Distribution Centers

Singer Safety Company creates a variety of products specifically for distribution centers. We know that one of the main challenges of distribution center operations is the efficient use of space, especially as inventory changes throughout the year. Our products were developed specifically to help you with these shifts and changes and help your distribution center operate to the best of its ability.

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Distribution Centers

Our line of products helps you optimize the use of space in your distribution center or warehouse, helps your workers find products and prepare them for shipment more easily, and increases your distribution center’s overall workflow and productivity. We provide industrial curtains for distribution centers of all shapes and sizes. We can supply standard vinyl distribution center curtain dividers to organize your space efficiently, or provide insulated curtain walls that are ideal for creating temperature zones and humidity control.

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Singer Safety’s Line of Products for Distribution Centers

The goal of Singer Safety’s products is to provide you with valuable tools for managing your distribution center efficiently and economically. We know that many distribution centers struggle with using space efficiently. Do you need help organizing your distribution center in a more productive and efficient way? Our full line of distribution and retail center products includes, but is not limited to:

Learn more details about each of these products and how they can help your distribution center below.

  • Safety curtains, screens, and partitions
  • Privacy curtains, screens, and partitions
  • Noise control systems
  • Vinyl strip doors
  • Noise-deadening rolling walls
  • Fire safety equipment
  • Safety Curtains, Screens, and Partitions

    Singer Safey’s GlideWall track and roller industrial partition systems provide flexible configurations and allow you to efficiently organize your storage space to meet your changing inventory storage needs. Our partitions are the ideal solution for distribution center space utilization and organization.

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    Privacy Curtains, Screens, and Partitions

    Singer Safety’s privacy curtains allow you to create areas for private offices and lockers in your distribution area. Our customers love these curtains because they provide flexibility to move them around if needed, unlike permanent walls. We know the needs of distribution centers are constantly changing, and our products are built to be adaptable yet durable.

    Noise Control Systems

    Our noise control systems provide an effective solution to the issues and safety concerns related to excessive industrial noise. If your distribution center requires soundproofing, Singer Safety Company can help. Our soundproof product line includes modular acoustic screens, quilted fiberglass panels, ceiling baffles, acoustic foams, and do-it-yourself-materials.

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    Vinyl Strip Doors

    Our heavy-duty vinyl strip doors offer easy access to storage areas and loading areas. The strip doors provide protection from outdoor dirt and dust, coupled with a thermal barrier to help control and protect the temperature in your distribution center. If your warehouse has refrigerated or otherwise temperature-controlled areas, our partitions and vinyl strip doors provide thermal barriers to maintain the necessary temperatures.

    Benefits of Singer Safety Products for Distribution Centers

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    Distribution centers often struggle with the changing needs depending on seasonal inventory and constant changes. Singer Safety’s products make it easier to organize your inventory in your distribution center as needed.

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    Singer Safety’s priority as a company is creating safe and secure workspaces in distribution centers. From our fire safety products to our walls and partitions, all of our products are designed to help improve safety for your company.

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    Our products are easy to move around and roll away if necessary, which is key for distribution centers. Our clients love the flexibility of Singer Safety products.



    When your distribution center is well-organized, it makes it easier for your employees to find products for shipment quicker. This improves your overall efficiency, productivity, and bottom line.

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    Temperature Control

    Singer Safety offers products that are suited to help create temperature zones and control humidity in your distributed center as needed. If you have goods that need to remain hot or cold, that is no problem.

    About Singer Safety Company

    Singer Safety Company is the leader in industrial barrier protection products. Many distribution center clients use our products in order to create a more organized, productive, and safe work environment in their warehouses for their employees. We are committed to providing our distribution center customers with outstanding products to help create a more secure and effective working environment. Since 1950, we have dedicated ourselves to providing excellent customer service to our customers, and that tradition continues today.

    Use Singer Safety Products for Your Distribution Center

    Investing in Singer Safety’s partition systems or strip door systems allows you to increase the efficiency of your distribution center, while also providing critical safety and protection for your workers. Make the most of your warehouse’s square footage with Singer Safety Company’s line of products for distribution centers. You can use our products to improve your distribution center’s productivity, reduce costs, keep your workers safe, and improve your profitability. Our staff can provide expert advice and solutions to help you pick the right products for your distribution center. Contact us today to learn more about Singer Safety’s products for distribution centers!