A secure working environment is necessary for any business, but especially for manufacturers. Singer Safety Company knows that the manufacturing industry requires the safest possible environment. That’s why we are one of the leading industrial safety manufacturers. We know that manufacturing operations need to offer safe operation and protection for workers, and there also needs to be a flexible and efficient use of space. Singer Safety provides a wide variety of products suitable for manufacturers.

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We supply industrial warehouse curtains and noise reducing panels for manufacturing spaces of all sizes, shapes, and industries. We also provide industrial curtains for you to divide up space, or provide insulated curtain walls, which are perfect for creating temperature zones and controlling humidity.

Singer Safety’s expert staff can provide you with expert advice and solutions that result in a successful, smooth installation process. In addition to our expertise, you benefit from the best industrial curtains on the market today. Singer Safety Company has manufactured industry-leading industrial barrier protection products for more than 65 years.

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Product Line

Singer Safety has created a dedicated product line for our clients in the manufacturing industry. Our comprehensive product line for the manufacturing industry includes, but is not limited to:

  • Safety curtains, screens, and partitions
  • Welding curtains, screens, and partitions
  • Privacy curtains, screens, and partitions
  • Noise control systems, including panels, screens, and acoustic foams
  • Noise-deadening rolling walls
  • Vinyl strip doors
  • Fire safety equipment

Why You Need Singer Safety Products for Your Manufacturing Company

Singer Safety Company has worked with various manufacturers for decades in order to provide them with products that increase safety and maximize space in their workspaces. Here are a few benefits of utilizing our products for your manufacturing company:

Overall, our products help you improve your productivity, reduce costs, keep your workers safe, and improve your profitability.

Why You Need Singer Safety Products for Your Manufacturing Company


To Protect Workers

Our products help protect your employees from the hazards of the manufacturing workplace, like excessive noise, sparks, dust, and dirt. We offer protection barriers that can provide secure and easy access to different areas of your facility, which helps improve both the productivity and safety of your business operation.

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To Maximize Space

The ability to customize workflows and optimize the use of space within your manufacturing facility helps you cut down on both time and cost. We help you divide up your space as needed to maximize space and efficiency.

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Add Manufacturing Modules and Work Centers

Our products allow you to build manufacturing modules and specialized work centers. If repairs need to be made, you can conduct the repair work where the machinery is located. This reduces downtime and wear on the machinery.

Noise Reducing Panels for Manufacturers

The original industrial noise partition was created by our company in 1965. Singer Safety originally developed noise reducing panels to provide protection from the dangers of excessive noise in manufacturing facilities.

Today, our products continue to be recognized as leaders in the industry. Our noise control systems, soundproof curtains, and industrial noise reduction panels are designed to keep the loud manufacturing noises at your facility at a manageable level.

Our noise control products are manufactured using the highest quality materials to provide maximum protection for yourself and your employees. We are dedicated to providing you with complete, cost-effective solutions for your noise control challenges that we know are all too common in manufacturing facilities.

Industrial Curtains for Manufacturers

Singer Safety specializes in producing industrial curtains to fit any manufacturing space for a variety of applications. Our products contain odors, sparks, overspray, dust, and debris. They have the added benefit of shielding your employees, equipment, and products you are manufacturing from the elements. We use the best and safest materials when creating our industrial curtains. At Singer Safety, you can customize your industrial curtain to fit your manufacturing facility any way that you need. Customers love our industrial curtains for their flexibility and durability.

Singer Safety Partition System or Strip Door Systems

Many manufacturers choose to invest in a Singer Safety partition system or strip door system, which allows you to increase the efficiency of your operation while also providing critical safety and protection for your employees.

Singer Safety Manufacturing Partitions, Curtains, and Screens

Singer Safety Company’s line of partitions, curtains, and screens allows you complete flexibility in how you maximize your space in your manufacturing facility. Our products:

  • Create secure, protected cleanroom spaces within your manufacturing facility
  • Locate welding, grinding, and cutting operations where they are most efficient for the current job
  • Place noise barriers where they are most effective, surrounding equipment and workstations
  • Provide privacy and noise barriers for lockers, offices, and other spaces
  • Use vinyl strip doors to provide simple yet safe access to loading docks, high traffic areas, and temperature-controlled areas with the dual benefit of protecting those areas from dirt, dust, and heat loss.

Singer Safety Fire Safety Equipment

We know that fire safety is paramount for many manufacturers. Fires can cause not only injuries, but major damage to your manufacturing equipment, too. Keep your facility safe with our fire safety equipment. In addition to our other industry-leading safety products, Singer Safety Company also provides fire safety equipment and protection supplies. Keep your manufacturing plant as safe as possible from fires with our firefighting equipment. We produce a Singer Safety cover for every type of fire fighting equipment. Our covers are made of vinyl-coated nylon and the fluorescent orange color enhances visibility in case of emergencies, and keeps your fire safety equipment clean.

Why You Should Choose Singer Safety Company

Our company has manufactured superior industrial barrier protection products for manufacturing companies like yours for decades. We pioneered the noise control and safety system industries. We introduced When it comes to safety, don’t mess around. Choose the trusted industry leader. Choose Singer Safety. Our staff is committed to providing superior customer service and helping you through the process, from your first call to us all the way through installation. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create a safer and better work environment for your manufacturing facility!