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Gymnasium Soundproofing

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As a longtime leader in the field of workplace and recreational safety, Singer Safety has developed a wide range of products ideal for use in gymnasiums. This includes gym divider curtains. In addition to partitioned space, noise control is a high priority in busy gymnasiums, and our line of GlideWall partitions and Sound Stopper noise reduction barriers provide effective and economical solutions.

Our GlideWall roller gym divider curtains are specially engineered with our unique track sliding system to quickly and easily create partitioned space for individual and group use. In particular, our Super Vision and Privacy series are ideal for gymnasium applications, allowing you to:

Noise control can be an issue in gymnasiums, which tend to reverberate sound. Our well-known and top-selling line of Sound Stopper noise reduction panels ensures decibel levels remain safe for all gymnasium users. The Sound Stopper product line includes:

Also, be sure to maximize gymnasium safety by supplementing partitions and noise reduction barriers with our pre-sized and customizable fire equipment covers.

A pioneer in the field of industrial and recreational safety since the 1950s, Singer Safety provides effective space maximization and noise reduction solutions. To learn more about the GlideWall and Sound Stopper product lines, or to request a price quote, please contact a Singer Safety representative.

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