Every workplace is looking to prevent fire hazards. A fire in your workplace can be devastating. Fires can result in property loss, monetary loss, and much worse – injuries and even deaths. But fire-resistant curtains can help keep your workplace safe. Fire resistant curtains protect lives and property and play an important role in increasing your workplace safety and compliance. That’s why fire-resistant curtains should always be part of your safety measures. Learn the top five benefits of using fire-resistant curtains in your workplace, whether you have a restaurant, warehouse, or a manufacturing plant. 

Importance of Flame-Retardant Curtains 

Unfortunately, fires are common in the workplace. An average of 37,000 fires happen at industrial and manufacturing properties every year, according to the most recent statistics from the National Fire Protection Association. 

Fire curtains are an excellent way to protect your workplace from the spread of smoke and fire. Fire-resistant curtains are manufactured with specialized non-combustible materials that deter fires from spreading throughout large buildings. There are several benefits of using fire retardant curtains in manufacturing and other industries.

That is why flame-retardant curtains should be a part of your industrial safety checklist for every warehouse and industrial workplace. Fire resistant curtains are ideal for dividing up your workspace and creating a safer work environment. 

There are various causes of industrial fires and explosions, including combustible dust and hot work.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Fire-Resistant Curtains in Your Workplace 

1. Keep Workers Safe in the Event of a Fire

The top benefit of using flame-retardant curtains in your workplace is to keep your employees safe. Worker safety is of the utmost importance in any workplace. Fire resistant curtains are often used to divide areas of a large industrial area or warehouse and keep fires contained to their areas of origin. 

2. Effective Fire and Smoke Containment 

Another benefit of fire-resistant curtains is compartmentalizing smoke and fire and preventing it from spreading throughout your workplace. Fire curtains help contain the fire to its place of origin and allow additional time for your employees to evacuate the space safely.  

3. Increased Visibility for Safe Evacuation

When a fire occurs, smoke can greatly decrease visibility within the building. Fire-retardant curtains can help increase visibility during the event of a fire by confining smoke to the affected area, allowing your employees to navigate their way safely out of the building.  Increased visibility during a fire can greatly decrease the risk of accidents and injuries during an emergency situation.

4. Better Aesthetics Than Other Fire Safety Equipment

Flame-retardant curtains are a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional fire doors and other safety barriers. Plus, more and more buildings are open plan. Bulky fire doors are more expensive and less attractive than fire curtains, which can be moved around your facility to suit your needs. Fire curtains are a perfect answer to dividing up workspaces safely in a large facility like a warehouse. They can preserve the design integrity of your building and do not require structural reinforcement. Plus, fire-resistant warehouse and industrial curtains are simple to install

5. Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

Most types of industrial workplaces must adhere to local fire safety regulations. Curtain fireproofing can help you meet these requirements. If you want to ensure compliance with regulations and avoid fees and fines, fire curtains can help. Get the peace of mind knowing that your workplace is meeting all necessary fire safety standards. 

Additional Benefits of Curtain Fireproofing

There are many benefits of installing fire-retardant curtains in your workplace that go beyond the top five mentioned above. For example, some fire curtains are made to be transportable so they can move with you to wherever you are performing work.  

Fire resistant curtains are also user-friendly. You don’t have to be exceptionally strong or an expert on fire protection devices in order to use fire curtains. The fire curtain does all the work for you. 

How Fire-Retardant Curtains Work

Fire-resistant curtains work very similarly to other types of industrial curtains, but they are specifically designed to stand up to extremely high temperatures, smoke, and fire. Unlike other fire safety protection designs, fire curtains work as a physical barrier to stop smoke and fire. Most fire-retardant curtains are made with fire-retardant or fire-resistant materials.

Flame Resistant Curtains vs. Flame Retardant Curtains

There are different types of fire curtains. Flame-resistant curtains will burn, but will burn very slowly and will oftentimes self-extinguish. Flame-retardant curtains have been chemically treated to burn slowly or self-extinguish when exposed to an open flame.

Get Fire-Resistant Curtains For Your Workplace From Singer Safety Company

While some may hesitate purchasing fire curtains for their workplace due to cost, the upfront price of fire curtains is much smaller than the financial costs involved if a devastating fire occurs in your facility. Fire curtains offer multiple benefits for your workplace, including fire and smoke containment, enhanced ability to evacuate during an incident, increased aesthetics for your workplace, compliance with fire safety regulations, and most importantly, keeping your workers safe. Fire curtains are simple to install at any workplace. Singer Safety Company offers industrial safety curtains in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your needs. Contact us today to get the best fire-resistant curtains for your workplace. We are the leader in industrial barrier protection products.