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Garage Divider Curtains

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If you are looking for the best garage partition ideas, look no further. The best way to divide the space in your garage is with Singer Safety Company’s garage divider curtains. Our UniGlide garage divider curtains are inexpensive and easy to install. Say goodbye to permanent walls like drywalls and panels, and instead enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our garage divider curtains. Singer Safety’s garage divider curtains help you to efficiently manage your garage space. They allow you to protect your vehicles while also keeping your garage looking tidy and organized - at just a fraction of the post of a permanent fixed wall. Whether you want to open a new business in your garage, wish to update your personal garage space, or redesign your professional auto business, garage divider curtains are the answer.

What are Garage Curtains?

Manufactured by Singer Safety with heavy-duty vinyl, our garage curtains can divide your garage space into any configuration you choose. You can create parking spaces or work stations of any size! They are easy and quick to install without requiring a bunch of equipment. As an added bonus, they can be easily and quickly relocated to another area of the garage when work requirements change and the garage divider curtains are needed elsewhere or for another purpose. Or, you can take them down entirely when you don’t need them. 

Singer Safety garage divider curtains are completely customizable. We can make garage divider curtains to your exact size specifications. Our curtains are flame retardant and meet ASTM E-84 Class A and NFPA-701 fire ratings. There are plenty of optional features, too, that allow you to get the exact garage divider curtains you need. 

The Uni-Glide Partition System 

Our Uni-Glide garage divider curtains provide efficient, effective enclosures for work areas in auto and truck operations. It is an easy to operate system with see-through vinyl curtains that are perfect for creating enclosed workstations in order to undergo detailing, priming, painting, welding, and grinding. The curtains help contain overspray residue, dust, and sparks. This system helps protect yourself, your workers, and the vehicles in your garage. 

Benefits of a Garage Divider Curtain

Beyond simply dividing up space in your garage, there are several benefits to utilizing garage divider curtains, including: 

Applications for Garage Divider Curtains

There are many uses for garage divider curtains, including in both home garage workshops and in professional auto body shops. 

Options for Singer Safety Garage Curtain Walls

At Singer Safety Company, we offer a variety of options in order for you to create a fully customized garage divider curtain that meets your specific needs. 

Other Garage and Automotive Accessories from Singer Safety Company

In addition to our garage divider curtains, Singer Safety Company offers a variety of automotive curtain accessories to help you outfit your garage and keep your automotive divider curtains clean and safe. 

Our Uni-Glide accessories include: 

Why Choose Singer Safety Company for Garage Divider Curtains? 

Singer Safety Company has been helping keep workplaces safe, including auto shops and auto detailing companies, since 1950. We are active in the A.A.I.A. (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association), A.S.A. (Automotive Service Association), S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers), and N.A.C.E. (National Auto Body Congress and Exposition.) 

We can help your auto body shop get everything it needs to create the best and safest environment for you, your employees, and your customers. Or, we can help you outfit your home garage so that it feels like a professional garage! 

Other Automotive and Auto Garage Products from Singer Safety Company

Our auto repair and detailing clients love our garage divider curtains and other automotive products. Our products help keep automotive garages safe, clean, and organized. If you love our garage divider curtains, check out a few of our other products for the automotive industry, including: 

Get Your Garage Divider Curtains at Singer Safety Company 

Our Singer Safety Company UniGlide garage divider curtains are inexpensive, flexible, and simple to install. Contact us to request a quote or order your garage curtains today! 


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