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Animal Shelter Soundproofing

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Pet adoption centers need to provide private areas for potential owners to meet with the pets up for adoption. These areas need to provide privacy and quiet so that the owners and pets can meet in a stress-free environment.

pet adoption curtainsSinger Safety’s privacy partitions offer privacy and excellent noise reduction, creating a space that is isolated and private. Our partitions are constructed using noise-dampening materials that are available in a range of colors. Singer Safety’s GlideWall® system provides the ability to easily move the curtain walls or change the partition configurations as needed. You can close the curtains for individual meetings, or open them to create larger spaces for open adoptions, pet therapy sessions, or exercise periods.

We offer a range of products that can be used in pet adoption centers:

Singer Safety’s innovative noise control and privacy curtains, screens, and systems lead the industry in quality, flexibility, and reliability. They are a cost-effective investment for pet adoption centers and will provide reliable performance for many years.

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