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Industry Page: Storage Facilities

One of the most important industries that gets overlooked is that of storage facilities. However, these present many of their own challenges for safety, especially because there are so many different types of storage facilities. Storage safety supplies need to be customizable, because each facility tends to be very specialized. There are many different forms of industrial storage, and each comes with their own hazards. Specialized storage equipment and storage safety supplies help to protect people who may be working in those environments. This is why high quality, OSHA approved gear is necessary for safety and protection.

Storage Facilities

While there are many specialized forms of storage, there are three main types of storage facilities. These are manual warehouses, mechanized warehouses, and mezzanine flooring storage facilities.

Manual Warehouses

A static shelving facility, or manual warehouse, is a storage facility that holds stock mainly on shelves, with most items moved without mechanical assistance. This means that in these types of warehouses, safety and protection is essential. The workers manually move a lot of the product, so there needs to be protective gear and proper training to ensure safety. There are also more workers in a manual warehouse, so there is a high chance of sound pollution in the air and other hazards. Depending on the type of products that are stored there, certain storage safety supplies need to be on hand and available. For products that have hazardous materials like chemicals either in them or on them, there needs to be customized and specialized safety products.

For example, in some manual warehouses, there are flammable materials on the shelves. There should be safety devices like fireproof or fire resistant curtains to help contain a fire. Workers need to be able to exit the building safely if a fire were to start. If there are products that create dust or leave a residue, there should be dust resistant materials around and the employees may even need to wear filtering masks or other safety gear. Manual warehouses are especially prone to accidents for employees simply because they are so hands-on, so safety and protection should be the number one priority for any employer.

Mechanical Warehouses

Mechanized warehouses (sometimes referred to as pallet racking warehouses) are hazardous for different reasons than manual warehouses. This is due to the heavy machinery and large pallets of materials that are stored there. Safety and protection in mechanized warehouses focuses heavily on protecting the worker from any industrial accidents, like being injured by a forklift. Wearing the proper safety equipment definitely helps reduce these kinds of accidents. High quality storage equipment also helps reduce injuries, even down to the pallets being inspected regularly for defects. Damaged wooden pallets could crack and spill products, which are often stacked quite high on pallets. There are many things that could happen, so preparing by having the most ideal storage safety supplies on hand is the best thing to do.

Mezzanine Storage

These types of storage facilities are different because they have different levels of storage, meaning that there are at least two levels where workers may need to maneuver products and themselves safely. Sometimes forklifts and other machinery is used as well. These storage facilities are very effective due to their saving on space and flooring, but they can be more dangerous if not done properly. They are considered especially cost effective for the employer and for companies storing their products there. Safety and protection of the workers is even more essential in a mezzanine storage facility. The mezzanine level itself needs to be carefully constructed and inspected regularly to remain up to code. If products were to fall down through this level it could hurt employees and damage goods as well. Creating a safe environment with storage safety supplies and policies is very important.

Storage Safety Supplies

Warehouses in general have many hazards that can affect the workers without proper precautions. Storage safety supplies help protect employees from these hazards along with other ones that specifically come from the storage industry.

Noise Control

Warehouses are filled with smooth surfaces that reflect sound waves, and can even amplify them. Repeated exposure to high levels of sound actually can cause health issues including hearing loss, insomnia, irritability, and more. Products like noise controlling ceiling baffles, noise controlling panels, and other products can help reduce the amount of echoing sound in a warehouse and protect workers.

Safety Curtains

Dividing up a warehouse for its various purposes has many benefits, some of which is actually that it helps performance and promotes safety and protection. Having privacy curtains to separate a break area for workers, creating work spaces that are separate from other louder areas, and more is a great way to promote safety. This is especially helpful if there are areas of the workplace where heavy machinery is being used and areas where they are not, because machinery produces dust, noise, and more. In storage facilities with freezers, storage equipment like vinyl strip doors are important as well. This keeps cold in and heat out, and makes sure workers don’t get trapped in a freezer in an unsafe situation. This is a great example of how each storage facility needs specialized safety products.

Fire Safety

A warehouse is never a good place for a fire, and having proper fire safety equipment is essential. When you have a lot of products and large items being stored, fire hazards increase. However, it doesn’t have to be full of flammable items to create a dangerous fire situation. Create safety and protection for your workers in the face of a fire by having the right supplies.

Storage Facilities and Safety

While it may seem intuitive, storage facilities require their own safety equipment to protect the individuals working there and the products being stored. Storage safety supplies should be customized to the situation and focus on safety and protection for each worker. Request a quote today and we will help you create the ideal situation for your facility!

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