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Automotive Replacement Curtain Systems

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Singer Safety Company provides top-of-the-line automotive curtain systems to protect your workers and your vehicles during automotive work. We provide a completely enclosed, see-through workstation that’s there when you need it, and glides out of the way when you don’t. Our automotive curtain systems are designed to fit any workplace, like auto body shops or even aircraft hangars! At Singer Safety Company, we also offer a variety of other automotive products to help your auto body shop run smoothly and efficiently.

What are Automotive Curtain Systems? 

Our automotive curtain systems are basically industrial curtains for auto body shops. In order to maintain a proper auto body shop curtain wall enclosure, you need to be able to contain your equipment in each specific area. That’s where our Singer Safety automotive curtains systems come in. Many auto body shop owners consider our automotive curtain systems a necessity in their facilities. 

Protect your body shop workers and vehicles from odors, sparks, overspray paint and solvents, dust and debris, and both indoor and outdoor elements with our automotive curtain systems. Our auto repair and detailing clients love our automotive curtain systems. They are either retractable or stationary. 

What Do Automotive Curtain Systems Do? 

Our automotive curtain systems help divide up your workplace and add both safety and protection. Your work area will be more organized and productive with our automotive curtain systems. The moveable, lightweight curtains can be used to create individual work bays, which shields cars from dirt, grime, and dust while they are being washed, painted, or detailed. We specialize in the manufacturing of automotive curtain systems to fit any shop or space for a variety of applications relating to the auto body industry. They are low-maintenance and have a lot of durability. However, if you need it, we also offer replacement automotive partition curtains

Singer Safety Company Automotive Curtain Systems

Singer Safety Company’s automotive curtain systems are constructed in our traditional fashion using heavy-duty laminated vinyls with color-matched reinforced vertical edges, trans-vue tinted 14-mil thick PVC window, and Velcro closures on vertical edges for joining multiple partitions. They can also be used to attach to walls, weighted bottom hem, nickel plated grommets along top hem for hanging from our 16-gauge galvanized steel track and roller system. 

Our automotive curtain systems are a real money maker for our clients that are auto, truck, and aircraft shop operations. These systems confine primer and overspray residue and keep dust, water spray, grinding, and cutting sparks out of the painting area. They also promote efficiency in spot-painting, base coating, and final clean-up operations. Our systems also help you keep your detailing and prep areas clean and dust-free, which saves you time and money on cleaning them constantly. 

Applications for Singer Safety Automotive Curtain Systems

There are several applications for our automotive curtain systems, including auto body shops, car washes, and aircraft shop operations. The uses go far beyond just the automotive industry. 

Benefits of Automotive Curtain Systems in the Workplace

There are several benefits to adding Singer Safety Company’s automotive curtain systems to your workplace, including:

Partition Options for Automotive Curtain Systems 

You have several options for your partitions when you choose your automotive curtain systems from Singer Safety Company. Our automotive curtain systems come in a variety of standard and custom sizes and colors. Your options also include removable window panels, tinted transparent windows, vinyl meshes, partition protectors, anti-static clear windows, valances, and customized filter openings. They are also available in seven colors of opaque 14-mil reinforced vinyl. 

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Automotive Curtain System?

Most of our automotive curtain systems ship via UPS within seven business days or fewer. You won’t have to wait long for your automotive curtain systems from Singer Safety Company once you place your order. 

Other Singer Safety Automotive Products You Need

In addition to our automotive curtain systems, Singer Safety Company offers several other products that help increase safety and productivity in your automotive workplace, whether it’s a detailing center, an auto body shop, or even an aircraft hangar! 

Automotive Replacement Partition Curtains

Our automotive replacement partition curtains are constructed in our traditional fashion, using heavy-duty laminated vinyls.  

Automotive Replacement Curtain Systems 

If something goes wrong with your automotive curtain system, which is unlikely, we offer replacement automotive curtain systems. 

Automotive Welding Kits and Replacement Curtains

Singer Safety also offers automotive welding kits and replacement curtains

Automotive Curtain Accessories

Singer Safety’s Uni-Glide accessories include an Anchor Klip & Floor Mount Disc, Klip & Cord, and Uni-Glide Filters to help keep your automotive partition systems clean and safe. 

Automotive Ventilator Partitions and Kits

Our ventilator partition and kits provide ventilation for doorways, barn doors, docks or enclosures on booths, while blocking out birds and insects in a safe and humane way. 

Automotive Filler Panels

Singer Safety Company offers Uni-Glide Filler Panels that are designed to enclose the open spaces above Uni-Glide suspended partitions to provide a complete enclosure for the workspace in the partition. 

Why Choose Singer Safety’s Automotive Curtain Systems

Singer Safety Company developed the original industrial noise partition in 1965. If you are picking out automotive curtain systems for your business, choose the company that invented the solution for safety concerns and issues with excessive industrial noise. We are the leader in industrial barrier protection products, including automotive curtain systems. Whether you need paint spray booth dividers, several car wash bay areas for paint prep, car repair shop workspaces, or even just wash down curtain areas for your car wash, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our products and to place your order!  


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