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Do you have a space issue in your facility or manufacturing plant? Super-Vison Series might be the perfect solution. A roller partition system helps you separate your facility into work zones quickly and efficiently in order to help you maximize your available space. Singer Safety Company’s Glide Wall Super-Vison Series combine workspace efficiency and flexibility by allowing you to easily create workstations.

Our Super-Vison Series are designed for your applications in a variety of lengths, widths, colors, and mounting hardware. The opaque laminate curtains are mounted on an easy gliding track system that provides easy movement of the curtains and fast configuration of your work area. Super-Vison Series are the ideal solution for industrial space utilization, organization, and safety.

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Part of interior of spacious factory with several plants or workshops

What is Super-Vison Series?

Singer Safety Company’s roller track systems are expertly engineered to ensure easy, reliable movement and secure locking when the partitions are set. Our Super-Vison Series increase both safety and productivity, at only a fraction of the price of fixed solid walls. We can help you increase productivity, conserve energy and maximize your usable floor space by allowing activities to occur within close proximity to each other safely with the help of industrial-grade curtains in an easy-glide roller system.

Features and Options for Singer Safety Super-Vison Series

We offer five partitions in standard-size kits with a range of partitions materials and our durable hardware. Kits consist of a panel steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and two wheel Nylon Roller hooks.

Features of Our Super-Vison Series Include:

  • Super-Vision roller partition system panels with clear vinyl in the top section, offering a clear line of sight out of or into the workstation to safely oversee operations
  • Opaque vinyl panels come in 14 oz., 18 oz. or 22 oz. options.
  • Standard color options include white, yellow, blue, gray, red, black, and tan. Other color choices are available upon request, but please take note that they might take longer for delivery.
  • Hardware includes a zinc-plated chain in the bottom hem and heavy-duty Velcro strips to provide a tight seal when secured, coupled with easy access and movements of the panels.

Applications For Super-Vison Series


Departmental Partitioning

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Production Work Bays

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Wash Bays

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Clean Rooms

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Areas That Require Thermal/Energy Retention

Broom cleaning

Containment of Dust & Airborne Contaminants

Sizes Available For Our Super-Vison Series Include:

Custom configurations are also available. Contact us for more details about custom options.

  • 8’H
  • 10’H
  • 12’H
  • 8’H x 4’W – Curve Kit System
  • 8’H x 6’W
  • 8’H x 8’W
  • 8’H x 10’W

Gliding Track Systems

Our gliding track systems are expertly engineered to ensure easy, reliable movement and secure locking when the partitions are set. We offer five (5) partitions in standard-size kits with a range of partition materials and Singer Safety’ Company’s durable hardware. Custom configurations are also available.

  • Solid opaque reinforced vinyl from top to bottom of the partition, available in white, yellow, blue, red, gray, or black
  • Optional hardware includes zinc-plated chain in bottom hem and heavy-duty Velcro® strips to provide a tight seal when secured coupled with easy access and movement of the panels
Part of interior of spacious factory with several plants or workshops

Why Choose Singer Safety’s Super-Vision Series?

Use Singer Safety’s GlideWall Super-Vison Series for the ultimate in workplace efficiency and flexibility. Here are just a few reasons you should consider our roller partitions systems for your workplace:

  • You can install a roller partition system quickly and easily
  • A roller partitions system creates a safer work environment
  • Conserve energy from unused floor space
  • Roll the partition system out of the way at a moment’s notice to adapt to changing production needs
  • It is a cost-effective solution for dust containment, hazard containment, noise containment, and more
  • Excellent option for temporary walls or permanent installations

More Industrial Curtains from Singer Safety

If a roller partition system isn’t the right option for your business, Singer Safety offers a variety of other industrial curtains, including:

  • Industrial welding curtains
  • Privacy partition enclosures
  • Environmental partitions and barriers
  • FDA curtains
  • Industrial curtain hardware
  • Blackout curtains
  • Garage divider curtains
  • Outdoor curtains
  • Paint booth curtains
  • Wind proof curtains
  • And more!

Why Choose Singer Safety Company’s Roller Partition System?

Since 1950, Singer Safety has been the leader in industrial barrier protection products. We offer noise control systems, industrial curtains, vinyl strip doors, welding and safety screens, fire safety equipment, automotive curtain systems, and more products to safeguard your workplace.

Get Your Roller Partition System at Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company has been an industry leader in workplace safety since 1950 for a reason. If you choose a roller partition system or another type of industrial curtain from Singer Safety, you are guaranteed high-quality protection. Our clients love the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of our Super-Vison Series. Contact us today to order the perfect roller partitions system to fit your business’ needs!

Benefits of a Roller Partition System as a Room Divider


Optimize Your Workplace’s Space

Our GlideWall partitions offer privacy for employees and containment of environmental hazards, plus the flexibility to place workstations in close proximity to other workstations in order to make the most out of the space you have in your facility.

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Flexible Partition Configurations

Our easy-glide track system allows fast, custom configurations for your workstations. Partition walls roll out of the way when the station is not needed, or a larger workspace is required. Our Super-Vison Series are designed to meet the changing needs of your workplace.


Increase Productivity

You can quickly accommodate changing production requirements by easily setting up workstations. Private, individual workstations can also increase productivity for employees.

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Conserve Energy

An additional benefit of our Super-Vison Series is that they can conserve energy by preventing heat loss, and save you money on heating and cooling costs.


Create Privacy

Individual workstations allow staff to work without interference from other employees and processes, and can even provide enclosed work areas for offices and lockers.


Control Noise

Our Super-Vison Series can work to reduce noise, though if you need additional noise control, we recommend our Sound Stopper Noise Control Systems.

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Cost Effectiveness

Super-Vison Series are approximately one-third of the cost of other separation methods, like moveable walls or panel systems, and are easier to move around and store if necessary.

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Enhanced Workplace Safety

Increase the safety of your workplace for your employees by using Super-Vison Series as workspace dividers to contain hazards from ongoing operations.

Singer Safety Product Line

Super-Vision Series

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Singer Safety’s GlideWall Roller Partition Systems combine excellent noise protection with flexibility in configuring workstations.

Weld-Vision Series

FS Welding Curtain System Picture

Singer Safety Company's Industrial Welding Curtains are engineered to provide safety, privacy, and protection for welding, cutting, and grinding operations.

Privacy Series

privacy system

Singer Safety’s Privacy Curtains and Partition Walls provide privacy for offices, lockers, and workstations coupled with excellent noise protection and flexible configurations.

Environmental Series


Singer Safety Company's Environmental Partitions and Barriers provide effective control and confinement of warm or cool air within the partitioned area and serve as a barrier for dust and airborne contaminants.

Outdoor Curtains

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Appropriate for any outdoor application, our outdoor curtains ensure your workspace is projected from the elements including rain, snow, wind, and dust.

Automotive Curtains

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Our UniGlide Partition System creates the best paint booth curtains on the market. Not only do our paint booth curtains provide a safer and cleaner work environment for your employees, they will improve your facility’s appearance.