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Create a Climate-Controlled Warehouse

A climate-controlled warehouse can provide highly-impactful, beneficial, and often necessary climate, temperature, and environmentally-controlled storage and shipping. Any product or material your warehouse and other spaces store and ship can benefit from temperature-controlled storage. In this article, we’ll discuss the high impacts and benefits of creating an area with climate control capabilities and how to start creating your controlled space today with professional, quality assistance, products, and services from Singer Safety.

Benefits of a Climate-Controlled Warehouse

Various products can benefit from a climate-controlled warehouse, but products prone to melting, overheating, and spoilage can especially benefit from humidity, temperature, and environmentally-controlled storage and shipping. Environmental variables such as these deeply affect the quality, purity, and safety of these products and materials. Other than food and drink products, other items that benefit or may outright require increased climate control include biotechnology, drugs, medical devices, electronic equipment, musical instruments, artwork, magazine and book collections, wood furnishings, mattresses, vinyl records, and documents.

These items are some of the most susceptible to low or high temperature-related warping, fading, cracking, and other types of likely damage, especially in the case of quick fluctuations between hot and cold. When considering more stable storage, special refrigeration, or frozen distribution for your storage and shipping, the top benefits of temperature-controlled storage include avoiding temperature fluctuations, reduced exposure to pests and dust, protection from extreme temperatures, higher levels of air quality, increased control of humidity, longer-term storage possibilities, decreased product and revenue losses, and added peace of mind.

Avoiding Fluctuations in Temperature

One of the top benefits of climate-controlled storage is keeping products and materials away from severe fluctuations in temperature, both cold and hot. Typical units do not have this important feature but these fluctuations can result in heavy damage and losses of your sensitive items. This has resulting impacts on your capabilities, revenue, and revenue potential.

Reduced Pest and Dust Exposure

Dust and pests, including rodents, bugs, and other insects can wreak havoc on your sensitive products and other materials. Climate-controlled units have insulated and sealed walls, roofs, and floors making them less susceptible to any potential flooding, dirt, or other harmful materials. There is also less chance of exposure to pests and dust for any amount of time.

Protection From Extreme Temperatures

In various areas of the country where you may be storing and shipping, there can be very high as well as very low temperatures, up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months, and the temperature can drop below freezing in the winter months. A temperature-controlled unit can keep the internal temperatures consistent, above freezing, and below 80-90 degrees.

Higher Levels of Air Quality

High air quality is a highly impactful and beneficial aspect to have in a warehouse, storage space, or other. Typical warehouses aren’t sealed as well as indoor climate-controlled units. The design of climate-controlled warehouses allows for continuous air circulation and cleaner air for a longer amount of time. It also negates needing to open the space to have fresher air inside.

Increased Control of Humidity

Temperature-controlled storage can also have humidity control capabilities with consideration to outdoor humidity fluctuations. Changes in season can bring changes in humidity, sometimes drastic changes. Humidity control units can manually remove excess moisture out of the air, negate potential mold growth, and keep the base humidity to around 55%.

Longer-Term Storage Possibilities

When you have temperature, humidity, and pest and dust exposure control, you have more possibilities for longer-term storage, which increases your capabilities, brand, revenue, and revenue potential. People want to work with and for a company or other business with longer-term storage capabilities for the aforementioned benefits and for safer, longer storage.

Decreased Number of Losses

Environmentally-controlled warehouses have an upfront cost but they serve to pay for themselves continually over time with their cost-saving benefits and can even increase revenue. They provide for a decreased number of losses in products and materials due to the decreased exposure to harmful elements and increased air quality, which benefits all involved parties.

Increased Peace of Mind

Climate control provides increased peace of mind for individuals using, working, and receiving the warehouse’s products and other valuable materials by avoiding temperature fluctuations, providing for longer-term storage, reducing pest and dust exposure, protecting from extreme temperatures, providing higher air quality, increasing control of humidity, and decreasing losses.

How to Create a Climate-Controlled Warehouse

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Industrial Curtains

The high-quality industrial curtains serve to partition off various industries’ workspaces, increasing productivity, organization, and safety. These barriers protect against various industrial hazards, provide temperature, climate, humidity, and light control, and contain dust and fumes.

Vinyl Strip Door Kits

These door kits can provide easier access to products and personnel. The sealed thermal openings work for various shipping and storage areas, protect from sparks and optical hazards, and decrease air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration costs as a highly cost-effective solution.

Welding and Safety Screens

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Automotive Curtain Systems

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Get Started With Singer Safety Today

Singer Safety is ready to provide you with these quality products, services, and more to suit the needs of a diverse range of industries. To avoid harmful temperature fluctuations and extreme temperatures, reduce exposure to dust and various destructive pests, experience higher levels of air quality and humidity control, and enjoy a decrease in losses and an increase in revenue, begin creating your climate-controlled space today.

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