What Are Roll-Up Welding and Safety Screens?

A roll-up welding and safety screen is a welding screen that has the ability to be placed wherever welding is being performed. Our roll-up welding screen is fairly lightweight, durable, and portable so that you can move it anywhere you need some welding to be done. The roll-up screen can be transported and placed anywhere, even where space is limited, to allow welding operations to go on safely.

You can also use multiple roll-up welding and safety screens to create any configuration you need to conduct your welding operations. Roll-up welding and safety screens protect yourself, your employees, and anyone in the vicinity from the dangers that welding presents. They are also an economical option, and our clients love that they are quick and easy to install anywhere, anytime. Simply stow it away when it’s not in use, or throw it in your work truck to take it with you on the go.

How Does a Roll-Up Welding and Safety Screen Work?

A rolling screen works just like you are envisioning! You simply roll open the screen in order to work, and then roll it back up once you are done. It couldn’t be easier or more flexible.

Features of Singer Safety Roll-Up Welding and Safety Screens

Our roll-up safety and welding screens are constructed with a built-in handle and tie strap, allowing for easy roll-up and repositioning. They are free-standing, providing a safe and reliable alternative to protect your workers and yourself during welding, brazing, and cutting operations.

The screens are constructed with two layers of material and they are reinforced with 14-gauge galvanized wire mesh. Our roll-up welding and safety screens come in multiple material and size options.

Material Options

Material options are Cotton Duck for water and mildew resistance, and Safety-Striped Vinyl for resistance to fire, water, mildew, oils, alkalis, and most acids.

Size Options

Our standard sizes come in 4’W to 3’H to 9’W to 6’H. Custom sizes are also available.

Benefits of Roll-Up Welding and Safety Screens

There are several benefits to a roll-up welding and safety screen, including:

  • Gives you the ability to create a safe space to weld in any area
  • Limits exposure to UV radiation caused by welding
  • Allows additional flexibility for changing welding cell needs
  • It allows for quick and easy access into the work area
  • No need to carry around large, traditional welding screens
  • Frees up storage space
  • Simply put the welding and safety screen away when not in use
  • Gives you the ability to perform welding operations almost anywhere
  • Ideal for projects that require no obstructions in the area
  • Provides access for overhead cranes and other machinery
  • Industrial vinyl is replaced easily and quickly if it becomes torn
  • Lower price than a traditional welding screen
  • Offer temperature control and noise reduction from welding operations

Singer Safety’s Roll-Up Welding and Safety Screen Options

Our roll-up welding and safety screens come in a variety of options, including:

  • 4’W x 3’H Roll-Up Safety Screen
  • 6’W x 4’H Roll-Up Safety Screen
  • 6’W x 5’H Roll-Up Safety Screen (The actual weight is 24 pounds,)
  • 9’W x 6’H Roll-UP Safety Screen (The actual weight is 46 pounds, and this package ships oversized via UPS.)

Custom sizes are also available in our roll-up welding and safety screens. Contact a Singer Safety sales representative today to order a custom-sized screen!

Other Welding Protection Products from Singer Safety Company

Perhaps you require a less flexible option for your welding operations. In addition to roll-up welding and safety screens, Singer Safety Company provides other products to protect you from hazardous welding operations, like welding curtains and welding blankets.

Singer Safety Welding Curtains

Our welding curtains provide maximum security and protection for welders and bystanders during a variety of manufacturing operations, including welding, cutting, and grinding. Our welding screens create a safety barrier between the welding operation and workers, allowing welding to happen wherever you have the curtains.

Singer Safety Welding Blankets

Singer Safety Company also manufactures high-quality TEMP/TEX welding blankets for use during welding, cutting, and brazing operations. Our welding blankets come in two different material options, several different sizes, and are hemmed and seamed with durable double stitching.

We also offer various other products perfect for welding, like our tri-fold welding and safety screens.Do I Really Need Roll-Up Welding and Safety Screens?

Welding safety products are important for protecting your workers and shielding them from molten metal splash. Unfortunately, welding injuries, and even fatalities, are all too common. According to Industrial Safety & Hygiene News and figures from OSHA studies, 1 in 250 construction workers will die from a welding injury. That is why it is important to take every possible precaution when in the vicinity of any welding operations. At Singer Safety Company, it is our job to keep you and the entirety of your company as safe from injuries as possible. If you want to create the safest possible working environment, roll-up welding and safety screens are key.

Order Your Roll-Up Welding and Safety Screens from Singer Safety Company Today

If you are ready to place an order for roll-up welding and safety screens, or you would like to learn more about our company and our products, contact a Singer Safety sales representative today! We are happy to answer any of your questions about our welding safety products and can help you choose the best option for your business.

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