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When to Replace Your Vinyl Strip Doors

Vinyl strip doors are a great tool for all kinds of industries. Like most safety equipment, they need to be replaced after a while. But how long is too long? When should you replace your vinyl strip doors?

Vinyl strip doors should be replaced when there are signs of damage. Damaged vinyl strip doors are less effective, making them a cumbersome hazard. Over time, the strips used in vinyl strip doors become worn and damaged. For the most part, damage on vinyl strip doors will be limited to the strips themselves. However, if you notice other parts of the door have become damaged, this is also a sign that they may need repair or replacement.

Vinyl strips are damaged when they have scratches, cracks, or missing pieces. Although vinyl strips are durable, they may become scratched or cracked from repeated use. Missing pieces of vinyl are a big indicator that your curtains need to be replaced. Once pieces begin to fall off, the doors become much less effective. Vinyl strip doors are meant to keep areas separated. They are used to regulate the flow of air, temperature, dust, and other contaminants. When the strips fall off or become damaged, they make it a lot easier for these things to pass through to the other side.

Door Strip Curtain

Door strip curtains are great for a huge array of businesses. They can be useful in industries like warehousing, manufacturing, and restaurants. Door strip curtains, also known as vinyl strip doors, are made of many strips of PVC. These strips are hung in doorways to serve as a barrier between areas that need to be separated in some way. They are great for areas that need to be kept separate but still require easy access.

There are many benefits to installing vinyl strip doors in your business. Vinyl strip doors can be used to regulate temperatures between two areas. This is a common use for strip curtains in the restaurant industry. They can often be found in coolers and walk-in freezers. Vinyl strip doors offer some insulation that allows them to prevent cold areas from becoming too warm. They limit the amount of air flowing between areas which also helps regulate temperature.

Regulating temperature can also help reduce energy costs. Placing strip door curtains at entrances can seriously cut back on the amount of energy needed to keep a business hot/cold. Similarly, strip curtains are common on garage doors. It may not be efficient to open and close the door many times throughout the day. Strip curtains provide a barrier that is easy to move through. You can leave doors open without losing too much air or inviting in contaminants.

Vinyl strip doors are often used to keep out dust and bugs. Over time, contaminants like dust can cause significant health problems. Depending on the materials you’re working with, there may be even more serious health issues. Some materials can cause cancer when inhaled.

Vinyl strip doors increase the overall safety of your workplace. Not only do they keep materials out, but they offer great visibility. Since the PVC strips used in strip curtains are clear, they are very easy to see through. Employees can easily see through to the other side. This reduces the risk of running into other employees or equipment. Both scenarios can be very dangerous, which is why it’s important to make sure your vinyl strip doors are in working condition.

Replacement Vinyl Door Strips

When your vinyl door strips become damaged, it’s important to replace them. When they’re damaged, they’re less effective, which ultimately makes them less safe. Typically, the strips should be the only part of the door that is damaged. They’re making the most contact with people and equipment throughout the day.

Once strips appear to be cracked or missing pieces, replacement vinyl strips can be purchased. It’s important to purchase PVC strips from qualified sellers, like Singer Safety. Singer Safety sells replacement vinyl strips that can be easily attached to an already mounted strip curtain.

If you prefer to cut your own vinyl strips, Singer Safety also sells rolls of materials. We offer rolls of vinyl, PVC, and plastic. The rolls can be cut into strips at your desired length.

Industrial Plastic Curtains

Plastic curtains are very useful in industrial work. Vinyl strip doors are a great alternative to traditional doors that have to be opened often. For areas with a lot of traffic, opening and closing doors often can be tiring. For garage doors, this can be especially impractical. With vinyl strip doors, you can leave the door open while still keeping many of the benefits of having it closed.

Vinyl strip curtains are a great investment for most workplaces. Because of their ability to regulate temperature, they can lower the amount of energy your business uses. Over time, this can mean huge savings for your energy bill. They can also limit the amount of noise that travels between workspaces. Noise is an unfortunate part of any warehouse or manufacturer, but over time it can even be dangerous.

Exposure to workplace noise over long periods of time can cause stress, hearing problems, and sleeping problems. Extreme levels of noise pollution can even affect your heart health. It can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, and an increased chance of heart attacks.

Vinyl strip door curtains are not the only type of industrial curtains available. Singer Safety produces many other kinds of curtains that are similarly beneficial for workplace safety. Many of these curtains have similar functions like reducing noise and regulating temperature. They may also be used in areas that require a little more privacy than clear plastic strips can offer. Some curtains may be used to reduce wind, like the windproof curtains. Others might be used in garages to separate cars that are being worked on. For many industries, it’s very important to have a solid line of protection against harmful elements like noise, dust, chemicals, or sparks. Regardless of your industry, you can benefit from installing one of Singer Safety’s many industrial curtains.

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