The Benefits of Vinyl Strip Doors in Cold Storage Facilities

In cold storage facilities, maintaining cold temperatures is a requirement for workplace safety, product viability, and productivity. Companies rely on several materials to keep the cold temperatures necessary for such work, including insulation, industrial curtains, and vinyl strip doors. Vinyl strip doors serve as practical thermal barriers for cold storage facilities. However, there are other benefits of vinyl strip doors in cold storage facilities. There are many benefits of vinyl strip doors in cold storage facilities, and in this article, we’ll focus on just that. The presence of vinyl strip doors can potentially mean thousands of dollars saved in temperature control costs. Here, we’ll also go through the process of getting replacement vinyl door strips and finding strip doors for less. But first, let’s look at vinyl strip doors for temperature control.

Vinyl Strip Doors and Temperature Control

The benefits of vinyl strip doors in cold storage facilities are many, such as visibility, low friction and static, noise control, and of course, temperature control. The temperature control efficiency depends on the thickness of the vinyl strips. Still, regardless, they are efficient thermal barriers that also provide visibility through them and are low friction and static for easy movement from either side of them. At Singer Safety Company, we have a range of vinyl strip thicknesses, between 0.08mm-0.016mm, and custom sizing. Our vinyl strips are made with high-quality clear vinyl with rounded edges for safety and a curved design for better seal formation. While standard vinyl strip doors work well to control cold storage facility temperatures, we also offer USDA freezer-grade vinyl strips for extreme thermal insulation for temperatures as low as -30F. As long as OSHA cold temperature work guidelines are followed, these vinyl strip doors are perfect for maintaining the necessary cold temperatures.

Vinyl strip doors are practical thermal barriers that can save you a ton in energy costs. Now let’s take a closer look at the other benefits of vinyl strip doors in cold storage facilities.


Most vinyl strip doors are clear, so employees can see through them when moving through them with equipment, products, and trolleys and while driving forklifts (as long as the forklift lanes are marked). A transparent thermal barrier allows employees to anticipate oncoming machinery and other employees while maintaining the temperature for the cold storage facility.

Low Friction and Static

Static is an electrical hazard in factories. Low friction and low static vinyl strip doors help lower these workplace hazards. The low-friction vinyl prevents damage when employees move products and machinery through the vinyl strip doors. It also prevents static from building up and generating heat, which can break the cold temperature of the storage facility.

Noise Reduction

In an industrial workplace, it’s required to dampen loud noises that can damage employee hearing. While installing sound stopper noise control systems and noise-dampening curtains, you can install vinyl strip doors. One can block loud noises from other areas by acting as a barrier.

There are many benefits of using vinyl strip doors in cold storage facilities, but where do you find vinyl strip doors for less? We’ll explore some options for where to get them next.

Vinyl Strip Doors for Less

We’ve been the choice for industrial safety barrier equipment since 1950 and have gotten national recognition for our services. Vinyl strip doors not only maintain your cold storage facility temperature but also come with various other workplace safety features. They’re also an economical option for a door between facility areas because they have many safety features and are effective at maintaining the temperature. While you might find vinyl strip doors at big-chain industrial supply stores, you can find vinyl strip doors for less at Singer Safety Company. At a company like Singer Safety, you are guaranteed excellent customer service to guide you through installing your vinyl strip doors. We only offer the highest quality of products to get the job done.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the many benefits of vinyl strip doors in cold storage facilities and where to get them, let’s move on to where to find replacement vinyl door strips. Like most industrial materials, replacing them ensures their functionality and keeps the industrial workplace safe.

Replacement Vinyl Door Strips

Over time, vinyl door strips are bound to experience wear and tear. While the vinyl is very durable, eventually, workplace materials need to be replaced for optimal function and safety. Vinyl door strips are easy to replace, and you can even replace only a few if need be. We offer replacement vinyl door strips and vinyl strip door kits at Singer Safety Company for your convenience. Keeping your cold storage facility at the right temperature is critical for your products and equipment, and functional vinyl door strips help maintain the specified temperature. Old vinyl strip doors may become damaged and scratched over time, causing them to become less translucent and less effective at supporting cold temperatures. A factory is only as efficient as the materials that keep it working.

Get Vinyl Accessories at Singer Safety

At Singer Safety in Chicago, we believe in economical solutions to the industry’s most challenging problems, such as energy efficiency and choosing the right materials to insulate the industrial workplace. We offer vinyl strip doors to maintain cold room temperatures, including PVC and plastic strip doors, to ensure your workplace maintains its required temperature.

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