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Best Safety Equipment for Manufacturing

At Singer Safety, we understand that the best safety equipment for manufacturing is essential. Manufacturing is an industry that requires workers to operate machinery and equipment daily. These tasks can be hazardous and pose a severe risk to the safety of the workers. Therefore, employers must invest in the best equipment for manufacturing safety to protect their employees. In this article, we will discuss some of the best safety equipment for manufacturing and detail some of the best safety equipment from Singer Safety!

Protect Workers With Protection Barriers

A manufacturing workplace presents many hazards, such as noise, sparks, dust, and dirt. At Singer Safety, you can help protect workers with our protection barriers. These provide secure and easy access to different areas of your facility while keeping you safe. They improve both productivity and safety. Our environmental barriers provide effective control and confinement of warm air or cool air within a partitioned area and serve as a barrier for dust and airborne contaminants. We have gliding track systems engineered for easy and reliable movement. We also offer five different partitions in standard-size kits with various partition materials and durable hardware.

Maximize Your Space With Industrial Curtains

We can help divide areas to maximize space and efficiency and optimize the area within your manufacturing facility. Our industrial curtains are made from durable materials and can be customized to fit your facility’s size and shape. They are flexible and can quickly and easily move to adjust the division of your facility. This ensures easy access to different areas of your facility while providing a secure barrier that keeps your workers safe. Since industrial curtains are easy to install and can move around quickly, they are a great way to take full advantage of available space. This can help optimize production, provide better access to different tools, and even keep workers safe from hazardous machines.

Add Work Centers With Privacy Curtains

Singer Safety products can help you build work centers. This can help build privacy when it comes to conducting repair work. This also helps to reduce downtime and wear on the machinery you use. Other benefits of installing privacy curtains and partition walls include minimizing noise, flexible partition configurations, and increased productivity. Privacy curtains are also cost-effective. These privacy curtains and partitions can also help create a physical barrier between a work area and the rest of the facility. The curtains can also help keep dust and debris contained and prevent it from entering the rest of the workplace.

Reduce Noise With Our Noise Reducing Panels

Our noise control systems, soundproof curtains, and industrial noise reduction panels keep loud manufacturing noises low and manageable. Our noise control products are of the highest quality materials to help provide maximum protection for employees. The curtains absorb sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off surfaces and echoing around the room. This helps to reduce overall noise levels, making it easier for people to focus and be productive. Additionally, these curtains are cost-effective and easy to install, making them an excellent option for manufacturing businesses looking to reduce noise levels without spending much money. If you want to minimize the effects of noise contamination in industrial settings, browse our Sound Stopper noise control products.

Be Fire Safety Ready

Did you know there are about 37,000 manufacturing property fires every year? Fires can not only cause injuries, but they can also cause significant damage to your manufacturing equipment. Keep your facility safe with our fire safety equipment. We produce a Singer Safety cover for every type of fire fighting equipment. Our covers are vinyl-coated nylon, and the fluorescent orange cover enhances visibility in emergencies. One of the most significant parts of manufacturers safety is fire safety, so stay prepared with the best fire safety products from Singer Safety. Our products protect your equipment from severe heat, sparks, and flames. Our covers are also visible in an emergency, which helps you stay safe and protected.

Singer Safety’s Manufacturers Safety Product Line

Singer Safety has an extensive product line for clients. We are committed to safety in the manufacturing industry. We carry some of the best safety equipment for manufacturing. Some examples of what we offer include:

  • Safety curtains, screens, and partitions

  • Welding curtains, screens, and partitions

  • Privacy curtains, screens, and partitions

  • Noise control systems, including panels, screens, and acoustic foams

  • Noise-deadening rolling walls

  • Vinyl strip doors

  • Fire safety equipment

Manufacturing safety is of the utmost importance. Employers must invest in the best equipment for manufacturing safety to protect their employees from any potential hazards and injuries. Employers must ensure all safety equipment is installed, maintained, and used correctly. Creating a safe environment will help build confidence in your workers and create a better working environment.

Choose Chicago’s Singer Safety for the best safety equipment for manufacturing. Consider manufacturers safety and choose a company with experience in bringing the best quality products and safety to the manufacturing industry. Our company has been manufacturing superior industrial barrier products for manufacturing companies for decades. We pioneered the noise control and safety system industries. We supply premium industrial warehouse curtains and noise-reducing panels for manufacturing spaces of all sizes and shapes. Our highly-dedicated staff provides superior customer service and helps you through the process, from the first call to the ultimate installation. Contact us today at Singer Safety to create a better work environment for your manufacturing facility!

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