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Paint Booth

Paint Booth Curtains

Singer Safety’s line of paint booth curtains are the best available on the market today. Keep paint splatter and water spray contained with our industry-leading paint booth products. Our paint booth curtains are also fully customizable to your specifications, from the size, to the material, and even the logo we stamp on them for you! If you need any kind of paint booth curtains, look no further than Singer Safety Company. We help you maximize your floor space and contain paint and water spray with our paint booth curtains.

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Paint Booth Curtains

Once installed, our paint booth curtains create work stations or work stalls that contain paint, sparks, water overspray, aluminum dust, steel dust, and most chemical sprays. This creates a safer and more effective work environment for your shop. Our paint booth curtains are the ideal solution for prep stations and industrial customers across the U.S. Singer Safety is the industry leader in industrial safety products for a reason.

UniGlide Partition System

Singer Safety’s UniGlide Partition System creates the best paint booth curtains on the market. Here are the benefits of our system:

Safe, Clean Work Environment

Our paint booth curtains provide a much safer and cleaner work environment for your employees and improve your facility’s appearance, too.

Maximize Floor Space

You can contain your painting workspace with our paint booth curtains as an economical way to maximize your floor space without using permanent, rigid, and costly walls like drywall and panels.

Move or Disassemble the Workspace

Our paint booth curtains offer much more flexibility inside your garage or warehouse space. The paint booth enclosure can be easily disassembled and moved to a different location, or simply rolled away and stored when you’re not using it!

Paint Booth Industrial Curtain Features

  • Coated, opaque reinforced vinyl material
  • Allow for easy wipe down of accumulated grime
  • Mildew proof and resistant to chemical deterioration
  • Customizable thickness (though our most popular are 14 mil, 18 mil, and 22 mil)
  • Rust-resistant in 16-gauge galvanized steel hardware
  • Available in seven colors
  • Fully customizable
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Applications for Paint Booth Curtains

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Paint Prep Stations & Retractable paint booths


Prep Booths

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Detailing Wash Bays


Under coat bays & Under coating curtains

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Grinding and sanding bays

Completely Customizable Paint Booth Curtains

Our paint booth curtains are also custom made to ensure that you have the right curtain for your application. From the size of the paint booth curtain, to even adding your printed logo right on the curtain, we are able to customize your paint booth curtains to your exact specifications. We have manufactured curtains as small as 4 feet by 8 feet for clients, and as big as 50 feet by 100 feet. But there are no limits!

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Completely Customizable Paint Booth Curtains

  • Floor anchors
  • Clear vision panels to allow visibility through the curtains
  • Chain weight pocket to ensure the curtain will not blow down
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Removable window panels
  • Tinted transparent windows
  • Partition protectors
  • And more!

Additional Uses for Singer Safety Paint Booth Curtains

The most popular application for our paint booth curtains is auto body painting, but there are also several other uses for them, too. They are also used to contain powder coating applications and the aluminum dust created when processing aluminum body cars and trucks. Any application of liquid, powder, or airborne particles can be contained inside our industrial paint booth curtains. By containing these particles, Singer Safety paint booth curtains improve both air quality and worker conditions.

  • Sparks
  • Paint
  • Water overspray
  • Aluminum dust
  • Steel dust
  • Most chemical sprays

Our paint booth curtains also meet all fire codes and regulations with ASTM E-84 Class A and NFPA-701 fire ratings.

Why Choose Paint Booth Curtains?



Allows for different work processes to work alongside each other with work cells

Icon Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effective

Less expensive than rigid walls, like drywall and panels.

Icon Aesthetics

Quick to Install & Take Down

Quick to install, take down, and move as needed. Easily roll the curtains out of the way when you’re not using them.


Work Environment

Improves conditions for your employees.

Fire Extinguisher

Meet Regulations

Meet all fire codes and regulations.

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5 Year Warranty

Five year warranty included.

Installation of Singer Safety Paint Booth Curtains

Our paint curtains arrive within seven days of your purchase. When you order our paint booth curtains, they will arrive within seven days of your purchase. We manufacture the paint booth curtains and sell them directly to you: no middle man. The paint booth curtains arrive along with simple instructions. Simply unbox them and follow our directions! You will find that you can install them quickly and easily.

About Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company has been a leader in industrial safety products since our inception in 1950. We help auto body shops and other industries create safer work environments with our Singer Safety Industrial Barrier Protection safety screens, noise control materials, industrial curtains, and strip curtains. Our company makes it easy for you to find and create the right product for every application. We create some of the best paint booth curtains on the market today for a reasonable price. Our goal is to provide our clients with outstanding, superior products to build a secure, safe, and productive work environment.

Contact Singer Safety to Get Your Paint Booth Curtains

If you’re ready to create a cleaner, safer work environment, maximize usable space, and increase productivity, you need Singer Safety’s paint booth curtains. To learn more about our customizable paint booth curtains or to get started with your order, contact us at Singer Safety Company today! Our expert staff is ready to help you get started and give you advice on the best options for your auto shop.

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Our UniGlide Partition System creates the best paint booth curtains on the market. Not only do our paint booth curtains provide a safer and cleaner work environment for your employees, they will improve your facility’s appearance.