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Garage Safety Equipment

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Garage Safety Equipment

Garages located in HOAs or high rises often require garage safety equipment because HOA garage safety faces hazards that could cause injury and damage to assets. Of course, we all know the basics, like garage owners and property managers must keep flammable liquids securely stored and out of reach. But did you know self-closing flammable liquid safety cabinets prevent spills, secure parking space, and offer HOA garage safety? 

Singer Safety offers completely enclosed, transparent parking stalls that confine dust, water spray, and other less-than-ideal contaminants from the garage area. And it keeps your garage clean, dust free, and relatively private.


Start with Garage Equipment and Safety Basics

  1. Maintain electrical outlets and extension cords in good working order. Ensure they aren't chewed or tangled, and don't overload them with appliances or devices.

  2. Store hazardous chemicals like pesticides, pet and rat poisons, pool products, engine fluids, antifreeze, paints, and industrial cleaners in locked cabinets that are elevated from the floor.

  3. Light up the area properly with high-wattage bulbs suitable for garage or workshop use. This can reduce trip-and-fall accidents and eliminate darkness, posing a severe safety risk to kids and adults alike.


Garage Safety Equipment

Suppose you store vehicles in an area where there may be potentially hazardous items like gasoline, oil, and automotive electrical systems. You’d assume the garage owner has your protection in mind. It's important to safeguard people and assets from excessive heat/cold, air pollutants, etc., so having the appropriate safety supplies for garages is essential. From work gloves to fire extinguishers, having a quality set of garage safety gear will enable you to do your job safely without endangering others. In addition, while working in and around your garage, wearing protective eyewear is essential. A quality pair of anti-fog and scratch-resistant glasses will shield your vision from flying debris, metal flakes, and fluids.

You must also test the entrapment protection sensors, auto-reverse functions, and force settings on your garage doors at least once a month to ensure they function correctly. If not, have them adjusted by an experienced professional for maximum safety for both you and others.


Garage Equipment and Safety

Garage equipment shields employees and assets from a variety of dangers. However, if proper safety precautions aren't taken, excess heat, air pollutants, sparks, and flak pose potential risks. Fortunately, there are some straightforward steps you can take to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from these potential dangers. 

Singer Safety Company can help you create the safest space for any occupants and employees by fulfilling all your garage safety equipment needs. Their garage safety equipment features partition options like removable window panels, tinted transparent windows, vinyl meshes, partition protectors, anti-static clear windows, valances, and customized air filter openings.


Advantages of a Singer Safety Solution

  • Dramatically increases usable, safe, and private space

  • Departmentalizes parking spaces

  • It provides a comfortable environment

  • Customizable to fit your requirements

  • Enhances the appearance of your garage

  • Most systems ship within seven business days

  • It comes with a five-year warranty

  • Available in seven colors of reinforced vinyl


HOA Garage Safety

If you live in an area with an HOA, you should observe specific safety and security protocols. For instance, HOAs have rules regarding parking. Garages can be especially vulnerable if they don't close or lock securely. HOA rules help protect your property, making you less susceptible to burglars. Criminals prefer having multiple points of entry and exit, so installing thorny shrub barriers on the outer edges of your parking lot and between HOAs and neighboring communities can help curb this issue.

Another safety measure you should take is making sure all common areas in your HOA are adequately lit. Dimly lit areas can serve as hiding places for criminals. The board and management should collaborate with a landscaping company to assess the landscape and trim tree canopies to prevent them from becoming overgrown and blocking lighting sources. This simple step can reduce criminal activity within the community and potential liabilities for associations.

For over 65 years, Singer Safety Company has manufactured superior safety supplies for garages–safety and enclosure screens and curtains, vinyl strip doors–recognized for their quality and durability. Singer takes pride in offering top-quality safety supplies for garages and various other industries. Climate control in garages can significantly affect how people rate garage equipment and safety. Not to mention, nobody wants to walk to their car, freezing or sweating to death. Curtains and vinyl strip doors improve HOA garage safety by improving efficiency and saving money on utilities. 


Safety Supplies for Garages

In a garage, employees and assets are exposed to numerous dangers. Excess heat or cold, air pollutants, sparks, and theft pose serious safety threats. Garage safety products keep your parking space free from these hazardous conditions. Your responsibility is to satisfy your, or your customers', safety demands regarding HOA garage safety.

First aid kits are another essential safety item for your service center. These contain medical supplies to treat burns, cuts, sprains, and other accidents while working in the garage.

Fire extinguishers are essential for garage safety equipment, especially those with a B and C rating, to fight gasoline and electrical fires. Keep them near your workspaces and train anyone who uses them to use them correctly.

Safety supplies for garages like Singer Safety’s Uni-Glide Partition Systems organize and partition your parking space, allowing you to manage your garage based on optimal functionality. Keeping your garage clean and dust-free is essential for garage safety. This garage equipment and safety system filters airborne waste to keep everyone safe and remove residue that ruins vehicles. In addition, this system provides personalized garage safety solutions and features a high-performance track system, vinyl curtains, and filtration options. 


To make the most of that system, Singer Safety also offers some additional beneficial safety supplies for garages: 

  • A comprehensive kit to anchor curtains against wind or air conditioning, including a cord, Klip, disc, and D-ring. 

  • A smaller kit for easy anchoring in windy or drafty areas, including a Klip and cord. 

  • Replacement filters provide unbeatable air filtration for all workstations. 

How can Singer Safety Company fulfill all your garage safety equipment and garage safety needs? Contact us today!

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