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Why Welding Screens are Necessary

Without proper protection in place, welding can be an unsafe operation. Tri-folding welding screens allow you to create a safe welding area to keep employees and others who frequent your facility safe. Our tri-fold welding screens allow you to create a customized area dedicated solely to welding operations. They also reduce the loud noises of welding, contain the high temperatures of welding, keep welding fumes from spreading throughout your facility, and keep your welders safe from other operations happening nearby.

Our Tri-Fold Welding Screens

Singer Safety Company’s tri-fold welding screens are manufactured to the highest quality standards, offering a barricade to prevent your workers from entering hazardous and dangerous work areas. They also provide enclosures to contain sparks, airborne metals, and water waste and provide protection against optical flash.

How Our Welding Screens are Made

Our welding panels are constructed using heavy-duty vinyl in bright yellow and black stripes or fluorescent orange for maximum visibility. A clear pocket provides a secure placeholder for interchangeable warning signage. Signs are not included. Some minimal assembly is required. Our standard screen sizes are 4.5’W x 3’H, up to 9’W x 6’H.

Tri-Fold Safety Screen Size Options

Our tri-fold welding safety screen product options include:

  • 4.5’W x 3/H Tri-Fold Safety Screen
  • 6’W x 4’H Tri-Fold Safety Screen
  • 7.5’ x 5’H Tri-Fold Safety Screen
  • 9’W x 6’H Tri-Fold Safety Screen

Tri-Fold Welding and Safety Screen Color Options

Our tri-fold welding and safety screens are available in yellow and black stripes or fluorescent orange to provide maximum visibility and safety in your workplace.

Benefits of a Folding Barricade for Welding

There are many benefits to choosing a tri-folding welding and safety screen for your workplace.

Easy to Fold and Store

Our tri-fold safety screens are lightweight and fold flat for storage. These are ideal for when you don’t have welding operations going on constantly at your facility. Folding barricades allow you to set up a safe, separate welding area when you need it, and put them away easily when you don’t.


Our folding barricades have built-in carrying handles to ensure easy handling and portability. When you’re done with your welding job, simply fold up the screen and carry it to wherever you store it. It’s safe and easy!

Heavy-Duty and Safe

The screen panels are constructed with heavy-duty vinyl resistant to fire, water, oil, mildew, and most acids, to withstand even the harshest welding conditions.

Maximum Visibility

Our welding screens come in bright colors like bright yellow or fluorescent orange for maximum visibility and safety.

Variety of Size Options

Our tri-folding welding screens come in four standard size options, so you can choose the size that works best for your application.

Minimize Welding Fumes

The welding process produces visible smoke that actually contains harmful metal fumes and gas byproducts. Our welding screens can minimize the welding fumes that escape to other parts of your facility.

Minimize Noise

Welding is a noisy operation, but our tri-folding screens can minimize the amount of noise that pollutes the rest of your business. Check out our other noise control products to reduce noise in your facility.

Contain High Temperatures

Welding screens help contain the dangerously high temperatures that welding produces from seeping into other areas of your facility. Welding operations can produce heat arcs between 6500 and 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep Welders Safe

The ultimate goal of our tri-fold welding and safety screen is to keep your welders and anyone else in their vicinity safe.

Other Welding Safety Products from Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company offers a variety of other products for welding safety at your company to complement your new tri-fold welding and safety screens. Check out the rest of our welding line.

Welding Curtains

Welding curtains offer a protective and flame-resistant barrier between hazardous welding operations and other parts of your facility. Our welding curtains are light, durable, and simple to assemble. They are a more permanent option than our tri-fold welding and safety screens. Our welding curtains come in a variety of materials, including Trans-Vue Vinyl, Laminate Vinyl, clear, Temp-Text, cotton duck, and specially-made custom curtains.

Welding Blankets

Singer Safety offers high-quality TEMP/TEX Welding Blankets designed for your welding, cutting, and brazing operations. Our blankets provide protection up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit

Portable Welding Curtains

Use Singer Safety’s portable welding curtains either on the go or for workplaces that require welding to occur in various parts of the facility.

Roll-Up Safety Screens

Singer Safety’s roll-up welding and safety screens are designed with a built-in handle and a tie strap for easy roll-up and repositioning. If you like the idea of our tri-fold welding screens but are looking for a welding safety product that offers even more flexibility, our roll-up safety screens are ideal.

About Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company is a leading industrial safety company devoted to offering our clients top-of-the-line barrier protection products for the workplace, like our tri-fold welding and safety screens.

Why Choose Singer Safety’s Tri-Folding Welding and Safety Screens

Singer Safety Company’s tri-fold welding and safety screens lead the industry in providing safety barriers for your workers in hazardous areas. Our safety screens can ensure that your workers are safe, without compromising productivity. Our staff is committed to providing superior customer service, from your first call through installation. To learn more about our tri-fold welding and safety screens or to place an order, contact a Singer Safety sales representative today.

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