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Safety Screen Materials

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Singer Safety Company offers a wide range of high quality, high performance materials for our safety and welding screens. Our vinyl, plastic, and PVC screen materials are designed to meet the needs of different industrial and processing safety applications. Our safety panel experts will assist you when selecting the best material for your safety requirements. Custom materials are available for specialty applications.

TransVue Vinyl – Ideal for welding, TransVue offers flash-blocking optical protection*.

*Warning: This product is not a substitute for personal eye protection for sustained viewing of welding operations.

Laminate Vinyl – Used for welding, safety, and privacy panels.

Cotton Duck – Mildew-resistant material ideal for applications exposed to water or high humidity

Our Specialty Vinyl materials are designed to meet special needs.
Open Weave Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh – Used for applications that do not require a solid barrier.

Translucent Laminated Vinyl – Ideal for thermal protection and energy conservation

"Bumblebee" Striped Laminated Vinyl – Striped vinyl used for applications requiring visible safety indicators

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