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Industrial Welding Curtains

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Industrial Welding Curtains

Singer Safety Company is one of the top providers of industrial welding curtains in North America. The best way for welders and everyone in their immediate vicinity to stay safe and protected is with industrial welding curtains. Our industrial welding curtains are made to provide safety, privacy, and other protection for welding, cutting, and grinding operations. Plus, our Welding Vision clear vinyl offers flash-blocking optical protection to protect welders from common eye injuries. (However, this product is not a substitute for wearing personal eye protection for sustained viewing of welding operations.) As one of the leading welding curtain suppliers, we offer a wide variety of industrial welding curtains and other safety products to help you create a safe yet effective welding work environment. 

Industrial Welding Curtains

Industrial welding curtains provide protection for welders and bystanders from the harmful byproducts of welding operations, like flash burns, UV light, sparks, and more. Our industrial welding curtains allow you to create a safer work environment for your personnel, while also helping you achieve the operational flexibility that you desire. 

These types of curtains are typically used in areas where employees need direct access to a welding station within a larger workspace, like a factory or manufacturing facility. 

Industrial welding curtains provide the dual benefits of special protection for employees, while also giving you heavy duty environment control and work space division. 

What are the Common Applications of Industrial Welding Curtains? 

Some common applications of Singer Safety Company’s industrial welding curtains include: 

Industries That Use Industrial Welding Curtains

Some of the industries that make use of industrial welding curtains include, but are certainly not limited to: 

What are the Benefits of Industrial Welding Curtains? 

There are several benefits to adding industrial welding curtains to your facility, including: 

Enhanced Protection and Safety

Welding can be risky, but industrial welding curtains enhance protection and safety for welders and anyone working in their area. Our industrial welding curtains offer containment of and protection from airborne dangers like sparks, metal waste, and splashing liquids. 

Optical Protection 

Our Welding Vision vinyl curtains provide optical protection from welding flashes while offering line of sight into and out of the workstation. Opaque panels are also available if you want to create more private welding workstations. (However, it is important to note that this product is not a substitute for personal eye protection.) 

Optimal Workspace Utilization

Singer Safety GlideWall easy-glide track systems allow fast, custom configurations for your workstations anytime and anywhere they are needed to improve efficiency. Your workstations can be fully enclosed, and the curtains can be moved to a new location when needed or rolled out of the way if a larger workspace is required.

Singer Safety Industrial Welding Curtain Options

Singer Safety Company offers industrial welding curtains in a variety of options, so you can choose the size and style that will best fit the needs of your business. We offer transparent welding curtains, so that employees and supervisors can view the welding area through the curtains and still be protected from the harmful sparks, flash, and UV rays. We also offer opaque industrial welding curtains if you desire a more private welding workstation. 

And if you need a customized industrial welding curtain, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.  

8’H Weld-Vision Series

This kit consists of panel, steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and 2-wheel nylon roller hooks. 

10’H Weld-Vision Series

This kit also consists of panel, steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and 2-wheel nylon roller hooks. 

12’H Weld-Vision Series

This kit also consists of panel, steel track, chain suspended connectors, threaded rod adapters, end stops, and 2-wheel nylon roller hooks. 

4-Sided 10’ x 10’ x 7’H Free Standing Weld-Vision System

The 10’ Square 7’H free-standing weld-vision kit comes with panels made with laminated opaque vinyl at the top and bottom in gray. The center section is 30’ and made of a translucent vinyl in a smoke gray color. However, other colors are available for this system, so simply call us if you wish to order in a different color. 

Welding Screens

In addition to our industrial welding curtains, we also manufacture welding screens. Singer Safety Company’s welding screens provide flexible work stations for processes that require protection from heat or airborne metal waste, such as welding booths, grinding work stations, and cutting and brazing work areas. Welding screens are a portable, simple, and versatile way to increase workplace safety. Our welding screens are available in a variety of sizes with three different styles, six different material options, and more than six different colors in order to meet the needs of any application. 

Why is Welding Protection Necessary?

Welding can be a dangerous undertaking, for both welders and anyone in their close proximity. That is why it is of the utmost importance that all necessary precautions are taken when welding operations are underway.  Our company provides a variety of products to keep welding safe for everyone involved or nearby. In addition to industrial welding curtains, we offer portable welding and safety screens, roll-up welding and safety screens, tri-fold welding and safety screens, and more. Our vinyl strip door kits are another popular choice for our manufacturers who have welding operations, too.  

Why Choose Singer Safety Company for Industrial Welding Curtains? 

Singer Safety Company is the leader in industrial barrier protection products that help you create a safer work environment. Our company specializes in industrial curtains. Our goal is to improve workplace safety for all of our clients. We are an industry leader in high-performance, durable, and high-quality industrial welding curtains, screens, and barriers. We are dedicated to providing you with complete, cost-effective solutions for your welding and safety protection challenges. Our staff is committed to providing superior customer service, from your first call through installation. You can trust Singer Safety to make your workplace safe for everyone. 

Please determine the height and order curtain and noise panel systems to the exact height required. (Normal tolerance is +/- 2”).

10'H Weld-Vision Series

Industrial Welding Curtains

4-Sided 10' x 10' x 7'H Free Standing Weld-Vision System

4-Sided 10' x 10' x 7'H Free Standing Weld-Vision System

8'H Weld-Vision Series

8'H Weld-Vision Series

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