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Are Vinyl Doors Effective in the Winter?

If you are looking to install new doors in your place of business, you might be overwhelmed with all of the potential options you have. Around the country, people have access to installing doors of many different materials and designs in their businesses, homes, warehouses, machine shops, and other facilities. A lot of the time your taste, as well as your environmental needs, dictate what type of doors you end up having in your workspace. So, depending on whether you want your doors to look good or provide extra protection, or a little bit of both, the materials and design that will ultimately shape your door are largely up to you.

What are Vinyl Doors?

If you’re not completely sure about what kind of doors you want or you’re just starting your research, here are some of the basics you’ll need to know about vinyl doors. Generally speaking, vinyl doors are known to be durable and thus reliable. Not only can these types of doors be used as exterior doors, but they can also be installed indoors between rooms. In this way, vinyl doors are incredibly versatile.

The average vinyl door that you see in a person’s home is made through a process of vinyl finishes, which is also known as vinyl cladding. Vinyl is also the preferred choice of material for making door frames. The appeal of this type of door for a lot of customers is that they hold the elegance of a wood door but are easier to maintain and also tend to provide more protection. This is because vinyl doors last much longer than wood doors, especially when used as exterior doors exposed to the elements.

In addition to the general protection from outdoor elements, vinyl doors are incredibly durable for a few other reasons. As opposed to wooden doors, PVC doors resist damage from termites and are less likely to be warped or damaged by chemicals and moisture. Vinyl also has the ability to keep an area in a building insulated at different temperatures.

Industrial Vinyl Doors

Many companies choose to use vinyl doors for warehouses as well as other industrial buildings. So not only do homeowners often prefer PVC doors, but companies and businesses also tend to lean towards using the material as well. If your business receives large shipments a lot or if you employ a fleet of vehicles that need to be moved around quite a bit, vinyl doors are often very useful.

Some examples of industrial use of vinyl doors can be found on our website. At Singer Safety, we sell a variety of products that have to do with vinyl doors, most notably vinyl strip door kits, as well as vinyl, PVC, and plastic strip rolls, along with some other tools to help your warehouse create the best vinyl doors for your business.

Some Pros of  Commercial Vinyl Door Usage

As with everything in life, vinyl doors have their pros and cons. For commercial or industrial use, in particular, a lot of the pros outweigh the cons. In many cases, vinyl strip doors and other types of doors installed in commercial buildings are made for their productivity and safety benefits. With a vinyl strip door, you can easily move products between individual storage areas throughout your building or to external sites. That said, here are some of the pros to using commercial vinyl doors:

Vinyl Doors are Good Barriers

You want the doors in areas where important equipment and the product are being held to keep about quite a few things. You don’t want dust, bugs, as well as other pests and pollutants entering these areas, as you run the risk of contaminating your products or destroying them. Vinyl strip doors let your employees through without allowing unwanted things to follow them.

Vinyl Strip Doors are Useful

This is the biggest pro on the list. Generally speaking, compared to other types of doors made from all different types of materials, vinyl strip doors are the best for industrial working conditions. When working in a warehouse, there are plenty of external risks that can prevent a worker from doing their job. Using vinyl strip doors reduces these risks and makes it easier for your employees to do their jobs efficiently.

Are Vinyl Doors Effective in the Winter?

The truth is that vinyl strip doors can be great for heat retention. As for insulation, vinyl doors can be very effective at keeping hot air in one particular area. With other types of doors, it’s easy for heat to slip out during the winter months. With vinyl strip doors, which are made out of a thick PVC material, you get rooms relatively sealed off from outside elements.

Additionally, when installing doors of other materials, you’ll have issues with temperature stability. Because of the constant movement of air, your heaters will be working twice as hard to keep the temperature in the room at a stable level. Of course, we all know that the more the heater runs, the more you spend on energy. Not only is using vinyl doors saving you money, but it’s also more sustainable for the environment in the long run.

We Recommend Industrial Vinyl Doors for Your Business

We at Singer Safety highly recommend checking out vinyl door products to install in your workplace or warehouse. Not only do they come in handy in a practical way when workers are constantly moving in and out of the building, but they also can save you money on heating expenses, and they can keep the area where you store your products free of contaminants. If you’re interested in purchasing vinyl doors or you simply want to learn more about the benefits, don’t hesitate to peruse our website or even contact us.

At Singer Safety, we offer vinyl strip door kits that are effective at separating areas in warehouses, long-lasting clarity, excellent noise control, spark and optical protection, and plenty more. These vinyl strips are manufactured with high-quality clear vinyl and resist scratching as well as reduce static. For more information, check out our website.

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