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Fire Hose
Reel Covers

Fire Hose Reel Covers

Our Fire Hose Reel Covers are designed to be visible and easy-to-find during an emergency and provide easy access to the hose. The covers protect the equipment, keeping it clean while being stored.

Find fire-fighting equipment fast during an emergency!

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Fire Hose Reel Covers

  • Covers fit right or left-hand mounting
  • “Fire Hose” is printed on both sides of the cover
  • Constructed of vinyl-coating flame-resistant nylon
  • Fluorescent orange color meets OSHA’s color requirements
  • Designed for easy release using hook and loop fasteners
  • Sizes available to fit most popular fire extinguisher sizes. Custom sizes are available for orders of 12 or more.

Our fire extinguisher covers can be ordered on a trial basis to ensure a proper fit

At Singer Safety Company, we are dedicated to providing you with complete, cost-effective solutions to your safety protection challenges. Our staff is committed to provide superior customer service, from your first call through installation.

Singer Safety Ceiling Baffle Product Options


Hose Reels 3-7″ Rim Width

– Fits 20″ to 36″ Reel Diameters

Product Description

– Hose Reel Covers
– Fluorescent Orange Color.
– “FIRE HOSE” Printed on both sides

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Hump-Type Hose Racks

– Hump-Type Hose Racks

Product Description

– Up to 5″ Deep-Height includes “hump” of nozzle on top.

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Swing-Bar Hose Racks

– Swing-Bar Hose Racks

Product Description

– Largest one fits up to 5 1/2″ Deep

Singer Safety FIRE PROducts


Fire Extinguisher Covers


Make sure that your workers can find fire-fighting equipment fast during an emergency!

Fire Hose Reel Covers


Find fire-fighting equipment fast during an emergency!

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Covers


Singer Safety’s Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Covers provide protection for the fire extinguisher when stored, coupled with high visibility.

Fire and First Aid Blankets


Singer Safety manufactures high quality fire and first aid blankets to protect workers in the event of an accident or emergency.