The Best Industrial Equipment For All Your Auto Needs

Whether you run an auto body shop, an auto detailing business, or a car wash, equipment is the number one priority when it comes to your success. That’s why choosing the right equipment that will help you get the job done and last a long time is so important. You don’t want to buy faulty equipment and end up regretting it.

It’s important to make educated decisions about the tools you use in your shop. Otherwise, you might end up unintentionally ruining a customer’s ride or having to close up shop because your equipment isn’t working properly. These are the worst-case scenarios when it comes to working in repair shops.

You want your shop’s name to be synonymous with fast, professional, quality care. When your equipment fails to provide that, your business suffers. Here’s our guide to the best industrial equipment for all of your auto safety needs.

Auto Shop Equipment

If you’re looking for equipment for your auto body shop, there are plenty of places to start. But one of the overlooked aspects of industrial equipment is safety appliances and furnishings. Whether you’re a mechanic or a body shop worker, safety is imperative to creating a solid work environment that executes superior labor.

For auto shops, in particular, industrial curtains are a great place to start when it comes to safety.

What are Industrial Curtains?

Industrial curtains are dividers that allow your business to create partitioned spaces in your shop. Auto shops tend to prefer industrial curtains over solid walls because of their flexibility. An industrial curtain can be moved to accommodate your needs based on the specific job at hand.

Industrial curtains are also preferred because they cost less than permanent walls. In addition to this, they are typically easy to use and protect your workers as well as your workspace. You might be wondering what you might specifically be able to use industrial curtains for in your shop. Here are some of the industrial curtain functions that auto shops tend to utilize the most:

  • Improving workplace efficiency

  • Increasing security and privacy 

  • Creating barriers to mark off safety areas

  • Light and sunlight control

  • Climate control

  • Fume and dust containment

  • Storage areas

  • Segregation of parts and machinery

  • Noise reduction

Increase Productivity in Your Mechanic Shop

There are plenty of benefits to utilizing industrial curtains in your auto shop. In fact, these curtains don’t simply exist to section off parts of your workspace, but they also provide other important advantages to you and your employees. Here are some of the many applications for industrial curtains in the workplace:

  • Chemical splash barriers

  • Paint booths, paint rooms, and storage

  • Clean room partitions

  • Wash bays and cleaning areas

  • Car dealerships

  • Loading dock containment

  • Grinding and cutting work cells

Having the option and ability to create flexible work areas aren’t the only benefits you can reap from using industrial curtains. Not only do these curtains increase productivity and create privacy for your employees, but they also can prevent employee injuries, contain unwanted noises, conserve energy, and contain potential environmental hazards.

Vehicle Repair Tools & Supplies

At Singer Safety, we sell industrial curtains that are specifically designed to be top-of-the-line curtains for the automotive field. In order to maintain a proper auto body shop or mechanic shop curtain enclosure, you need to be able to contain equipment and vehicles in designated areas. This is where our Singer Safety automotive curtain systems come into play.

Most workers in the automotive line of work consider these types of curtain systems to be a necessary part of their facilities. These systems can be retractable or stationary but both of these options protect your workers from sparks, odors, overspray paint and solvents, dust and debris, and many indoor and outdoor elements. Our clients that specialize in auto detailing and repair are huge fans of these systems.

These systems are low maintenance and offer a lot of durability, so you won’t have to worry that moving your curtains around will wear them down. You can move these systems as much as you please and they will still provide the much-needed protection you desire.

How Our Industrial Curtain Systems are Created

Singer Safety’s automotive industrial curtain systems are constructed in our traditional fashion. We use heavy-duty laminated vinyl with reinforced vertical edges, thick PVC window, and Velcro enclosures. Not only can these curtains be joined together, but they can also be attached to standing walls.

This design allows you to increase the usable space in your work area. Additionally, you’ll be able to provide a better and more desirable working environment for employees and potential employees. Plus, the clear windows allow you to oversee your employees while ridding your workspace of all unwanted hazards.

Buy Industrial Equipment For All of Your Auto Shop’s Needs

At Singer Safety, we are committed to providing our customers with outstanding barrier products. Our biggest goal is to help you create a safe, hazard-free work environment that allows your business to function as productively as possible.

Our business was established in 1950 and has continued to provide superior products for industrial barrier protection ever since. Our products are generally designed to protect employees from heat, dust, flak, sparks, flash, molten metal, and unwanted noise. In fact, we have been pioneers in promoting safe workplaces since our inception.

In the 1950s and 1960s, concerns of employees about their safety while working became a big issue. In order to help employers answer these concerns with a proactive approach to safety, we developed a unique line of basic safety products. We sell our industrial safety equipment nationwide and in some other markets around the world.

If you have questions about industrial safety curtains for the automotive field or questions about our products in general, feel free to reach out to us. You can visit our website for more information and even read up on our blog to collect more valuable safety resources. For all of your safety needs, turn to Singer Safety.

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