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When to Use Modular Acoustic Screens

For events and businesses that need or could benefit from a higher level of noise control and reduction, modular acoustic panels and acoustic screens can make a big difference. In this article, we’ll discuss what modular acoustic panels and screens are, the impactful benefits of using one or more of these acoustic panels and screens in your various activities, events, and community and business environments, and the different quality, lasting modular acoustic panels and screens from Singer Safety that can help you better achieve your various personal and business goals today.

What Is a Modular Acoustic Screen?

A modular acoustic screen is a pre-engineered metal panel. In addition to their other benefits, individuals can configure and assemble these panels into various structures. These modular acoustic panels work to effectively reduce and control excessive noises and noise levels that are common occurrences in many environments and businesses including commercial, industrial, community, and institutional. They provide top levels of noise control and reduction and are also highly durable. Some of the top uses for these panels include increased isolation and enclosure of noisy equipment, workers, and measurement and test chambers.

These panels isolate noise from workers and protect them from intense and lasting workplace hearing loss, combating noise pollution and other big safety hazards. The different applications and uses for modular acoustic panels are truly endless and adaptable. Other top applications for impactful noise reduction and control with these acoustic screens include use in gyms, quiet rooms, restaurants, reception halls, sound booths, museums, exhibits, control rooms, pulpits, interview rooms, home theaters, factories, industrial offices, classrooms, schools, and product testing chambers, among endless other applications in these and other spaces and events.

Top Features of Singer Safety Modular Acoustic Screens

The assembly and design of these noise barrier screens include high design flexibility and versatility, including fully interchangeable components that allow you to enjoy building-block style noise enclosures and protection. These screens can also include additions and modifications in the future to easily reflect your growing and changing production needs and methods over time. Singer Safety modular acoustic screens include composite QFM, which stands for quilted fiberglass material, and loaded vinyl for effective sound stopping. These partitions also allow for suspension using a tubular frame with Add-A-Panel Clips and velcro strips.

The dimensions of the modular acoustic screens from Singer Safety are 8 feet and 4 inches high, and 4 feet wide. The modularity of the acoustic panels means you can use more than one screen to construct more complex structures to effectively contain the various sounds and noise interference in a given enclosed area. They are also weatherproof acoustic panels.

Top Noise Control Systems

Singer Safety has various noise control and sound stopping systems for you to choose from when you are beginning to create a modular soundproof room or other area. The other products and options to effectively lower noise levels, attenuating and insulating the source of the sound include ceiling baffles, quilted fiberglass panels, high-quality acoustic foams, loaded vinyl screens, loaded vinyl panels, modular acoustic screen frames, vibration damper compounds, quilted fiberglass material rolls, and other DIY noise control materials.

Ceiling Baffle

Absorb sound effectively with a ceiling baffle, manufactured with poly-covered fiberglass or quilted fiberglass material. The ceiling baffles typically go with other sound-stopping products.

Quilted Fiberglass Panel

The panels made of quilted fiberglass provide a noise barrier with effective noise-canceling capabilities, noise absorption for doors, various machinery, and walls, serve to supplement ceiling baffles, and make for weatherproof acoustic panels.

Acoustic Foam

Offered acoustic foam includes flat surface and convoluted (cone-shaped) foams for mid to high-range noise absorption. Uses range from equipment or machine surfaces, to enclosures, guards, walls, and doors.

Loaded Vinyl Screen

Noise control results of the loaded vinyl screens compare to similarly-sized noise panel enclosures. These screens achieve 5-15 dBA reductions, effectively reducing employee noise exposure by up to 10-16 dB.

Loaded Vinyl Panel

Single-sided or double-sided are the options for the loaded vinyl panels, created with Sound Stopper materials that have 6-12 dB reduction. Single-sided panels weigh 26 pounds with 1-inch thick QFM. Double-sided weighs 38 pounds with 2-inch thick QFM.

Modular Acoustic Screen Frame

The screen frames include steel tubing with a slip-joint snap-button design at all platform legs and joints. The screen frames also allow for complete portability of the entire screen without tools, which also helps storage.

Vibration Damper Compound

Singer Safety’s vibration damper compound effectively halts vibration-induced sound and interference at the source. It also provides a more economical method of treating vibration across large surface areas.

Quilted Fiberglass Material Rolls

For projects requiring material to cover large areas or create an enclosure, the quilted fiberglass material rolls provide exemplary noise absorption with vinyl-coated facing cloth quilted to supporting fiberglass.

DIY Noise Control Materials

Some products are also available by full rolls, suited for DIY projects, that may more effectively meet your individual needs. These products include the vibration damper compound paste, quilted fiberglass material rolls, mass-loaded vinyl rolls, and transparent vinyl rolls.

When Should You Use a Modular Acoustic Screen?

A modular acoustic screen can be used anywhere and anytime that you or your business could effectively enjoy the impactful benefits of these noise control and noise reduction products. There is an effective application of a modular acoustic screen and/or the other noise control products and systems from Singer Safety in many different businesses and events. Increased noise control and decreased noise interference are important aspects that can effectively increase safety, productivity, revenue, branding, and decrease employee turnover and hearing loss.

Effective Sound Control and Reduction With Singer Safety

The design of the sound-stopping products from Singer Safety provides the highest levels of quality, durability, as well as effective sound control and reduction where you want and need it most. To experience the benefits of decreased hearing loss and noise interference as well as increased productivity, noise control, and business revenue, consider these products from a company that always puts you first.

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