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What Are Industrial Curtains?

Most industries use industrial curtain walls in one form or another – ranging from industrial welding curtains to outdoor and garage divider curtains. The primary purpose of industrial curtains, also called industrial curtain walls or room divider curtains, involves providing partitioned spaces for plants, factories, warehouses, and other industrial properties. Industrial curtain walls are designed to be a mobile and flexible alternative to permanent walls. This flexibility comes in handy if your company quickly shifts between using different machinery for various spaces in the factory.

Why Decide To Use Industrial Curtain Walls Instead Of Constructing Permanent Walls?

Industrial curtain walls act as a physical barrier between the workers and their machinery and offer protection from their general working environment. Not only do experts like Singer Safety Company provide easy curtain installation service, but divider walls are also a fraction of the cost compared to constricting concrete walls. Industrial curtain walls create designated work sounds – easily mobile if your zones fluctuate, block noise and hazardous fumes, and prevent industrial hazards from harming employees while increasing employee productivity.

Every business should act as a well-oiled machine. At least, that is the intent of every business. Factories and warehouses are designed to fast-track production by increasing worker productivity. However, this increase in productivity is only possible if employers provide their employees with an organized, systematic approach to their work. Singer Safety’s industrial curtain walls supply an excellent solution as they enable you to maximize your space better.

Since 1950, Singer Safety Company has produced the highest quality industrial safety and barrier products on the market. Recognized as a leader for quality craftsmanship, our products promise a well-organized industrial environment that simultaneously provides sufficient protection from industrial hazards. We provide several forms of industrial curtains for different industries, such as the GlideWall Track and Roller System with vinyl noise reduction curtains and an expertly designed gliding track system. Suppose you are interested in quality industrial curtain walls. In that case, we will discuss everything that makes our curtains top-notch, including product types, materials, safety measures, custom orders, and damaged industrial curtain repairs.

Uses For Industrial Curtains

Industrial curtain walls have a variety of uses, serving as blackout curtains, paint booth curtains, garage and outdoor curtains, windproof curtains, and plenty more. With Singer Safety’s quick industrial curtain installation services, industrial curtains offer on-demand, custom, and inexpensive options. As they are easily mobile and customizable, you have reflexibility concerning how you want to set up your industrial space. Our industrial curtains will accommodate your space, whether opening, closing, or reconfiguring as needed. As each industrial area requires different hardware, we offer a few mounting and material options, which, again, you may customize with our services:

  • Singer Safety’s industrial curtain wall hardware offers mounting options for GlideWall Track and Roller Partitions, Vinyl Strip Products, and Noise Panels and Barriers

  • We build our hardware to withstand rigorous industrial use

  • We make our tracks with hot-dipped galvanized cold-rolled 16-gauge steel, connectors with 10-gauge steel, and floor support columns with 11-gauge square steel tubing

  • We use various curtain materials with five differing curtain systems

  • While we offer a lifetime warranty on all hardware, our curtain hardware is durable, requires easy curtain installation service, and accommodates every facility and application

Specific Uses

Our industrial curtain walls can help control several fluctuating factors in your workspace, such as:

  • Increased security, privacy, and safety

  • Humidity and climate control

  • Noise reduction

  • Fume containment

  • Dust containment

  • Machine separation

Industrial Curtain Walls as Industrial Safety Equipment

Safety remains the top priority for every industry, and our industrial curtain walls ensure you produce the safest possible working environment. In fact, the primary purpose of industrial curtains is to act as extra safety protection for workers.

For example, given the extent of machinery and chemicals employees come into contact with daily, workers require more protection outside of their standard personal protective gear (PPE). We specifically design our curtains to protect workers from damaging noise, extreme temperatures, and hazardous fumes. As such, we manufacture industrial welding curtains, privacy partition enclosures, and environmental barriers, all with expertly designed hardware.

Types of Industrial Curtain Walls

Singer Safety Company offers five central curtain systems for industries. These systems have several primary applications:

  • Chemical splash barriers and medical cleaning barriers

  • Temperature control

  • Manufacturing and industrial plants

  • Woodworking

  • Car dealerships

  • Paint and aviation paint rooms

  • Loading dock containment

These applications primarily apply to several industries, although industrial curtain walls serve specific purposes in other industries such as schools, hotels, agricultural fields, restaurants, and retail stores.

How Do I Repair A Ripped Industrial Curtain?

Industrial curtain walls are built to last, with durable materials and the highest quality craftsmanship. However, if during an OSHA hazard assessment, routine check, or after installation you discover a damaged industrial curtain, Signer Safety Company offers several solutions.

Signer Safety offers a lifetime warranty for all track and roller hardware systems. For any other industrial curtain wall systems that experience failure in everyday use due to defects in material or quality, your curtains are covered under warranty for a 90-day period.

Under certain circumstances, Singer Safety will perform repairs for damaged industrial curtains. As part of our customizable process and easy curtain installation service, we can repair your curtains within your industrial space. If it is necessary to move the damaged industrial curtain, we can do so without difficulty, as our curtains are flexible and mobile. Our experts will determine which technology and resources to use when repairing your curtains. Although you may use quick-fix solutions such as self-adhesive vinyl patches to restore damaged industrial curtains, we highly recommend waiting for our service technicians to ensure your curtains remain up to safety codes.

Custom Curtain Installation Services With Singer Safety Company

Whether you seek to provide a safer working environment for your employees according to OSHA standards, organize your industrial space to increase productivity, or upgrade to better quality products, our industrial curtain walls will suit your needs. Singer Safety Company utilizes innovative technology to ensure our products meet all surpass safety codes and maintain durability in the harshest industrial conditions. With our curtain installation services, we can customize the design and installation of the curtains according to your specifications. In the event of damaged industrial curtains, we offer lifetime warranties and repairs. Contact Singer Safety today to discuss how you can upgrade your industrial equipment with our curtains.

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