When working on projects that require different spaces, you might need industrial curtains to keep your employees and environments safe. Industrial curtains are a great way to organize your space and, more importantly, keep everyone safe. This article will dissect the ways you can use industrial safety curtains for different jobs, highlighting how curtains are built with certain safety measures. 


How Can You Use Industrial Curtains? 

Industrial curtains function in a very similar way to curtains that you would see in a home. The main difference is that industrial curtains are very heavy-duty and strong, made of different materials to make a workplace safer. There are several types of safety curtains that can help serve specific functions within a warehouse or job site. 



Heavy weight curtains can be used as a cheaper, movable stand-in for real walls. They are very easy to install and can be shifted around to create different-sized spaces for your worksite. These kinds of partition curtains are very helpful for separating out your job site. Because they are heavy-duty, they can also help protect from debris and sparks. 



Industrial curtains are also great for insulation. They can help keep a section of your warehouse at a specific temperature without affecting other areas of the building. 



Industrial curtains are a huge help in ensuring the safety of everyone on your job site. Some of the biggest safety hazards in a warehouse include toxic fumes, falling objects, and fires. Industrial curtains can help you prevent all of those safety concerns. Additionally, industrial curtains can be broken down into specific categories related to safety hazards. These include welding curtains, curtains to prevent fire and fumes, and heavy duty curtains to help prevent moving objects from flying through an area.   



Getting a safety curtain is essential when working on a welding project. Welding is a highly skilled job that can come with many hazards. It is important to take all of the proper precautionary measures when working with welding projects. There are three different kinds of welding curtains, all of which serve specific purposes. 

A single-panel welding curtain is great when you have a lot of space. They are only fire-resistant on one side, so they do need to be sealed off properly while work is being done. Secondly, you could get double-panel curtains. These have a higher level of fire resistance, and are good when you have to enclose your space. Finally, there are four-panel curtains. These are extremely heavy duty curtains that can go down to the floor. Not a single spark will get through this type of curtain. 

Welding curtains are helpful in noise reduction, too. Metalworking can be a loud process, so having a partition curtain in place to keep the welding sound secluded to a smaller space will help keep your workers from getting too distracted by the sound. 

A proper welding curtain will also protect anyone who is outside of the welding area from arc eye. Arc eye is an extremely dangerous hazard that can come from exposing your eyes to bright levels of UV light that comes from the welder. This can cause permanent damage to your eyes and even blindness if not wearing the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). With a welding safety curtain, this hazard is negated for anyone who might be passing by. 


Flying Objects

Heavy weight curtains are extremely helpful when you are worried about flying objects or heavy winds that might get in the way of your work. If you have any space in your warehouse that is outside, or if you have garage doors that might need to stay open, you have to account for the potential of dangerous and destructive winds. Some safety curtains are built to withstand fierce winds that have the potential to destroy equipment or knock over hazardous materials. The strength of these curtains can stop flying debris like tree branches or rocks in their tracks. 

The right heavy duty curtain can protect your equipment and your workers from harm. Not only can industrial curtains hold back the wind and flying objects, but they also help keep out any sawdust, sand, or smaller particles that could fly through the air. Strong winds could make these materials extremely harmful. But even in regular conditions, an industrial curtain will hold back small debris and flying objects.  


Spills and Fumes

A safety curtain is also a great preventative measure when you are working with materials that might be dangerous if ingested or get on the skin. For example, an industrial partition curtain would be very helpful when you are working with spray paints. Curtains will keep the harmful fumes from exiting the space, which in turn keeps your workers safe from inhaling anything toxic.

Industrial curtains are also a great precautionary measure when you are working with dangerous fluids or fire. A gasoline spill could be disastrous if it spills into an area where people are working with open flames. If you invest in a heavy weight industrial curtain that reaches the floor, you can prevent spilled liquid from seeping into a different area and becoming a greater hazard. Most industrial curtains are acid-proof, so you can prevent anyone from touching a substance that will be harmful to their skin. 


The Best Curtains for You from Singer Safety

There are many ways that an industrial curtain can help prevent accidents on your job site. With so many to choose from, it is important to find the best one for your work environment. Consider working with us at Singer Safety Company to find the best industrial safety curtains for your job site!