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Wind Proof Curtains

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When protecting your products and employees from wind, flexibility is key. That’s why Singer Safety’s windproof curtains are the right choice to solve your wind problems.


Forget permanent structures that are expensive and immovable when the direction of the wind shifts. Instead, choose Singer Safety’s windproof curtains. 


Our windproof curtains are reinforced with an easy-to-use anchor system to make sure the curtains stay where they are installed. Stitched Velco fastened to our wind proof curtains can be easily wrapped around our floor anchor disks holding the curtains in place. When the job is done, the curtains can be easily moved out of the way or even moved to another location to block the wind. 


Wind Proof Curtain Features:

  • Anchor system that hooks into the floor 

  • PVC material is mildew resistant and outdoor approved 

  • Can easily move to another location when not needed 

  • Create a comfortable environment for personnel 

  • Help control temperatures 

  • Seal building, blocking weather and temperature – wind, rain, snow 

  • Economical – cost effective 

Singer Safety windproof curtains are a great solution to any outdoor application. Increase efficiency and safety by blocking unruly winds that disrupt your facility’s processes. 

Windproof Applications: 

  • Loading docks 

  • Bay doors 

  • Protect transitional areas in workspace 

  • Buffer indoor operations 

  • Protect product and/or processes from outdoor elements 

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WARNING:These products contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: