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How to Install Industrial Curtains for Maximum Efficiency and Effectiveness

Industrial curtains can be incredibly effective in your workplace. Whether you work in an automotive repair shop or a warehouse, industrial insulated curtains can solve many problems. Also, installing warehouse curtains can save you time and money if you do it right. Industrial curtains are similar to the tools you handle daily to do your job. With them, the efficiency and effectiveness of your business is maintained. If you’re in the market for warehouse curtains, it’s essential to know which companies offer the highest quality products. In addition to that, we’ll walk you through installation. Knowing how to install industrial curtains can boost the efficiency and productivity of your business.

What Are Warehouse Curtain Walls?

If you’re unfamiliar with industrial insulated curtains, you might wonder what they can do for your workplace. There are plenty of different types of warehouse curtain walls. You might prefer different types depending on your industry and how these curtains will be used. Here are some of the different kinds of industrial curtains:

Industrial Welding Curtains

Any welder can tell you how dangerous welding is, even for bystanders. Some side effects of welding include flash burns, UV light, sparks, and more. One of the most effective ways to keep welders and people in the immediate vicinity safe is by utilizing welding curtains.

Paint Booth Curtains

Another reason you should section off your workspace is because it can get messy. In many auto shops, paint activities can bring in a lot of money but are also dirty. Exposure to car paint can be toxic. With paint booth curtains, paint splatter and water spray are contained in one sectioned-off space. Warehouse curtain walls are essential to contain aluminum dust, steel dust, chemicals, and other hazards.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor industrial insulated curtains might be necessary for your work to protect the workspace from the elements. Outdoor curtains are designed to remove snow, rain, wind, and dust. These curtains are meant to create a safe outdoor work environment for your employees and protect your products. They are also easier to maneuver around than walls and cost a fraction of the price.

Garage Divider Curtains

Garage partitions are commonplace in many workplaces. They can create parking spaces or workstations depending on your needs. Permanent walls are more expensive and less flexible than divider curtains. If you require workspaces to be redefined, industrial curtains are essential.

Installing Industrial Curtains

The first step is to find suitable curtains for your line of work. The good news here is that you can learn how to install industrial curtains yourself. The time it takes to install curtains depends on the type you choose and how many you need. Typically, it will only take a matter of hours or days. This is infinitely preferable to waiting weeks or even months to construct fixed walls. Building warehouse curtains does take some mechanical finesse, but it is ultimately rewarding in more ways than one. Once they are put up, industrial curtains can help employees work more efficiently and safely than before. This increase in productivity can even save you time and money in the long run.

Choose a Mount

The first step in learning how to install industrial curtains is to choose the mount type. If you plan to create a system of moving curtains, you must mount them to something first. Curtains are typically hooked to a track mounted to something–whether it’s the ceiling, wall, or floor. There are ceiling mounts, floor mounts, free-standing mounts, chain-suspended mounts, and more.

Determine Your Track System

If you plan on having a system of curtains that can be easily moved around, you’ll need a roller partition system. Before you begin installing your curtains, you need to know where the partitions will start and end. Take a look around your workspace and determine the best locations for industrial curtains. Plan ahead by figuring out which areas need tracks to be mounted. You can create a rough diagram to do this. As you chart where the paths should go, ensure that there’s no overlap before you begin the installation. Once you’ve created your sketch of the track system, you’re ready to start.

Things to Keep in Mind

Tracks are usually mounted on the ceiling, walls, or beams using bolts and screws. If your workspace has high ceilings, it’s essential to keep yourself safe during installation. So, you might want to use a lift or ladder when installing curtains in high places. A lift is the best option when it comes to safety. Once your track is installed, curtains can be hung from a series of hooks, similar to a typical shower curtain.

Find Easy to Install Industrial Curtains

Now that you have a better idea of how to install industrial curtains, it’s time to go shopping. At Singer Safety in Chicagoland, we pride ourselves on offering quality industrial curtains at a reasonable price. Plus, you’ll find that our products are easy to install and operate. Whether you work in manufacturing, welding, farming, distribution, or another, warehouse curtains are often necessary. Plus, there is no doubting the exponential benefits of incorporating quality industrial curtains into your workspace. So, browse our quality industrial curtain products at Singer Safety. We’ve been an industry leader in industrial safety equipment since 1950. For more information about our products, check out the other areas of our website today.

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