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Top Benefits Of Welding Safety Screens

Welding safety screens are a prime way to protect not only welders but the workplace. Welding is one of the most hazardous jobs and makes up more than half a million US jobs. Welding is a large industry and to meet OSHA standards must have quality tools to prevent accidents. Welding safety screens are a great option for sectioned areas. They are a more budget-friendly option for the most heavy-duty welding curtains. Both are models of the same type of material and help catch UV rays.

You may be wondering what the benefits are to welding safety screens. What about welding curtains? What’s the difference? All of these great questions will be answered in this blog. Think of it as a one-stop resource for answering your welding safety concerns.

The benefits of welding safety screens go on and on but we’re cutting the fluff and getting to the point. The main benefits of welding screens that set it apart from other welding safety options are important to consider before purchasing. Here are the top five benefits of welding safety screens that we believe make them one of a kind:

  1. They Are Portable

Something that makes welding screens particularly special is that they are portable. This means workspaces can easily be created anywhere. Panels can be put up and out whenever it is necessary. This is ideal for making shift areas and creating cost-efficient private spaces. Worker stations can be created with ease. Portable panels come individuals to tri-fold. Creating a safe workspace for individual workers and next-door co-workers. Temperature Control

  1. Welding Safety Screens Are Cost-Efficient

As previously mentioned, welding safety screens can be purchased as individual panels or as tri-fold panels. This makes it the more cost-efficient or budget-friendly option. As opposed to welding curtains, welding safety screens are cheap to buy as individuals and you can always purchase more when you need them. Welding curtains are long and large while the welding screen is lightweight and smaller.

  1. Workplace Safety

Welding safety screens are arguably one of the easiest and easiest to enforce workplace safety. Welding jobs are created every day and simple welding screens are easy to add. Welding screens are easier to put up and require less time to ensure the welder’s safety than welding

  1. Lightweight and Available in Different Colors

Welding safety screens are lightweight in comparison to other options. They are made with PVC pipe and tight-knit fabric. Because of its simple frame, it is lightweight and easy to move. Just like welding curtains, welding screens are available in different colors. The different colors affect the absorption of UV projection when welding. Having color options to fit your needs is a great thing about welding screens.

Welding Screens Colors


Yellow is the simplest color for welding zones. Yellow is attention-grabbing and good for low welding uses. Yellow absorbs low to medium amperage of UV rays.

Orange and Red:

Just like yellow, the orange and red options are attention-grabbing. Orange and red are a little more light-reflective than the yellow colors. Less light enters the work zone, giving the welder more privacy. Orange and red absorb up to medium amperage of UV rays.

Dark Blue:

Dark blue is extremely light-reflective and is a nice sleek color. It created a private area that absorbs medium to high amperage. Dark blue is the second most protective color of welding safety.

Dark Green:

Dark green is the most protective color of the workforce. Dark green is great for high-risk jobs. Similar to the dark blue color,  light does not enter the workspace for UV protection. You need to use dark green screens when working in areas that require welding jobs such as plasma cutting or laser welding.

Similarities with Weld Curtains

As we’ve discussed a lot of benefits of welding screens we should neglect the competitor welding safety tool. The question you may be asking is, are weld curtains better? Truth is there are a lot of similarities between weld curtains and welding screens. The difference is use and practicality for your interests.

Here are just a few similarities between weld curtains and welding screens that sometimes can go unnoticed.

  • Weld curtains and screens make a safely enclosed workspace for welders and spectators

  • Weld curtains and screens are available in colors

  • Weld curtains and screens block UV projection arches and meet safety standards

  • Weld curtains and screens are produced out of PVC, vinyl, and plastic covered but are made of different thicknesses to block UV projection

  • Both can be used as dividers for private workspace

Portable Welding Curtains

The most important comparison in benefits listed above is that weld screens are portable. No other welding safety tool is portable like welding safety screens. The welding screen is fire retardant, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant. Welding screens shield equipment from the hazards of welding sparks and dangerous UV flashes. Portable welding curtains are great for automobile inspection, shipyards, and other industrial places.

Portable welding curtains are great because it meets OSHA’s requirements OSHA states that welding screens must start two feet above the ground unless the work is done so low Then the screen or curtain should touch the ground.

To overview, here are  the pros of using welding screens:

Pros Of Using Welding Screen:

  • Welding screens are portable

  • They are not as thick and heavyweight as welding curtains

  • Welding screens are budget-friendly and can be bought in individual panels or tri-fold panels

  • They are available in different sizes

  • The color variety is great for all UV protection

  • Welding panels make it easy to set up workstations

  • Welding screens do not cover the floor to ceiling  for certain OSHA requirements

After reviewing all of the benefits of using portable welding safety screens we hope you have clarity on what welding safety tool is best for you. We always recommended portable safety screens made by reliable resources like Singer Safety. Singer Safety is known for being a quality source of all safety tools for every industry.

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