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Portable Welding
& Safety Screens

Portable Welding & Safety Screens

Singer Safety Company, the industry leader for portable welding and safety screens, offers a line of portable safety screens for manufacturing operations. Safety and portable welding screens provide a barrier between hazardous operations, such as welding, cutting and grinding, increasing workplace safety. Our screens are portable, allowing you to optimize space utilization in your facility and provide the flexibility to easily and quickly change locations and configurations as needed. Singer Safety Company’s safety screens can ensure that your workers are safe without compromising productivity.

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Portable Welding & Safety Screens

Singer Safety Company’s safety and welding screens are light, durable, and easy to assemble. They can be used alone or joined together with Add-A-Panel Clips for custom enclosures or straight-line barriers.

Our screens are available in the following materials

  • TransVue Vinyl– Ideal for welding, TransVue offers flash-blocking optical protection*
  • Laminate Vinyl– Opaque material used for welding and privacy
  • Clear– Transparent material used for workspace separation where privacy is not required
  • TempTex– Vinyl material designed to provide protection for high temperature applications such as welding and cutting
  • Cotton Duck– Mildew-resistant material ideal for applications exposed to water or high humidity
  • Specialty– Vinyl materials to meet special needs. We offer translucent, mesh, and safety strip special materials.

*Warning: This product is not a substitute for personal eye protection for sustained viewing of welding operations.

Singer Safety Portable Welding & Safety Screens Product Options

Safety Screen 010

12′ W x 6′ H Green Multi Panel Screen

– 3 ea 4′ W x 6’H Frames (overall height is 75″)
– 4 ea Add-A-Panel Clips
– 3 ea Slip on Style Panels
– (casters sold separately)
– Other colors available by calling (800)621-0089

Product Description

The Screen is made from California Fire Marshall approved 14 mil laminated vinyls in multiple colors including Flame Retardant Cotton Duck, Laminated Vinyl Fabrics and Transparent Tinted Vinyl. (Additional choices of High Temperature Materials also available on a custom order basis. Please call 800-621-0089).

Frame is constructed of 1″ round tubular, 18 gauge steel with durable powder coated, black enamel finish.

Among the unique features of this product is the joining together of single panels using the “Add-A-Panel Clip” which quickly and easily snaps into place on the vertical frame to form a multi-panel configuration. The extended edge of each single panel curtain creates an over-lap with a joining curtain which completely seals the edges for total protection.
(Popular Military Item)

2 sided yellow vinyl color no bkgrnd

5’W x 4’H Portable Safety Screen

– Complete with Slip-On style Panel, Frame, and 2 Add-A-Panel Clips. Several colors to choose from.

Product Description

5’W x 4’H Portable Safety Screen
If you don’t see a standard screen in the color you need, simply call our knowledgeable staff.
We have more colors available on an as needed basis!


Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

– Casters are sold as 1 ea.
– 4 ea. are needed per Screen.

Product Description

Caster Wheels have a washer and lock nut fastener.
2″ Black Delrin (plastic) Caster Wheel Threaded


Portable Safety Screen (Frame Only)

– Complete Frame unit, with platform legs. Casters sold separately.

Product Description

No tools required for assembly or adjustment!
Snap Buttons are in place to hold securely and prevent the frame from twisting.
Non-Standard sizes are also available, call our knowledgeable staff for pricing.

Benefits of Portable Welding & Safety Screens

Icon Aesthetics

Short assembly time

Singer Safety Company is known in the industry for its Slip-on Style Panel preventing cumbersome grommet ties and decreasing assembly time.


Flexible configurations

Our portable welding and safety screens are available in a variety of sizes with three different styles, six material options, and six colors.

7296 - First Aid

Protection and safety

Our safety screens offer containment of and protection from airborne dangers, such as sparks, metal waste, and splashing liquids.


Optical protection

Our TransVue screens provide optical protection from welding flashes while offering line of sight into and out of the workstation. Opaque panels are available.

Singer Safety Product Line

Portable Welding Screens

Singer Safety_WM_Full Res_Final-21

Singer Safety Company, the industry leader for welding and safety screens, offers a line of portable safety screens for manufacturing operations.

Portable Welding Screen Replacement Panels


Singer Safety Company offers replacement panels for our portable welding and safety screens.

Roll-Up Welding & Safety Screens

01SEO roll up welding screen

Provide flexible, safe operation for your welding, cutting, and brazing operations with Singer Safety Company’s Roll-Up Safety Screens.

Tri-Fold Welding & Safety Screens

Tri Fold

Singer Safety Company’s Tri-Fold Welding and Safety Screens provide visible safety warnings and safety barricades around hazardous areas in your facility.

Standard Welding Panel Materials


Materials are also available on a Made-To-Order basis for Portable Welding & Safety Screens, Track & Roller Partitions, Welding Blankets, Covers, Curtains with S-Hooks and Do-it-Yourself Barriers.

Temp / Tex Welding Blankets

welding blanket NICE

Singer Safety Company manufactures high quality TEMP/TEX Welding Blankets for use in welding, cutting, and brazing operations.

Trans-Vue Welding Curtain Rolls

grommet rolls

Singer Safety Company offers Welding Curtain Rolls for applications that allow you to create welding curtains fast, in any location.

Welding Curtains

Welding Curtains Singer Safety 1

Singer Safety Company manufactures high performance welding curtains for manufacturing operations.

Fasteners & Accessories

01SEO welding screen accessories

Use Singer Safety Company’s fasteners and accessories to secure your welding and safety screens, panels, and curtains.

Portable Safety Screen

2 sided yellow vinyl color no bkgrnd

Singer Safety Company offers a wide range of high quality, high performance materials for our safety and welding screens.

Plastic Barrier Safety Screens

plastic barrier safety screens

Our transparent Plastic Barrier Screen protects essential and non-essential workers and the patrons they serve from splash and airborne particles