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Cleanroom Partitions

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In an industrial cleanroom, it is crucial to create and maintain a controlled and sanitary environment. The use of partitions and equipment covers is a reliable and economical way to manage cleanliness standards and promote workplace efficiency and productivity.

At Singer Safety, we offer a wide range of industrial curtains and protective coverings that provide effective safeguards for cleanroom-based manufacturing and quality control operations.

Our family of GlideWall barriers is ideally suited to cleanrooms. In addition to privacy kits and space partitions, Singer Safety's GlideWall products include environmental partitions and barriers that are specifically designed for cleanroom applications. These translucent, vinyl-coated retractable fabric partitions create a barrier against dust and other problematic airborne pollutants, helping employees maintain protocols and create thermal zones if the separation of warm and cool air is a priority. We also offer ventilator partitions and ventilator kits to control contaminants and maintain high levels of indoor air quality.

To supplement your cleanroom sterility controls, you can also use fire equipment covers to prevent dust buildup and protect emergency supplies. Singer Safety's comprehensive line of fire equipment covers is ideal for safeguarding fire extinguishers, hose reels and first aid kits, and we also create custom coverings for unusual-sized firefighting equipment.

Singer Safety is an established leader in the field of industrial protection. To learn more about our cleanroom protection products, or to inquire about pricing, please contact a Singer Safety representative today!

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