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Work safety protection equipment
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Safety Screen

Safety Screen Materials

Singer Safety Company offers a wide range of high quality, high performance materials for our safety and welding screens. Our vinyl, plastic, and PVC screen materials are designed to meet the needs of different industrial and processing safety applications. Our safety panel experts will assist you when selecting the best material for your safety requirements. Custom materials are available for specialty applications.

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TransVue Vinyl

Ideal for welding, TransVue offers flash-blocking optical protection*.

  • Allows safe, tinted two-way visibility
  • California Fire Marshall approved
  • 14 mil. thickness
  • 13 oz./square yard
  • Transparent Colors: yellow, blue, orange, green, gray

*Warning: This product is not a substitute for personal eye protection for sustained viewing of welding operations.

Laminate Vinyl

Used for welding, safety, and privacy panels.

  • Resists fire, oil, water, and mildew
  • Tough, tear-resistant fabric
  • 14 mil. thickness
  • 13 oz./square yard
  • Opaque Colors: white, yellow, orange, red, green, purple, blue, gray, black

Cotton Duck

Mildew-resistant material ideal for applications exposed to water or high humidity

  • Flame resistant CPA1-84 approved
  • Resists water and mildew
  • 30 mil. thickness
  • 16 oz./square yard
  • Color: olive green only

Our Specialty Vinyl materials are designed to meet special needs.

Open Weave Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh

Used for applications that do not require a solid barrier.

  • Resists ultraviolet rays, mildew, stains, abrasion and weather
  • 30 mil. thickness
  • 12 oz./square yard
  • Colors: white, blue, and black

Translucent Laminated Vinyl

Ideal for thermal protection and energy conservation

  • Excellent for Thermal Isolation
  • 22 mil. thickness
  • 16 oz./square yard
  • Flame Retardant
  • Color: off-white only

“Bumblebee” Striped Laminated Vinyl

Striped vinyl used for applications requiring visible safety indicators

  • Resists acids, fire, mildew, and oil
  • Meets OSHA Requirements
  • 15 mil. thickness
  • 11 oz./square yard
  • Colors: Black/Yellow Stripe only (reverse side solid black)

Weld-View Product Line

Portable Welding Screens

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Singer Safety Company, the industry leader for welding and safety screens, offers a line of portable safety screens for manufacturing operations.

Portable Welding Screen Replacement Panels


Singer Safety Company offers replacement panels for our portable welding and safety screens.

Roll-Up Safety Screens

01SEO roll up welding screen

Provide flexible, safe operation for your cutting and brazing operations with Singer Safety Company’s Roll-Up Safety Screens.

Tri-Fold Safety Screens

Tri Fold

Singer Safety Company’s Tri-Fold Safety Screens provide visible safety warnings and safety barricades around hazardous areas in your facility.

Welding Panel Materials


Materials are also available on a Made-To-Order basis for Portable Welding & Safety Screens, Track & Roller Partitions, Welding Blankets, Covers, Curtains with S-Hooks and Do-it-Yourself Barriers.

Temp / Tex Welding Blankets

welding blanket NICE

Singer Safety Company manufactures high quality TEMP/TEX Welding Blankets for use in welding, cutting, and brazing operations.

Trans-Vue Welding Curtain Rolls

grommet rolls

Singer Safety Company offers Welding Curtain Rolls for applications that allow you to create welding curtains fast, in any location.

Welding Curtains

Industrial Welding Curtain

Singer Safety Company manufactures high performance welding curtains for manufacturing operations.

Fasteners & Accessories

01SEO welding screen accessories

Use Singer Safety Company’s fasteners and accessories to secure your welding and safety screens, panels, and curtains.

Portable Safety Screen

Singer Safety Company offers a wide range of high quality, high performance materials for our safety and welding screens.

Plastic Barrier Safety Screens

plastic barrier safety screens

Our transparent Plastic Barrier Screen protects essential and non-essential workers and the patrons they serve from splash and airborne particles