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Garage Divider Curtains

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Singer Safety’s UniGlide garage divider curtains are quick to install and inexpensive. Say goodbye to permanent walls like drywalls and panels and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of garage divider curtains. 

garage partitionsManufactured by Singer Safety with heavy-duty vinyl, these garage curtains will divide your garage space in whatever configuration you choose. As an added bonus, they can be quickly relocated to another area of the garage when work requirements change and the garage divider curtains are needed elsewhere. 


Singer Safety’s garage divider curtains are fully customizable. We can make garage divider curtains to your exact size specifications. Curtains are flame retardant meeting ASTM E-84 Class A and NFPA-701 fire ratings. 


Garage Divider Curtains  

  • Protect a vehicle from damage 

  • Protect equipment and employees from flying debris 

  • Divide work space for different tasks 

  • Provide garage with a neat and organized appearance 


Add these options to create a fully customized garage divider curtain meeting your specific needs. 

  • Clear vinyl see-through panels to allow workers to see through curtains into the next work station 

  • Chain weight pocket to stabilize curtains 

  • Available in 7 colors 

  • Anchor Klip & Floor Mount Dis or Klip & Cord to fasten curtains to the garage floor 

  • Velcro edges so curtains can be divided or combined 

  • Floor sweeps – seals the open area between the curtain and the floor 

  • Insulated garage divider curtains to retain hot or cool area in the curtained spaces 

  • Cloth or fiberglass material also available - capable of withstanding high temperatures and heat applications 

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WARNING:These products contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to: