is dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding barrier protection products, including DIY noise control materials, in order to create a safer and more productive work environment. You can use our DIY noise control materials on their own, or in conjunction with our other Sound Stopper noise control products for a more complete soundproofing system. In addition to our noise deadening materials, we also offer a variety of other products to help you safeguard your workplace, like industrial curtains, vinyl strip doors, welding and safety screens, fire safety equipment, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our DIY noise control materials and how we can help you reduce sound in your workplace! 

Please determine the height and order curtain and noise panel systems to the exact height required. (Normal tolerance is +/- 2”).

Mass Loaded Vinyl Full Rolls

DIY Noise Control Materials

Quilted Fiberglass Bulk Rolls

Quilted Fiberglass Bulk Rolls

Transparent Vinyl Full Rolls Clear

Transparent Vinyl Full Rolls Clear

Vibration Damping Compound

Vibration Damping Compound

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