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Industrial Privacy Curtains & Partition Walls

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Singer Safety Company offers Privacy Partition Enclosures that provide privacy, noise protection, and flexible configurations for offices, lockers, and workstations. Our privacy partition enclosures are available in multiple colors and help keep employees, customers, and workers separated safely. Every workplace can benefit from privacy partition enclosures. There are a vast number of benefits for utilizing privacy partition enclosures, from protecting workers from possible exposure to COVID-19 and increasing productivity and privacy in the workplace. If you require or desire privacy partition enclosures for your workplace, look no further than Singer Safety Company.

What are Privacy Partition Enclosures?

You can use Singer Safety’s Privacy Partition Enclosures to provide enclosed work areas within your open facility. Our GlideWall easy-glide track system allows for easy movement of the partitions at any time and as frequently as necessary to accommodate the changing needs of your operations. Customers love our privacy partition enclosures because they help reduce noise, allow for flexible configurations, increase productivity in your workplace, and are a cost-effective solution.

Singer Safety Privacy Partition Enclosures>

We offer a wide variety of privacy partition enclosures for your industrial workplace. Singer Safety Company’s privacy partitions enclosures are a flexible and affordable option for any workplace looking to divide up space and create individual workstations, offices, or lockers for employees. These are not the flimsy partitions you might be envisioning. Instead, they are durable, industrial-grade solutions for your workplace.

Applications for Privacy Curtains

There are a variety of uses for privacy curtains. One way to use privacy curtains is to provide a physical barrier in your workplace between workers in order to prevent and control COVID-19 infection. Some of the many other applications for our Privacy Partition Enclosures include:

Benefits of Privacy Partitions

There are several benefits of utilizing our industry-leading Privacy Curtains and Partition Walls in your workplace, including:

Ability to Minimize Noise

Our privacy partitions offer superior noise reduction so that offices, testing laboratories, and other private areas are protected from external noise. If you are interested in additional noise reduction products, check out our line of Sound Stopper Noise Control Systems.

Allow for Flexible Partition Configurations

Our easy-glide track system allows for fast, custom configurations for your work areas. Partition walls roll out of the way when the work areas are no longer needed, or a larger workspace is required.

Increased Productivity

You can quickly accommodate changing production requirements by easily setting up workstations. Plus, workstations give workers more privacy and the ability to complete their work quicker and more effectively.

Cost-Effective Solution

Singer Safety’s privacy partitions offer cost-effective solutions for creating private spaces within your facility. For example, our partitions are much cheaper (and more flexible) than adding permanent walls to divide your space.

Industrial Partitions: Details, Sizes, and Options

Our gliding track systems are expertly engineered to ensure easy, reliable movement and secure locking when the partitions are set. We offer five different partitions in standard-size kits with a range of partition materials and Singer Safety Company’s durable hardware. Custom configurations are also available upon request.

The kits consist of the panel steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and two wheel nylon roller hooks.

Privacy Partition Enclosure Size Options

Our privacy partition enclosures come in the following sizes. Please determine the height and order curtain and noise panel systems to the exact height required. (Normal tolerance is +/-2”).

Singer Safety Privacy Series

There are several size options available in Singer Safety Company’s Privacy Series line of privacy partition enclosures, including:

8’H Privacy Series

The 8’H Privacy Series kits consist of panel, steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and 2-wheel nylon roller hooks, plus a splash curtain.

10’H Privacy Series

The 10’H Glidewall Privacy Series kits consist of panel, steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and 2-wheel nylon roller hooks, plus a splash curtain.

12’H Privacy Series

The 12’H Glidewall Privacy Series consist of panel, steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and 2-wheel nylon roller hooks, plus a splash curtain.

Why Choose Singer Safety for Your Privacy Partition Enclosures?

Singer Safety Company has been producing industrial safety and barrier protection products since 1950. We are committed to providing our customers, like you, with top-of-the-line industrial safety and privacy products. Our company has been providing workplaces with outstanding barrier protection products since 1950. Choose the best national name in industrial safety products when you choose Singer Safety for your company’s safety enclosures.

Singer Safety Industrial Curtains

If our privacy partition enclosures aren’t the right choice for your workplace, check out our wide selection of Industrial Curtains. Industrial curtains also help you to create partitioned areas in your warehouse, plant, or other industrial workplace quickly and simply. They also help you create work zones, reduce noise pollution, and keep workers safe from industrial hazards while also increasing productivity. Our industrial curtains, like our privacy partition enclosures, are the best option on the market today.

Singer Safety Company offers many options for industrial curtains, including:

Get Your Privacy Partition Enclosures at Singer Safety Company

If you are ready to add privacy partition enclosures to your workplace, contact Singer Safety Company today. Our sales representatives are ready to help you choose the best option for your business. And if you need a custom option for your privacy partition enclosures, we can help you with that, too.

10'H Privacy Series

10'H Privacy Series

12'H Privacy Series

12'H Privacy Series

8'H Privacy Series

8'H Privacy Series

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