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Barrier Material Specifications

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Singer Safety Company offers a wide variety of barrier materials to meet the safety needs of any industrial facility. Materials are designed to provide varying levels of protection as required by the application. Available by the roll, the materials can be used to create custom barriers.

Ref. No.Material DescriptionSpecificationsRoll Goods
ThicknessWeight / Sq. YardProduct Number*Length
Green Cotton Duck
Heavy 10oz. cotton duck treated with permanent, paraffin-based finish, (16 oz. after treatment). Repels water and resists mildew. CPAI-84 approved for flame resistance. Olive green color.
30 mils 16 oz. 15-000148
100 yd.
Yellow Laminated Vinyl
Resists fire, water, oil, mildew and most acids. Very tear resistant. CFM approved. Safety yellow color. (Other colors available: white—2W, gray—2G and black— 2BK).
14 mils 13 oz. 15-000261 100 yd.
Green Laminated Vinyl
Resists fire, water, oil, mildew and most acids. Very tear resistant. CFM approved. Forest green color. (Other colors available: blue—3B and red—3R).
14 mils 13 oz. 15-000361 100 yd.
Gray Trans-Vue™ Vinyl
See-thru tinted PVC specially formulated to block light at harmful wavelengths. Helps minimize hazards from distracting glare. CFM approved. Dark gray color.
14 mils 13 oz. 15-000464 100 yd.
Orange Trans-Vue™ Vinyl
See-thru tinted PVC. The orange tint combines high visibility with optical safety. CFM approved. Orange color. (Other colors available: blue—5B and green—5G).
14 mils 13 oz. 15-000564 100 yd.
Orange Trans-Vue™ (Heavy Duty) Vinyl
Rugged tinted PVC in a .040" thickness for durability and long life. CFM approved. Orange color.
40 mils 36 oz. 15-0005H48 30 yd.
Yellow Trans-Vue™ Vinyl
See-thru tinted PVC. This popular high visibility shade is recommended for light-duty optical protection. CFM approved. Amber/yellow color.
14 mils 13 oz. 15-000664 100 yd.
Clear Vinyl (Heavy-Duty)
Great for dust or draft curtains or where full visibility is needed for an enclosure. Used for all GlideWall® partition windows. Not designed for welding. CFM approved. Clear color.
16 mils 10 oz. 15-0007H54 70 yd.
Clear Vinyl (Extra Heavy-Duty)
.020" thickness with excellent clarity and durability. Not designed for welding. CFM approved. Clear color.
20 mils 12 oz. 15-072054 60 yd.
Anti-Static Vinyl
Great for areas where static build-up could be harmful. Contains UV inhibitor. Clear PVC with black electro-conductive hive pattern for excellent anti-static effect.
12 mils 11 oz. 15-0007AS54 100 yd.
"Bumble-Bee" Striped Laminated Vinyl
Resists acids, fire, mildew and oil. Meets OSHA requirements for marking physical hazards. CFM approved. Safety yellow and black stripes, reverse side solid black.
15 mils 11 oz. 15-000861 100 yd.
Translucent Laminated Polyester -
Excellent material for thermal isolation of large areas without blocking light. Tear resistant. CFM approved. Used for all Environmental Series Partitions. Off-white color.
22 mils 16 oz. 15-001072 50 yd.
Bronze Tinted Vinyl -
Same heavy-duty material as our popular Flex-Vue™ welding strip curtains, in a 48" width. Great for filtering out all dangerous ultra-violet light when arc welding. CFM approved. Bronze color.
80 mils 72 oz. 15-019548 40 yd.
Temp/Tex™ Twill-Weave Woven Fiberglass -
Recommended for general purpose welding blankets, screens and stress relief. Temperature applications to 1000° F. Heat treated. CFM approved. Off-white color.
40 mils 26 oz. 15-001460 50 yd.
Temp/Tex™ Hypalon-Coated Fiberglass -
Sheds metal spatter up to 2300° F. in vertical position. Very resistant to most chemicals. Not designed for stress relief. Recommended for heavy-duty curtains and screens. Light green color.
18 mils 18 oz. 15-001560 50 yd.
Temp/Tex™ Aluminized Fiberglass Cloth -
Heat reflective 1 mil. aluminum laminated to one side of heat-treated fiberglass. Reflects 99% of infrared heat. Constant temperature exposure to 1000° F. Recommended for heat curtains and screens. Silver/beige color.
33 mils 21 oz. 15-001660 50 yd.
Temp/Tex™ Vermiculite-Coated Fiberglass -
Durable general purpose replacement material. Withstands extreme abuse and provides excellent horizontal slag protection. Black color.
30 mils 23 oz. 15-001760 50 yd.
Temp/Tex™ Silica Textile -
Highest temperature protection available! Protects up to 3000 ° F. Recommended for horizontal slag protection, welding cloths, stress relief and oven or furnace curtains. Tan color.
30 mils 18 oz. 15-001836 50 yd.
Temp/Tex™ Neoprene-Coated Fiberglass -
Combines the physical durability of a neoprene-coated fabric with the economy of a standard fiberglass fiberglass fabric. Coated on one side. Gold color.
38 mils 24 oz. 15-001960 50 yd.
Temp/Tex™ Silicone-Coated Fiberglass -
Special high temperature, flame-retardant silicone improves resistance to abrasion, flexing, tearing and punctures. Water, oil and chemical resistant. Suitable for outdoor use. Excellent for vertical curtains and screens. Meets Military Spec C-20079G for flame resistance. Gray color.
15 mils 17 oz. 15-003260 50 yd.
Popular Barrier Selections

Popular Barrier Selections

Barriers should be selected according to the safety needs of the application.

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