Auto Repair and Detailing

We know that repairing automobiles is a messy job. Painting, welding, cutting, and other automotive work generates residue, dust, and dirt that can harm other vehicles in your shop. It can also be dangerous for your employees. Singer Safety Company offers a wide range of products that help automotive businesses increase their production and safety. We provide automotive curtain systems that fit any auto body shop. You can use our industrial curtains to protect your auto repair and detailing workers and equipment from odors, sparks, overspray paint and solvents, dust and debris, and both indoor and outdoor elements. Auto shops love our products to keep their areas safe, clean, and organized.

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Singer Safety Automotive Products

  • Automotive Replacement Partition Curtains
  • Automotive Welding Kits & Replacement Curtains
  • Automotive Ventilar Partitions & Kits
  • Automotive Replacement Curtain Systems
  • Automotive Curtain Accessories
  • Automotive Filler Panels

Singer Safety Company Uni-Glide Partition Systems

Our Uni-Glide Partition Systems help you optimize the work areas in your shop. They help contain the dirt and dust from your repair operations and keep your prep and painting areas dust-free. They also keep your detailing areas clean and free from the residue from your other operations. Our ventilation filters ensure that harmful vapors and residue are vented from work areas.

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Advantages of the Uni-Glide Partition Systems

  • Organize your workspace: The partitioned work areas allow for work to be completely safely, even in adjoining workspaces.
  • Organize your workstations for maximum efficiency: You can organize your shop based on function, or you can repurpose and change work areas as you need.
  • Protect vehicles in adjoining areas: You can use our partitions to separate and protect vehicles in your shop. Our partitions contain contaminants and dirt, so that the cars are not affected by work on each other.
  • Keep prep and detailing areas clean and dust-free: You can be sure that your painting jobs are done correctly the first time by keeping your painting and prep areas clean. It also ensures that your detailed cars stay as clean as possible!
  • Filter airborne waste and residue: Our efficient filters keep workers safe and remove residue that can harm other vehicles.
  • Flexible configurations for customized solutions: Our high-performance partition track systems, vinyl curtains, and filtration options provide you with a customized solution for your auto body shop or garage.

Singer Safety Automotive Curtain Systems

At Singer Safety, we offer a completely enclosed see-through work station for automotive companies that is there when you need it and glides out of the way when you don’t. This product is a proven moneymaker for auto repair and detailing shops. It helps confine both primer and overspray residue, as well as keeps dust, water spray, grinding, and cutting sparks out of the painting area. It also promotes efficiency in spot-painting, base coating, and final clean-up operations. Additionally, they help keep detailing and prep areas clean and dust-free.

Automotive Replacement Partition Curtains

Singer Safety Company’s automotive replacement partition curtains are made using heavy-duty laminated vinyls with color-matched reinforced vertical edges, ultra-clear 20mil thick PVC window, Velcro closures on vertical edges for joining multiple partitions or attaching to walls, weighted bottom hems, and nickel-plated grommets along top hem for hanging from our 16-gauge galvanized steel track and roller systems. They resist water, oil, mildew, most acids, tears, and fire.

  • Available in any height you need, up to 40’ tall
  • Available with filter media attached
  • Classic style features a 52’ high clear PVC window section that starts 25” from the bottom.

Automotive Welding Kits and Replacement Curtains

Singer Safety Company’s Automotive Welding Kits & Replacement Curtains are also constructed in our traditional fashion. They can be attached to each other, attached to walls, and are available in any height up to 40” tall.

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Automotive Ventilator Partitions & Kits

Singer Safety Company’s ventilator partition and ktis provide ventilation for doorways, barn doors, docks, or enclosures on booths. They block out birds and pesky insects in a safe and humane manner. They also work as an excellent sun screen! The Ventilator Series partitions feature an open-weave vinyl-coated polyester mesh fabric that is made specifically for extended outdoor use.

Our ventilator series partitions are available in heights up to 18 feet and in a variety of colors. They are moisture-resistant and dry quickly, as well as provide resistance to ultraviolet light, mildew, stains, and weather.

Automotive Replacement Curtain Systems

Singer Safety Company’s automotive replacement curtain systems are constructed in our classic, traditional fashion that has withstood the test of time. We use ultra-clear 20mil thick PVC and Velcro closures on vertical edges for joining multiple partitions or attaching to walls. They are available in any height up to 40 feet tall and with filter media attached, and they resist water, oil, mildew, most acids, tears, and fire.

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Automotive Curtain Accessories

  • Anchor Klip & Floor Mount Disc: You can anchor your curtains and partitions to the floor in order to prevent them from moving in the wind very easily. The kit includes a cord, Klip, disc, and d-ring.
  • Klip & Cord: This allows a fast, easy anchor for your curtains in windy or drafty areas. The kit includes a Klip and cord.
  • Uni-Glide Filters: These replacement filters for your Uni-Glide curtains provide air filtration of spraying, welding, and grinding workstations.

Automotive Filler Panels

Singer Safety Company supplies Automotive Filler Panels that are designed to enclose the open spaces above Uni-Glide suspended partitions to provide a complete enclosure for the workspace in the partition. We offer custom-manufactured partitions sized to enclose the area above the partition all the way up to the roof trusses.

Outfit Your Auto Body Shop with Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company can help you outfit your auto body shop with everything you need to create the safest and most productive work environment for you, your employees, and your customers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you design your auto body shop!