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What are Soundproof Blankets Used For?

Soundproofing blankets are the perfect solution for an inexpensive and efficient way to soundproof a room! There’s an art to soundproofing that can get quite pricey when acquiring the expensive tools needed to soundproof. To truly soundproof something can take an enormous amount of time and money.

Affordable soundproofing options are considered sound-dampening. Soundproof blankets are the best options for a quality sound-absorbing tool. But what’s the great thing about it?

Soundproof blankets are quick and easy to put up and are great for soundproof rooms or a workplace. It’s really easy for sound to echo throughout a space with hardwood floors. By using sound-absorbing tools sound speed can be slowed down to protect a space from echoing. Though sound blankets will not completely soundproof a space, it is great to start!

Soundproof Blanket Uses

Soundproofing blankets can be used on

  • Walls

  • Windows

  • Music Rooms

  • Recording Studios

  • Industrial Machine Rooms

  • Garages

  • On or around applies with caution

  • Carpets

  • Alternative to ceiling sound baffles

  • Hardwood Floors

  • And practically anything!

The most beneficial way to use soundproofing tools is for construction areas or rooms with loud machinery. Not to mention, soundproof blankets are a great rental-friendly way to semi-sound proof an area.

Soundproof blankets are made of wool and then woven with acoustically soundproof material. Acoustic fabric is also an exchangeable term for breathable fabric. The inner fabric of soundproof blankets is typically formed offiberglass, mineral wool, recycled cotton, cellulose, and mass-loaded vinyl. Soundproof blankets aren’t a foolproof solution to complete sound absorption but you can count on 40-80% of soundproofing when using soundproof blankets.

If you’re looking for more of a sound-absorbing tool you may want to consider other options such as noise-canceling curtains. What are noise-canceling curtains? What is the difference between these soundproofing tools? Let’s talk about it!

Noise Canceling Curtains vs Soundproof Blankets

When looking to soundproof a room or area,  noise-canceling curtains and soundproof blankets are both great affordable options. As mentioned before most of the uses of soundproof blankets supply noise canceling curtains.  Yet there are many differences as far as how they are made and some benefits of using each. Let’s discuss some similarities and a few differences when using soundproof blankets vs noise canceling curtains:


  • First, we’ll start with the similarities between these two great soundproofing tools. Noise-canceling curtains are rental friendly and can be used in more general uses similar to soundproofing blankets. They are both easy to use and provide a semi-noise-proof budget-friendly alternative to more experienced soundproofing options.

  • Secondly, it’s important to note that with each noise-canceling tool that thick/heavy material doesn’t equal more sound reduction. These noise-canceling tools are made to be thicker than a typical curtain or blanket. It’s important to note that both options should be considered for their use instead of the material they are made of.


  • First, Soundproofing blankets do not provide the same luxury as noise-canceling curtains when it comes to daylight. Curtains can be put over the window to prove the luxury of canceling noise and be moved during the day for light entry.

  • Secondly, soundproof blankets are a bit thicker so it provides a more noise canceling benefit than curtains. Sound waves have to travel through each layer of wool and acoustic noise-canceling fabric before they can pass through. Whereas, curtains are heavy-duty but can not be as thick. This difference is due to the type of material in each area.

I hope this section has clarified which soundproofing tool is the best fit for you!  Soundproofing blankets provide multiple uses and have pros and cons when applied. Next, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of sound blankets.

Pros and Cons of Sound Blankets

What should you look for when looking for poor-quality sound blankets? What about price ranges?  Compared to other soundproofing Alternatives sound blankets have a couple of pros and cons one should be aware of before purchasing.

The art of soundproofing can get expensive very quickly so if you are looking for an alternative that is even cheaper than soundproofing blankets,  I would suggest looking into moving blankets. Moving Cargo blankets are a bit smaller but can get the job done! Cargo moving blankets are less effective than soundproof blankets but provide a good noise canceling benefit for their cost range!

Here are the pros and cons of using soundproofing blankets:


  • Though it is not necessarily recommended,  soundproof blankets can be cut to fit any area or object!

  • They are great for rental properties

  • You can use soundproof blankets in all different industries

  • They are Affordable

  • They vary in price ranges in correlation to the Quality of soundproofing

  •  soundproofing blankets are multi-purposeful when needed

  • They’re easily removable as most blankets are paired with hanging hooks

  • They are perfect for recording studios or other areas

  • Alternative to acoustic screens

  • They never go out of style or to waste!


  • Blocks most light and air coming in where needed

  • Soundproof blankets are not fully soundproof as the quality can range anywhere from 40-80% noise cancellation.

  • Must be either hung or taped to an area

  • Could be a fire hazard claimed by a manufactured if not looked at carefully with a trusted brand  thoroughly when purchasing

  • Requires heavy-duty installation to a space

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons when discussing the benefits of using soundproof blankets.  There are so many different options out there as well as price points to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to soundproof for industrial uses or creative uses, soundproofing blankets provide a great alternative to more expensive soundproofing options.

We hope you have gained clarity on how and why you should consider soundproofing blankets when looking to cancel noise from space. Though they are not completely soundproof as previously mentioned they do a great job of dampening sound and are used by thousands of satisfied customers. Singer Safety Co is a great place to start your soundproofing journey for all areas and industries!  It’s a sure thing after reading this article you will not be disappointed!

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