The Versatility of Industrial Curtains: Applications Across Industries

Industrial curtains are some of the most versatile curtains on the market. They can be applied in various industries, from manufacturing, automotive, warehousing, healthcare, and more. Typically, clear plastic curtains create separation between two areas. This helps ensure privacy, keep out noise, and help with dust and debris. In this blog post, we will highlight some specific use cases for industrial curtains. We will also detail the advantages of using industrial curtains in each setting. Let’s get started!

What are Industrial Curtains?

Industrial curtains are an essential part of any industrial facility. They help to provide a barrier between different areas of the facility, such as production lines, storage areas, and workspaces. Industrial plastic curtains are also heavy-duty and made to last. Each component is made from rust-resistant galvanized steel and thick material. Some advantages of industrial plastic curtains include managing noise levels, temperature, and dust – just to name a few.

Industrial Curtains for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an industry that requires workers to operate heavy machinery and other equipment daily. These tasks can be very hazardous and pose great risks to the safety of the workers. Working in a manufacturing workplace means a lot of noise, sparks, dust, and dirt. Our high-quality industrial curtains provide both productivity and safety in the manufacturing industry. We can help divide your space as needed to maximize both space and efficiency. These curtains help ensure easy access to different areas of your facility while providing a good safety barrier.

Industrial Curtains for Automotive Use

Working in an automotive company means lots of noise. To block out unwanted sound, choose industrial curtains. Industrial curtains help keep loud automotive noises at your facility to a more manageable level. The heavy-duty curtains absorb sound waves, preventing them from bouncing off surfaces and echoing around the room. Industrial curtains help reduce the area’s overall noise level, making it easier for people to focus and be productive. Singer Safety carries noise control systems that can be an easy fix for automotive facilities.

Industrial Curtains for Warehousing

Industrial curtains can be used in warehousing for a variety of uses. Consider using them for temperature and humidity control. This is especially beneficial if you have products that must be kept at a certain temperature. Some examples include short-term storage of vegetables such as lettuce or spinach. Or low humidity storage for uncoated machine parts or electronics to minimize rusting.

Additionally, where there are lots of bins, there are pests, and where there is an external opening, there’s wind and debris. This can be a huge problem for those in the food industry. Vinyl curtains minimize the risk of pest infestation, particularly if anti-insect strips are used while allowing a free flow of foot traffic. You can also help keep dust, debris, bacteria, and other contaminants from the outside. In either case, insulated industrial curtains are a great solution!

Industrial Healthcare Curtains

Regarding health and sanitation, not just any old curtain will do for showers or to separate patients in a healthcare facility. Your company needs industrial-grade fabrics that effectively reduce the number of pathogens spread in an environment. Installing industrial curtains can help reduce the spread of germs. Additionally, industrial curtains can partition off areas in hospitals. These curtains are sometimes called “privacy curtains.” They are usually installed on runners to easily move back and forth. Singer Safety provides heavy-duty and durable privacy curtain products. They are manufactured in the United States. And you can choose from various fabrics for your organization.

Benefits of Our Industrial Curtains

The unique thing about our industrial curtains is their durability. We include the GlideWall Track and Roller System, which combines high-quality GlideWall vinyl curtains with our expertly engineered easy gliding track system. Our industrial curtains are the best in the market today. Singer Safety has been producing industrial safety and barrier protection products since 1950. We are nationally known as the leader in the industry. Some benefits of choosing Singer Safety’s industrial curtains include:

  • Increased productivity

  • Conserved energy

  • Privacy

  • Containment of environmental hazards

  • Flexibility in creating separate spaces

  • Blocking sound

  • Preventing employee injuries

Our special GlideWall Track and Roller System combines a range of partition materials with Singer Safety company’s durable hardware. We offer five different partitioning systems to meet specific needs. Our clear plastic curtains come in various sizes to suit your business. Some standard sizes include 10’ x 10’, 8’ x 12’, 10’ x 12’, and more. With Singer Safety, you are choosing the best. Unlike other manufacturers, our heavy-duty industrial curtain hardware is designed to last. Manufactured with galvanized steel, our hardware is ready for any tough application. Also, our hardware is made to work with our industrial curtains for easy installation. You just push to connect and bolt together. This allows you to put it together on-site.

Our industrial vinyl curtains and hardware can be used for indoor, commercial, gym, and residential spaces. Check out our full line of industrial curtains to choose the right one.

About Singer Safety

Our Singer Safety products continue to be a leader in the industry. We know that industrial curtains are a flexible alternative to building permanent walls. We offer a safe way to partition your workplace. So let us help you create work zones, block loud industrial sounds, and keep workers safe from industrial hazards.

Singer Safety has been in the industrial barrier protection business since 1950. We are committed to providing our clients with unsurpassed barrier protection products. Our products create a safe and productive work environment. We cater to every industry and have a lifetime warranty on all industrial clear plastic curtains and hardware. To purchase or learn more about our industrial plastic curtains, contact a Singer Safety sales representative today!

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