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Best Practices for Your Daily Safety Meetings

Daily safety meetings are essential in workplaces with many safety hazards. Also known as “toolbox talks”, these meetings are designed to reinforce important safety topics. Toolbox talks are meetings between workers about a specific safety topic. Sometimes these topics may be relevant, involving a recent issue you’ve noticed. Other times they can be more general. No matter the topic, daily safety meetings are a very useful way of reminding workers about the importance of safety.

Managing toolbox talks can be difficult. Trying to retain your employees’ attention while delivering useful information is hard. Sometimes just picking a topic is easier said than done. Luckily for you, we at Singer Safety understand the mechanics behind a successful safety meeting.

Fun Safety Meeting Topics

Picking a fun topic is one of the best ways to ensure an interesting meeting. Discuss something specific and relevant to your workplace. The topic will be much more interesting if it’s actually relevant to your employees. Some topics are easy to make exciting, like fire safety or common sense. There are tons of funny videos online related to these topics. When appropriate, showing these videos can really get employees engaged with the topic.

Unfortunately, not all safety topics are going to be particularly interesting. For these situations, make the meeting itself more fun. The information itself might not be exciting, but your delivery can have a huge impact on how employees receive it. Incorporating humor in your meeting can really liven up a boring discussion. Similarly, music, snacks, and games can make the meeting much more exciting. Trivia and competitions are great ways to spice up a boring meeting. Try holding a competition to see who knows the safety rules the best. Let workers compete to see who can name all their welding equipment the fastest. Offer prizes for winners. All of these tactics can keep your employees focused and engaged on the topic at hand.

Safety Topics for Meetings

Once you’ve covered the basics, it can be hard constantly trying to find new safety topics. The best topic is always going to be the most relevant topic. If you’ve noticed some safety issues, use this time to remind everyone how they should do things. Even when there isn’t an issue, focus on the problems that are mostly to arise in your workplace. Workplaces that produce a lot of air pollutants should discuss the importance of wearing a respirator. Warehouses full of flammable products should discuss fire safety. Whenever you’re unsure of what to discuss, make sure it’s applicable to your industry.

In general, common sense is a great safety topic. It’s easy to make this topic funny and engaging. Lapses in common sense are usually very funny and relatable. Use this opportunity to remind workers to think carefully about their actions at work.

“Accident response” is another great safety topic. Employees should be prepared for when an accident happens at work. Remind them how to report accidents. Tell them the process and how to correctly file a report. Workers should also know where to go to receive medical care at work. Let them know where they can find a first aid kit.

Safety Meeting

Once you’ve selected a topic, it’s time to plan out the meeting. Leading a toolbox talk can be intimidating so be sure to follow these tips for a great meeting.

Plan meetings out. Your employees may not take you as seriously if you don’t seem prepared for the discussion. With anything, it’s best to prepare ahead of time. Try doing a little bit of research about the topic. When you seem knowledgeable about a subject, your employees will have an easier time listening and engaging. It may help to prepare resources for employees.

Address relevant topics. Has someone injured themselves recently? Have you noticed work getting done without proper PPE? Safety meetings aren’t productive if they aren’t addressing the actual needs of your workplace. Remind your staff how to properly and safely conduct their work. While you should definitely address issues in the moment, bringing them up again in meetings can really bring the message home.

Get your employees involved. If you spend the whole time lecturing, people might tune you out. Employees are much more likely to retain important information if it feels like a conversation and not like a speech. More importantly, the meeting involves your employees! They should feel involved. Safety is too important of a topic to not include everyone. Ask your employees if there are any topics they’d like to address or any questions/information they want to bring up.

Most importantly, make sure everyone understands the topic at hand. While they might not be receiving any new information, it’s important that your employees walk away totally understanding what’s expected of them. Whether it’s something new or something they do every day, you should be aware of their knowledge level. This is where games and trivia might come in handy. Trivia might be able to highlight any gaps in their knowledge that need attention.

Be careful with your time. Again, if the meeting starts to feel like a classroom lecture, you might start losing people. The meeting should be brief enough to keep everyone’s attention, but long enough to address the topics at hand. If you’re new to this, finding a balance might take some time (no pun intended). However, with some practice, you’ll get the hang of it. If you’re meeting daily, hopefully, there shouldn’t be too much to address anyway.

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox talks and safety meetings are immensely important when it comes to keeping your employees safe. Safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind at all times. These meetings can be a great way to remind everyone of the best safety practices for your workplace. Meetings should be engaging, relevant, and fun. When you pick a topic that is relevant and interesting for your employees, you should have no problem catching their attention. Businesses run better when they’re focused on safety. At Singer Safety, we understand this. Once your toolbox talk is done, visit Singer Safety to make all that talk a reality.

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