Farm Safety Equipment

Farming is a rewarding and fulfilling enterprise, but farming poses serious risks without proper farming safety equipment. From essential dust control equipment to PPE, farmers often rely on a wide range of machinery and equipment that can cause serious injury if misused. Adopting basic safety guidelines and farm safety equipment will protect you and your employees from accidents, injuries, and equipment breakdowns. For example, agricultural workers are seven times more likely to die in this industry than in other industries, such as that for police officers, firefighters, and emergency responders. Machinery accidents are the leading cause of agricultural fatalities and serious injuries, yet they are also highly preventable.

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Farm Safety Equipment

Let’s review some of the most frequent hazards farmers encounter daily and offer tips for protecting your employees and assets from these potential dangers. Unfortunately, in some instances, errors can have tragic results. For example, the Washington State Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (WA FACE) program has investigated several incidents where farm accidents have led to fatalities.

Farming Safety

Fall harvest time is one of the busiest times for farmers, yet it also presents numerous safety issues. Thousands of farmers are injured or killed yearly due to farming accidents. This industry ranks among the most hazardous in America, so we must take agricultural safety seriously. As a result, national Farm Safety and Health Week is observed annually in September to promote agricultural safety practices.

Farmers often work long hours and are pressured to complete tasks quickly. As a result, they may take shortcuts or fail to follow safety protocols. As a result, farmers often suffer injuries caused by machinery involving tractors and power tools due to human negligence, such as taking shortcuts, not reading the operator’s manual, or disregarding warnings. Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur due to human error.

When operating farm machinery, wearing protective clothing is paramount. Ensure the clothes are snug fitting and designed to stay put; never wear baggy or loose shirts and pants, which could become caught in the machine’s rotating parts. Ear muffs or formable ear plugs can effectively block out noise above 80% and protect you against non-toxic sprays, fumes, and other airborne contaminants. Disposable chemical-resistant gloves are an essential piece of safety equipment. They’re often required by pesticide labels and serve to shield your hands from the harsh chemicals found in most pesticides.

Farming not only poses physical dangers, but it’s also hazardous when dealing with electricity and chemicals. Chemicals can lead to burns, heart damage, musculoskeletal disorders, and respiratory illness. Electricity poses significant risks that require the best agricultural safety supplies. Electrical hazards on farms can lead to electrocution when farm equipment comes into contact with an overhead power line. Various safety switches, alarms, and grounding systems can help protect your farm from these potential dangers. In addition, electricity is risky in enclosed spaces with limited ventilation and gas accumulation, such as manure pits and storage facilities. Here, methane, hydrogen sulfide, and other toxic gases can accumulate, leading to explosive explosions.

Agricultural Safety Supplies

Agriculture is one of the world’s most significant industries, yet it also presents a high risk for injury and fatalities. Farming safety issues can be due to various hazards, necessitating farming safety equipment to protect yourself, your employees, and your organization. Singer Safety offers a comprehensive selection of agricultural safety equipment to protect your employees and assets on the farm from hazards such as excessive heat, air pollutants, sparks, and flak. Our industrial barrier protection solutions range from portable safety screens and track partitions to strip doors and industrial noise control products for farms. Industrial barriers can significantly increase the noise reduction benefits of PPE, leading to a more comfortable and safe working environment.

Farms require flexible, efficient use of space in a clean, safe environment. Manufacturing modules and work centers provide farming safety equipment with flexibility and efficiency, allowing the workflow to be customized for specific jobs. In addition, industry or government regulations may require that certain work or agricultural processing areas be separated from other sorting or manufacturing areas for sanitation or temperature control. The ability to customize workflow and optimize the use of space while maintaining sanitary conditions provides your organization with increased safety, offers time and cost savings, and increases the profitability of your operation.

What are the Benefits of Farm Safety Equipment?


Sanitary Processing Spaces

Create secure, protected sanitary processing spaces within your facility

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Temperature-controlled Areas

Protect temperature-controlled areas while providing easy access using vinyl strip doors constructed using USDA freezer vinyl strips


Noise Barriers

Provide noise barriers where they are most effective, surrounding equipment or workstations



Provide privacy and noise barriers for lockers, offices, and other spaces

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Protect Areas From Dirt, Dust, and Heat Loss

Use vinyl strip doors to provide easy access to loading docks, high-traffic areas, and temperature-controlled areas while protecting the areas from dirt, dust, and heat loss

Benefits of Farm Safety Equipment

Farmers and farm workers commonly experience hearing loss when working near noisy equipment. To protect themselves from such noise levels, farmers and storehouse workers should, at the very least, wear earmuffs or plugs when working.

Respiratory protection is paramount for agricultural workers with airborne chemicals, dust clouds, and toxic fumes. Face masks may also be necessary to shield lungs from breathing in harmful substances like mold spores or animal feces, which could result in serious health complications.

For basic agricultural safety supplies, several pieces of PPE are necessary, including safety shoes, gloves, aprons, welding jackets, and rain gear, but that is only the first step toward protecting your employees and ensuring farming safety. To ensure further protection, you must start to think about mitigating hazards before they reach the realm of PPE. Agricultural safety supplies, like PPE, certainly help ensure workers’ safety and comfort while keeping them healthy and productive. Singer Safety Products offers a comprehensive selection of agricultural safety equipment–from portable safety screens, track partitions, strip doors, and industrial noise control products–to help you create safety and efficiency throughout your farm and your organization.

For over 65 years, Singer Safety has manufactured superior industrial barrier protection products–safety and enclosure screens and curtains, vinyl strip doors, and fire safety equipment– that have been recognized for their quality, performance, and durability.

Our line of partitions, curtains, and screens provides flexibility in utilizing the space on your farm as a leader in agricultural safety supplies.