Why Industrial Dust Prevention?

Dust in a warehouse can be put into two categories: dangerous or difficult.

Difficult Dust Problems

When dust is more difficult, it causes problems with eye, nose and throat irritation and can cause breathing issues. It is annoying and can make the floor of the warehouse slippery, making the workplace more hazardous. This kind of dust also clogs up ventilation systems and makes the air less clear, and can even cause issues in machinery. Difficult dust is unfortunately the kind that is often overlooked by employers.

Dangerous Dust Problems

When dust is dangerous, it can start causing health issues and long-term problems. For example, silica dust alone kills over 500 construction workers each year. Asbestos dust is also in this category, where the dangerous particles have caused cancers, asthma, and COPD. Many workers do not understand or even know about this danger. Wood dust is also a culprit of many lung diseases and sicknesses. Every worker has the right to work in a healthy environment! This is why industrial dust prevention is so key.

Industrial Curtains for Warehouse Dust Control

Industrial curtains are perfect for two things: keeping things out and keeping things in.


One great use of industrial curtains for warehouse dust control is for the containment of dust. For warehouses used for multiple purposes, industrial curtains can create a room or area designated for those processes which create dust. This can help with not only the cleanup, but of avoiding contamination of other areas of the warehouse which may be harder to keep clean. Rafters and ventilation systems are difficult to clean when dust settles, so using industrial curtains to contain heavy dust-creating processes can avoid the need for more intensive cleaning. This can also reserve energy, time and resources that may be expended for cleaning or disinfecting the entire warehouse of dust. Industrial curtains can also block or reduce sound, which can benefit workers, help with any neighbors, and even contribute to a safe environment when it comes to extreme noise.  

Elimination of Dust

Another use of industrial curtains for warehouse dust control is for creating a safe space in the warehouse, free of dust or other contaminants. This is sometimes called a cleanroom. A cleanroom can be created by industrial curtains for the purpose of having an area that can be used for changing gear, taking off masks, or other processes within the warehouse that need to be much more clean than others. Creating a space free of airborne dust or pathogens is needed in many warehouses. Industrial curtains provide that space. They can also be used for privacy rooms for employees or other needs. This could be for first aid, decontamination, or even employee locker rooms.

Accident Prevention

One of the main benefits of warehouse dust control is accident prevention through improved visibility and cleaner environments.


In an industry where dust particles highly obstruct visibility, employees can find themselves injured quickly. Dust clouds impair visibility quickly, and some workers may not be able to know when a dust cloud might appear. Some dust particles are flammable, which also can cause fire hazards. If an employee cannot see around them, it is a recipe for disaster. Visibility is so key in warehouses, especially when operating heavy machinery. Industrial curtains can help control dust clouds and help with employee visibility.

Cleaner Environment

Industrial dust prevention is extremely important for employee safety, particularly in injury prevention. Most warehouses have slick concrete floors. These floors are beneficial for moving large objects with forklifts or for cleaning up debris, but dust on a slick concrete floor can quickly become a slipping hazard for workers. In the UK, slipping and falling contributed to one third of all nonlethal workplace accidents for 2020-2021. Carrying heavy items or working with heavy machinery only make these more common. Having a clean, dust-free environment can prevent many of these injuries. Industrial dust prevention leads to happier employees and a safer work environment overall.

Temporary Dust Partitions

Another great benefit of industrial curtains for industrial dust prevention is as temporary partitions. Some processes in the warehouse produce more dust than others, and some processes create heavy dust that billows up and may cause problems for only a short period of time. Having a temporary dust partition that can be easily put into place is a great benefit for employees and for keeping the warehouse dust-free. For example, if something is being heavily sanded, a temporary dust partition can be placed around the sander to avoid wood dust being thrown into the air throughout the entire warehouse. Instead it will be contained while the sander is being used. This is one of the best parts of using track and roller partitions, which can easily be moved into place while still creating an effective barrier.

Industrial Dust Control

While industrial curtains can improve dust control in your warehouse, they need to be implemented properly and alongside other dust control methods. Simply having a divider does not make the warehouse cleaner, but it can make it easier to clean or to keep clean. Using other methods of dust control like filtering the air, fogging, dust collection and vacuum, and more, are still extremely important to keeping a warehouse safe and dust free. Employees have the right to a safe environment, and they deserve a clean environment.

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