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Marine Dock Partitions

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Marine Docks

Singer Safety Company offers a line of products specifically for marine dock environments. If you’re looking to reduce noise and make better use of the available space in your marine dock, our company offers versatile and affordable solutions. Keep your dock workers safe and on task with our line of products built for marine dock environments. Our GlideWall partitions and Sound Stopper noise control systems help you enhance both safety and efficiency for your marine dock. Our products are available in a wide range of both ready-made and custom configurations. The choice is up to you! Contact Singer Safety Company to learn more about our marine dock products today. 

Common Issues with Marine Docks 

Two of the main issues when it comes to marine dock work environments are noise and space. Our line of products suitable for marine docks helps you solve both of those common problems! Let us help you increase worker safety and productivity with our partitions and noise control systems. Singer Safety is an industry leader that has been serving clients in the marine docking industry for decades. Our products are built to withstand the environmental hazards of marine docks while keeping your dock workers safe and secure from noise and other dangerous factors. 

Singer Safety GlideWall Partitions for Marine Docks

Singer Safety makes GlideWall Track and Roller industrial curtains that increase productivity, conserve energy, and create privacy. Our GlideWall family of industrial curtains allows you to create scalable workstations that help you to increase productivity while also saving energy. 

All five of the following GlideWall partitions are available in a range of standard sizes. 

Choose which one is right for you, or call a salesperson to learn more about these options: 

Super-Vision Series 

The Super-Vision Series is open at one end in order to permit supervision and interaction between marine dockworkers. This helps increase productivity in your operation. 

Weld-Vision Series 

The Weld-Vision Series offers enhanced safety and protection for welders in marine dock environments. 

Privacy Series 

The Privacy Series divides large dock areas into individual, private workstations quickly and easily. If you’re looking to create office space or lockers, the Privacy Series is ideal. 

Environmental Series 

The Environmental Series partitions reduce any airborne contamination and provide thermal insulation. If you are working with any contaminants, this is the right choice for you. 

Ventilator Series

The Ventilator Series creates a safely ventilated marine dock space while also keeping out birds, insects, and other pests. 

Singer Safety Sound Stopper Noise Control Systems 

Singer Safety is an industry leader in producing noise control systems. We know that marine docks can be very noisy places. In order to enhance the health and safety of your dockworkers, our Sound Stopper systems provide the best possible protection. Our completely customizable and configurable noise reduction products include modular screens, quilted panels, ceiling baffles, acoustic foams, and other specialized noise-reducing materials. Every marine dock is different. If you need help choosing which noise control products are right for your dock, contact us today! 

Modular Acoustic Screens 

Our soundproof modular acoustic screens are versatile, flexible noise control barriers that isolate noise from workers nearby, even on crowded, noisy marine docks. These screens help prevent anyone on your marine dock from hearing damage. 

Quilted Panels 

Our Single-Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panels offer efficient sound absorption, noise barrier, and noise-canceling performance to supplement additional acoustic screens and baffles. 

Ceiling Baffles 

Our hanging fiberglass noise absorbers are primarily used for eliminating reverberant noise in large marine docks. 

Acoustic Foams 

Singer Safety’s convoluted soundproof acoustic foam panels provide excellent noise absorption in the mid-to-high frequency range. 

Benefits of Singer Safety Marine Dock Products

There are several reasons why marine dock owners utilize our line of products, including safety, noise reduction, and ability to maximize space: 


Protect the safety and hearing health of your dock workers with Singer Safety’s line of marine dock products. 

Noise Reduction 

Singer Safety provides top-of-the-line noise reduction systems to make marine docks a less loud and healthier workplace. 

Ability to Maximize Space 

We know that it’s important for you to use every square foot of your marine dock. Our products help you divide space in order to maximize every inch of your dock.  

About Singer Safety Company

Singer Safety Company has been a visionary leader in the field of industrial and workplace safety since 1950. Our innovative family of products provides affordable and valuable protection for marine dock owners and their employees. Our company is devoted to providing our customers with outstanding barrier and safety products designed to create a safer and more productive work environment on marine docks. Our goal and passion is to provide you with superior products that have been manufactured for this purpose. 

Contact Singer Safety to Learn More About Marine Dock Products 

We know that safety and productivity are imperative when it comes to our marine dock clients. There aren’t many companies out there who manufacture safety products specifically for marine docks. Luckily, Singer Safety Company is in tune with the challenges of marine docks and provides a line of products specifically to address these issues. For more information about our marine dock products, or to find out about our affordable prices, contact a Singer Safety customer service representative today! 


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