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Wind Proof Curtains

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Singer Safety Company provides windproof curtains to help protect your products and employees from wind. High winds can cause safety issues at any workplace. Our windproof curtains do so much more than just protect from the wind, however. They also help protect from additional outdoors elements, like rain and snow. Use our windproof curtains to extend the longevity of your investment. Our anchoring system ensures that your curtains stay put, no matter the strength of the wind. Order Singer Safety Compnay’s windproof curtains today to control your environment, safely and securely.

Why Windproof Curtains are Necessary in the Workplace

Wind might not be the top industrial hazard you think of, but high winds are a major risk that can cause injuries in the workplace. Potential injuries from wind include eye injuries from dust or debris in the air, sprains or strains that occur when the wind forces workers to fall, when workers try to reach for an object that is moving away from them, or when the wind pulls objects or doors from their hands. It can also cause injuries when skin is exposed to the wind, especially in the cold. There is also potential for injuries from broken glass when winds strike a window or door with force. That’s why you need Singer Safety Company’s windproof curtains to protect your workers from high winds. 

When you need to protect your workers and products from the wind, flexibility is important. That’s why Singer Safety Company’s windproof curtains are the right choice to solve your wind problems. Rather than choosing a permanent structure that is expensive and immovable when the direction of the wind shifts, choose our windproof curtains instead. 

What is the Best Way to Block Wind at my Workplace?

Our windproof curtains are reinforced with an easy-to-use anchor system to make sure the curtains stay where they are installed. You will never wonder, “How do I stop my curtains from blowing in the wind?” Stitched Velcro fastened to our wind proof curtains can be easily wrapped around our floor anchor disks, holding the curtains in place. When your job is done, you can easily move the curtains out of the way, or move them to another location to block the wind. The best way to minimize the impact of the wind is to use windproof curtains. 

Features of Windproof Curtains from Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company’s windproof curtains are a great solution for any kind of outdoor application. They help you increase safety and efficiency by blocking unruly winds that disrupt your facility’s processes and workflow. 

The following are some of the many features of Singer Safety Company’s excellent windproof curtains: 

Applications for Wind Blocking Curtains

Our wind blocking curtains work in any outdoor environment, and for any kind of facility or workplace. There are several popular applications for our wind blocking curtains, including: 

Benefits of Using Plastic Wind Barriers 

Beyond just blocking the wind, there are several benefits to using our plastic wind barriers to protect your workplace. 

Easy to Install

Our windproof curtains are easy to install and quick to hang up. 

Inexpensive and Cost-Effective

Windproof curtains are only about one-third of the cost of other outdoor separation options, like permanent walls and or panel systems. 


Curtains are also a much more flexible option than rigid walls. You can move them when they are not needed, and they are easy to store. 

Maintain Temperature Control

You can use our windproof curtains to keep temperatures inside the area consistent for a more comfortable environment, and pull them open when that is not needed. 

Block the Wind

Finally, the obvious: use our windproof curtains to keep the wind and rain out when the weather is bad, but you can still have the opportunity to pull the curtain back or remove it entirely if the weather is nice. 

Singer Safety Outdoor Curtains

Our tough line of outdoor curtains, or exterior curtains, are the best option for any of your outdoor curtain and divider needs. They are the ideal solution for sealing your exterior building to block out extreme temperatures and inclement weather like rain, wind, and snow. If our windproof curtains aren’t the right option for you, be sure to check out our outdoor curtains instead

Other Industrial Curtain Options from Singer Safety 

In addition to our windproof curtains, Singer Safety Company offers a full line of industrial curtains to meet all of your facility’s needs. We have the necessary experience to create curtains that stand up to the toughest industrial challenges. Some of our other industrial curtains include: 

About Singer Safety Company 

Singer Safety Company is a leader in the industrial safety industry. We have the ability to protect your business from more than just wind. Our products are designed specifically to protect your company’s employees, products, and other assets from a wide range of industrial hazards, from wind, to heat, dust, sparks, fire, and even excessive noise. 

Check out the rest of our industrial safety products, including: 

Why You Should Choose Singer Safety Company for Windproof Curtains

As residents of the Windy City ourselves, at Singer Safety Company we know a thing or two about the wind. Though there might be other windproof curtains on the market, none can match the performance of ours. Contact a sales representative today to order your own windproof curtains from Singer Safety Company. 


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