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Why Does a Bodyshop Need Noise Control Systems?

High levels of area noise that can potentially emanate from a given automotive bodyshop can create a number of significant problems for not only present bodyshop employees but also any other passersby, area residents, and nearby business owners. The noises present in a bodyshop can also come from a number of different sources to effectively contribute to the overall high levels of industrial noise experienced. Not only are these high noise levels irritating, but they can also be dangerous to the physical and psychological health and overall wellness of employees and others. Owing to the widespread effects of high industrial noise levels at a bodyshop, there are numerous impactful benefits to increased and continually maintained noise control from a reliable system of noise control materials and associated products. In this article, we’ll discuss why a bodyshop needs noise control systems, including the importance of bodyshop soundproofing and what options are available.

The Importance of Bodyshop Soundproofing

Effective and reliable soundproofing is important for many different types of industrial businesses worldwide, including equipment manufacturers, warehouses, food processing plants, medical facilities, and automotive bodyshops. A given bodyshop can create and effectively amplify many unique sounds. Inside these specific businesses, automotive removal, repair, maintenance, check-up, and more activities take place on a regular basis. Not only can these specific actions quickly become noisy and overwhelming, but these sounds can amplify in a given space. The tools and various equipment pieces involved in these bodyshop activities can also increase area noise. The general definition of noise is any unwanted sound present and negatively affecting to a given area’s occupants and passersby. If area noise levels reach a degree at or exceeding 85 decibels, it can cause impactful or potentially irreparable damage to present employees and clients. When employees and clients experience the various effects of this industrial noise, it can have additional impacts.

When bodyshop employees and clients experience high levels of industrial noise at your automotive business, it can have numerous and widespread effects. Some of the top physical effects of high industrial noise are high blood pressure, heart disease, hearing damage or permanent loss, and sleep disorders. Some of the top psychological effects of these high noise levels include increased anxiety, fatigue, stress, and irritability. When consistently high levels of industrial noise are present and affecting at your facility, it can have additional impacts even beyond these. Additional negative effects of high area noise include decreased productivity, employee and client retention, and ultimate business success. Low levels of comfort, safety, and personal wellness at a given business can all work to negatively impact that business’s efforts and ultimate reputation. However, bodyshop soundproofing is attainable for your business and it has numerous benefits. The benefits of soundproofing include improved health, safety, and efficiency.

What Is an Auto Body Sound Deadener?

There are various unique and attuned materials and associated products for impactful soundproofing at your valuable and deserving bodyshop. An effective and reliable auto body sound deadener is essentially a material or associated product that works to muffle any present industrial noises and reduce vibrations at a given auto body location. An auto body sound deadener essentially removes the power and potential capabilities from area industrial noise so as to decrease the myriad of possible negative physical and psychological effects of this noise. Sound deadening insulation products can work in multiple ways, including making it more difficult for present noises to penetrate or travel between different spaces or reducing these industrial noises at their root source. An auto body sound deadener can come in the form of various unique products, each working toward one or more of these sound control goals. The available sound deadening materials can also range in attributes.

The available sound deadening materials on the market that work to effectively make up a quality sound deadener product can come in a range of specific weights, types, insulation capabilities, and thicknesses. Some of the top sound deadening materials from a reputable Chicagoland company such as Singer Safety include acoustic foam, mass loaded vinyl, quilted fiberglass, and vibration damper compounds. Each of these attuned sound deadening materials can provide unique and effective solutions to decrease and control area noise at your bodyshop.

Acoustic Foam

Singer Safety’s attuned acoustic foam provides high-quality, impactful noise absorption for your efforts and budget. You can choose from convoluted or flat acoustic foam to line your equipment surfaces, guards, doors, and walls. We can also cut it to any size you may need.

Mass Loaded Vinyl

The mass loaded vinyl consists of a heavy, limp vinyl sheeting containing precise metal particles to increase the given material’s overall mass. It’s one of the most effective noise control products available to add impactful mass to walls and ceilings to control the sound of an area.

Quilted Fiberglass

The one-sided or two-sided quilted fiberglass panels provide unmatched noise absorption to bar and otherwise cancel out area noise. The associated products often supplement ceiling baffles and acoustic screens to provide a more rounded noise control system for your business.

Vibration Damper Compound

To stop any vibration-induced noise at its source, you can also consider the available vibration damper compound. It can effectively reduce industrial vibrations for a range of applications as a sprayable paste.

Auto Body Shop Noise Reduction Products

In addition to the wide range of quality materials available, there are also numerous associated noise reduction products to take advantage of. Some of the top auto body shop noise reduction products you can experience the benefits of include modular acoustic screens, ceiling baffles, quilted fiberglass panels, and various other DIY auto body shop noise reduction products. With a rounded noise control system, your bodyshop can take back control.

Why Does Your Bodyshop Need Noise Control Systems?

There are numerous worthwhile noise control products to provide you with an impactful system for your efforts. To avoid negative impacts and experience all the benefits to health, safety, and efficiency, connect with Singer Safety today.

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