Industrial Curtain Hardware

Industrial curtain hardware helps you securely hang our industrial curtains in a wide variety of industrial settings and workplaces. Singer Safety Company’s line of industrial curtain hardware options can be used to mount GlideWall Track & Roller Partitions, Noise Panels or Noise Barriers, or Vinyl Strip Products in nearly any industrial space or configuration. Industrial curtain hardware is durable and easy to install. It is designed to accommodate every application and facility. Our Singer Safety industrial curtain hardware stands up to even the toughest industrial uses.

Industrial curtain hardware is built to withstand the rigors of industrial use. We offer many different options when it comes to industrial curtain hardware, including rolling hardware and static mount hardware. The following are the industrial curtain hardware products that Singer Safety Company offers.

Anchor Klip & Floor Mount Disk

An Anchor Klip & Floor Mount Disk is the quickest and easiest way to anchor curtains or partitions to the floor in windy or drafty areas. No grommets are needed.

Chain Suspended

Curtain tracks are suspended and drop down from above. These are ideal for extremely tall ceilings and other locations where mounting high is not a choice.

Edge Clamps

Edge clamps are ideal for I-Beam connection.

Floor Columns

Floor Columns are used for free-standing units. They are available in heights from 6’ to 10’ & 12’. The columns are 1 ¼” square galvanized steel, and one base plate is needed per column.

Flush to Ceiling

A flush to ceiling industrial curtain hardware lets you hang your curtains directly from the ceiling.

Free-Standing Hardware

Free-standing hardware is used in areas that do not allow for suspended track or do not have any overhead support beams.

GlideWall End Stop

Singer Safety offers GlideWall end stops.

GlideWall Straight Track

Singer Safety offers GlideWall straight tracks.

Strip Door Trolleys

Singer Safety manufactures Strip Door Trolleys, both rolling and on-rolling. They are manufactured in 1’ sections and are used in unison with Straight Track. They are used to mount Strips with GlideWall Track for custom systems, or they can be used for Free-Standing units or in line with our GlideWall Systems.

Threaded Rod Bracket

A threaded rod track bracket is used for extra support only and does not connect two pieces of track together.

Threaded Rod Suspended

Singer Safety provides the suspended threaded rod needed to properly install the GlideWall Track & Roller Industrial Curtains. All items listed are available in Stainless Steel and Galvanized. Galvanized is typically in stock for next-day shipping, and Stainless Steel requires a special order and usually takes two to three weeks lead time.

Wall Mount Hardware

Wall Mount Hardware is designed for the track that needs to be mounted outside the doorway alongside the overhead wall.

Applications for Industrial Curtain Hardware

Our industrial curtain hardware can be used for a variety of curtains, including:

  • Industrial Curtains
  • Commercial Curtains
  • Gym Curtains
  • Residential Curtains
  • Overhead Trolley Projects

Benefits of Singer Safety’s Industrial Curtain Hardware

There are several benefits to using our industrial curtain hardware in your workplace.

Heavy Duty

Unlike many other manufacturers, we produce heavy-duty industrial curtain hardware that is designed to last. Manufactured with galvanized steel, our hardware is ready for any tough application.

Modular Design

Singer Safety’s industrial curtain hardware is made to work in tandem with our industrial curtains. The components are easy to push to connect and bolt together. This allows you to put it together on site.

Industrial Curtain Tracks

Our industrial curtain tracks are designed to hold up our Singer Safety industrial curtains. Industrial curtain tracks are made with hot-dipped galvanized cold-rolled 16-gauge steel. All connectors are 10-gauge steel and floor support columns are 11-gauge square steel tubing. Our heavy-duty curtain track systems can bear a major load.

Applications for Industrial Curtain Tracks

Our industrial curtain tracks are typically used for applications like welding curtains, paint booth curtains, stage curtains, or any areas where wind or drafts might pose a safety risk. However, our curtain track systems are ideal for a wide range of uses beyond just commercial and industrial applications. Some applications for our industrial curtain track systems include:

  • Industrial curtain walls
  • Paint booths
  • Living quarters and camps
  • Welding booths
  • Wash Down booths
  • Blackout curtains
  • Mosquito and insect curtains
  • Divider curtains

Singer Safety Industrial Curtains

Our industrial curtain hardware is meant to work with our Singer Safety Industrial Curtains. Our curtains help you build partitioned areas in your industrial space. Our GlideWall Track and Roller System combines high-quality GlideWall vinyl noise-control curtains with our expertly-engineered easy gliding track system.

They are a flexible and easy alternative to building permanent walls, yet offer a safe way to partition your workplace. Industrial curtains create work zones, block loud industrial sound, and keep workers safe from industrial hazards, all while also improving worker productivity. Our industrial curtains are the best on the market today.

Applications for Industrial Curtains

There are many different applications for industrial curtains, including manufacturing and industrial plants, storage facilities and garages, food containment and separation, and more.

Benefits of Industrial Curtains

The benefits of industrial curtains include improving workplace efficiency; increasing security, privacy, and safety areas; creating temperature-controlled zones; noise reduction; dust and fume containment; prevention of employee injuries, and many more.

Industrial Curtain Panels

We also offer industrial curtain panels with see-through panels to allow you to monitor and supervise operations as necessary.

About Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company has been producing industrial safety and barrier protection products, like industrial curtains and industrial curtain hardware, since 1950. We provide our clients with unsurpassed barrier protection products with the goal of creating a safe and productive work environment. We are a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial curtain hardware.

Why Choose Singer Safety Company’s Industrial Curtain Hardware

Singer Safety Company offers a lifetime warranty on all industrial curtain hardware. We are the best seller of industrial curtains and industrial curtain hardware. To purchase industrial curtain hardware or learn more about our industrial curtain options, contact a Singer Safety sales representative today at (866) 933-2359.

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