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How To Choose The Best Outdoor Curtains

With an increase in home living, you can create an intimate oasis using outdoor curtains. The best way to add to your backyard getaway is by spicing up your patio. Outdoor curtains provide a sense of privacy to your retreat. Whether you have an apartment balcony or a glamorous patio, you can benefit from creating a personal private area.

There are so many options of outdoor curtains to choose from. How do you know where to start? What are the best outdoor curtains for you? Enjoying your patio space in all seasons and weather doesn’t have to be a luxury! Outdoor curtains can be fun and customizable. Today we’re talking about all things outdoor curtains. Outdoor curtains keep out unwanted pests and can also be pulled back for bright summer days.

First, we’ll touch on what types of outdoor curtains are out there and what you should consider looking at those types of curtains! Outdoor curtains are durable and should match your interior design dreams for a perfect outdoor oasis!

Types Of Outdoor Curtains

A little bit about outdoor curtains: they are made to last. They endure all weather conditions and do not get moldy. They are easy to put up. You can use hanging hooks or a curtain track. Either is a great option, but both are going to be sold separately. Outdoor curtains are much different than indoor curtains. You don’t want to use the same type of curtains indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor curtains are designed to be weather-resistant fabrics that repel water and stains. As you are looking to purchase outdoor curtains you may notice they offer different types of UV protection. Different colored outdoor curtains have different levels of UV protection. With that being said, now we’ll discuss the different types of outdoor curtains and which you should consider when upgrading your patio space.


  • Olefin: Olefin fabric is a synthetic fabric that is also known as polypropylene. This type of fabric is highly UV resistant and should be considered for spaces in direct sunlight. Olefin is a soft and lightweight fabric. The great thing about this fabric is it is quick to dry, not allowing for mold and mildew to stay.

  • Acrylic: Acrylic fabric is great for all your interior design wishes. Acrylic fabric comes in vibrant solid colors and striped patterns. This fabric holds its color very well and doesn’t fade as much as the other options in the sunlight. On the contrary, the acrylic fabric looks like pet hair. If you have tons of dogs or cats visiting your outdoor curtains, this option may not be ideal.

  • Polyester: Polyester fabric is a less expensive option than the previously listed options, just like acrylic fabric polyester also comes in vibrant prints and colors. Polyester outdoor curtains are most of everyone’s go-to outdoor curtains because of their elegant drape. The colors do fade in the sunlight over time and with weathering.

  • Cotton and Canvas: We do not recommend cotton and canvas outdoor curtains because of molding issues. Cotton and canvas are not fast to dry or UV resistant. They are a quick solution to outdoor curtain options but we do not recommend keeping them around long.

Best Curtains Colors For UV Protection

Now that we’ve touched on the best fabric type to use and their functions. Let’s consider what curtain color would be the best fit for your patio paradise needs. Here is the most common color that is perfect for UV protection:

  • Neutral Solids: Neutral solids offer a subtle and sleek look for an interior design. Neutral colors come in various textures that are very similar to the feel of raw linen or cotton. It’s non-distracting to your outdoor space and is a classic touch to your patio design. For more sunlight, try a sheer beige or white curtain while black and darker give more UV protection.

  • Bold Stripes, Botanical Prints and Solids: Fun patterns and vibrant colors could be a great way to add a pop to your patio design. Things to consider for vibrant colors typically are your interior design desires. You can play with your idea of landscape and theme. For a beachy vibe, you can opt for a vibrant blue! Vibrant colors may fade over time and may not provide as much UV protection as darker colors.

Garage Curtains For Alternative Spaces

Sometimes, a patio oasis isn’t necessarily an option for everyone. A lot of people love to spend their time in their garage. However, garages are always open to fresh air and pests. How nice would it be to have an open garage door with sheer or curtains that you could pull back anytime? Or maybe you’d like to close the curtains for some privacy but still let some air in. Garage curtains do just that and can even divide spaces among an area.

Garage curtains are perfect for alternative spaces that you want to make personal and cozy. Consider the following when thinking about purchasing garage curtains.

Garage curtains typically are made of heavy-duty vinyl and are great for hiding cluttered areas. Garage curtains come in strips, solid colors, and sheer colors. They provide temperature control and noise reduction. Garage curtains are awesome to keep pests and stray animals from entering a garage easily.

Garage curtains are also practical for workspaces in garages as well as making it your oasis! A fun fact about garage curtains is if you purchase an insulated garage curtain you can save money on your electricity bill. An insulated garage is great for personal and automotive needs, and it certainly helps in cold weather seasons.

Overall, we hope you’ve gained clarity on what type of outdoor curtain is best for your getaway. Outdoor spaces are intimate and meant to be a place to rejuvenate. You can easily make a space have more privacy, sunlight protection, temperature-controlled, and more fun with outdoor curtains. Spice up an industry with outdoor curtains where a little spice to upgrade your personal outdoor space.

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