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Safety Products for Distribution Centers

In a distribution center, the pressure is always on to deliver and fill orders as efficiently and quickly as possible. It’s also important to continue having safety as a top priority in business practices and employee education, even during busier times. While becoming laxer with safety requirements may seem to get work done quicker, it can result in accidents that affect your personnel and production. In this article, we’ll discuss the inner workings of distribution centers, some safety topics for work to discuss and arrange with your team, and some of the top safety equipment to have in your warehouse or distribution center.

What Is a Distribution Center?

A warehouse is a large building that holds mass quantities of e-commerce and other inventory. However, for a business to compete with similar companies and grow, they need more than inventory storage- they need the technology, processes, and expertise to streamline e-commerce supply chains. For this reason, distribution centers are beginning to replace standard warehousing. Instead of businesses keeping inventory in warehouses and engaging in fulfillment themselves, e-commerce businesses have begun to rely more on distribution centers.

Distribution centers provide value-added shipping and logistics services to more effectively meet customer demands. These centers offer fulfillment technology and infrastructure to help online stores maintain accurate, affordable, and speedy shipping. Distribution centers are specialized warehouses for strategic storing of finished goods, streamlined packing and picking, and shipment of goods to other locations. Many refer to distribution centers and fulfillment centers interchangeably. However, a distribution center handles other value-added services and order fulfillment.

Safety Topics for Work

There are also other differences between a distribution center and a warehouse. A standard warehouse stores inventory on a long-term basis. A distribution center briefly holds products until employees fulfill orders and send products to their next or final destinations. The main differences between a distribution center and a warehouse involve storage management, in-house processes, customer-centric processes, and shipping workflows. As for safety, however, distribution centers and warehouses remain highly similar concerning their safety needs and safety equipment.

Distribution centers and warehouses need specific safety equipment to function and decrease accidents and liability. Employees of both also need to know the top safety topics for work to discuss with their teams to increase safety and productivity. These safety topics can also help guide discussions on the best safety equipment for these spaces. Some top safety topics for work in distribution centers and warehouses are slips and falls, proper PPE use, workplace ergonomics practices, electrical safety, and fire evacuation and safety.

Slips and Falls

At work, slips and falls occur more often than you may think. Slips and falls reportedly account for around 700 incidents a year. These incidents result in a range of workplace injuries. Addressing this topic can alert employees of common slip and fall hazards and what steps to take to minimize and eliminate these risks.

Proper PPE Use

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is specialized equipment and clothing that protects industrial workers dealing with heavy construction materials, hazardous chemicals, infectious disease exposure, and loud equipment. It’s integral to maintain communication about PPE for tasks, the importance of PPE, and proper storage and use.

Workplace Ergonomics Practices

Employees in physically demanding fields such as retail and manufacturing perform a range of repetitive and strenuous tasks. Without adequate ergonomic practices, these activities can result in discomfort, fatigue, and other injuries. Establish proper ergonomics like using equipment for lifting, anti-slip mats, and arranging seating for posture.

Electrical Safety

Addressing electrical safety hazards is essential for mechanics, electricians, construction workers, and other industrial employees. Electrical safety topics can also benefit office-based employees and others. As activities increasingly rely on electric tools and equipment, it’s vital to increase awareness, prevention, and safety steps.

Fire Evacuation and Safety

Overloaded plugs, loose wires, and improper storage of combustible materials can all contribute to a fire breaking out. Help your team identify and mitigate fire hazards. Routinely refresh them on basic fire safety and precautions, correct alarm system and extinguisher use, and your emergency plans.

Safety Equipment for a Warehouse or Distribution Center

Combining some of the top safety topics for work in your warehouse or distribution center with the best safety equipment is a highly impactful and beneficial method of preventing injuries and destruction. Some of the top safety equipment for a warehouse or distribution center include environmental partitions and barriers, industrial curtains, noise control systems, vinyl strip doors, and fire safety equipment.

Environmental Partitions and Barriers

Amongst the top distribution center and warehouse safety equipment are environmental partitions and barriers. Singer Safety’s partitions and barriers provide confinement and control of air temperatures in a partitioned area and provide a barrier for airborne contaminants and dust.

Industrial Curtains

For increased safety in your industrial workspaces, consider adding industrial curtains. These curtains provide easily partitioned areas in your industrial spaces. Industrial curtains can also help you organize and utilize spaces for increased efficiency.

Noise Control Systems

Loud industrial noise is a major safety issue you can address with noise control systems. Noise control systems help insulate and mitigate sound. You can also address unique noise needs with modular acoustic screens, acoustic foams, quilted fiberglass panels, and ceiling baffles.

Vinyl Strip Doors

With PVC, vinyl, and plastic strip doors, you can enjoy easy access and visibility throughout your industrial spaces while maintaining noise control, energy conservation, and safety. Vinyl strip doors also maintain sanitation, privacy, and temperatures.

Fire Safety Equipment

Several fire hazards can cause injuries and damage. As such, fire safety equipment is essential in distribution center and warehouse safety equipment. Consider implementing high-quality fire extinguisher covers, fire hose reel covers, and fire and first aid blankets.

The Best Safety Products for Your Distribution Center or Warehouse

With the top safety topics for work in distribution centers and warehouses, you can reduce and prevent the number of workplace accidents. Combine these topics with the best safety products from Singer Safety and enjoy more safety in your industrial spaces.

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